3 Most Famous BBQ Festivals in North America

3-most-famous-bbq-festivals-in-north-america3 Most Famous BBQ Festivals in North America

BBQ festivals are quite famous in the Americas and Europe and subtly popular in most Asian and African countries at private BBQ parties. America in particular, has hundreds of these BBQ festivals and parties all year round. Most of them are held on a state-to-state basis attracting to the state populations. Some will agree that the top three most famous BBQ festivals will include:The Smokin’ In The Wiregrass – Tri-State BBQ FestivalThe National Capital BBQ Battle
    The Gulf Coast Rhythm & BBQ Festival
As we can see, all three happen to be in the US, but that doesn’t necessarily reflect that such festivals do not take place in Canada. It is simply that they are less famous there. The Smokin’ In The Wiregrass – Tri-State BBQ Festival is an extremely huge BBQ festival involving thousands from three different states, the main being Alabama. The National Capital BBQ Battle on the other hand is a festival that attracts people from within and outside the country. It is considered an international tourist attraction.  The Gulf Coast Rhythm & BBQ Fest is probably the most famous in the state of Florida, which is already known for parties and active nightlife. Tickets for the above three can usually be  found online on various related websites.

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