3 Most Popular African Festivals

by on March 19, 2009
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3 Most Popular African Festivals3 Most Popular African Festivals

African festivals are among the most famous around the world, and they are held almost everywhere as major portions of other cultural shows. Nonetheless, not many of us are actually aware of the real African festivals apart from what we see on TV. The top three of the most famous would likely be:
•    The National Arts Festival
•    The African Union Film Festival
•    The Fespaco African Film Festival
Two of these three are film festivals, signifying Africa’s passion for rewarding  film-makers and directors from all around the continent.
The National Arts Festival is held annually in South Africa and is one of the biggest African festivals. It brings together arts and culture from around the region under one roof. It’s also important for cultural tourism in South Africa. As for the African Union Film Festival and the Fespaco African Film Festival, both are equally big and famous. The latter is the largest film festival on the continent and lasts for over a week. It is held annually in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. This event normally attracts thousands of visitors. Likewise, the former is a legendary film festival nearly as big as the latter. It is intended to reward the cream of the crop in the film-making industry.

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