Why Music Festivals are Celebrated?

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Why Music Festivals are Celebrated?Have you ever wondered why do we commemorate music festivals? Well, the answer to this question might come crystal clear for those who are obsessed with music. They love it, that’s why! So, the main aim of the commemoration of the music festivals is to rejoice in as occasion which provides a fun-filled atmosphere for everyone. You can have a good time in some music festivals provided you are aware of the famous festivals being celebrated in your vicinity.

The music festivals are not restricted to one region, but they are commemorated all over the world. However, the nature of these festivals might differ depending upon the cultural differences that people have. Well, the themes of the music remain the same as they could only be one from the various genres of music. Either you will have a jazz festival or some event with some sort of classic element in it. Likewise, there are some other genres in which music is composed so you can have a variety in the form of music.

Although there are various renowned festivals across the world yet the most popular ones have been mentioned here. There is Bali Intermusic Festival, Indonesian Music Expo, Summer Sonic Festival and Spuntik Springbreak festival. These festivals are commemorated in various continents of the world with great enthusiasm. However, there are some occasions where music concerts are rejoiced in various places. These events are basically the ones where some popular singer arranged a concert where his fans are gathered. Some of these events are commemorated for a cause while others have just entertainment purpose. On the whole, these are the events which receives host of people.  So, be ready to attend the coming music festival right in your region and have loads of fun.

Celebration of Lailat Al Miraj

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Celebration of Lailat Al MirajLailat Al Miraj is one of the primary festivals celebrated among the Muslims in different parts of the world. This festival is also popularly known as Shab-e-Miraj. It is celebrated in the month of Rajab, the seventh of the Islamic calendar.

The folks and the elder people teach their kids and tell the historic story behind this festival and celebrate it. Many of them read Quran on Lailat Al Miraj. The Muslims visit the mosques, meet their relatives and hug them. They invite their relatives on the dinner with their family and also consume their pious dessert, Sewai. Children and elders wear new clothes and the festival ends over with the lavish treat or a dinner. Read more..

The colourful festival of India- Holi

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The colourful festival of India- HoliHoli, the prime festival of the Hindus, is one of the most awaited festivals awaited by the people in India. This festival is celebrated with thorough enthusiasm not only in India, but also in different corners of the world. On the event of Holi, people play with their relatives and friends and put colours on them. It is also known as Phagwah in many parts of the country. Generally, people wear old clothes in the morning or wear white clothes while playing with the colours. It is common phenomenon among the people and on a general basis, people play with water and wet colours in the morning. After getting wet in the water, it is not completed. The people prefer to play with the dry colours in the evening. They put the dry colours on the faces of their relatives and friends, which is also known as Gulaal, and wish them Happy Holi. After finally, playing with colours this day, the people have dinner with their relatives and have sweet dishes and desserts too. Read more..

Film Festivals

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Film FestivalsA film festival is said to be a systematized, protracted demonstration of films in movie theaters or broadcast venues, typically in solitary vicinity. The films that are shown might be of current epoch and, reliant upon the emphasis of the single festival, can comprise international releases as well as the films which are produced by the coordinator’s local film industry. Occasionally there is a emphasis on a particular film-maker or category or story. Some of film festivals focus on short films.  Film festivals are archetypally yearly events. The worth mentioning film festival in the worldwide is the Cannes Film Festival. Other significant and prominent film festivals comprise that take place Venice and Berlin. Read more..

Famous Islamic Festivals

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Famous Islamic FestivalsIslam is the religion of peace which incorporates many beliefs and values in it. There are some festivals that are commemorated by Muslims annually. However, some of these festivals are also celebrated on bi-yearly basis. It is therefore important for you to decide which festival is more significant than the other. Nevertheless, each and every Islamic festival has its own importance and a background history. So, you can assume that all of these festivals are equally of great importance to all Muslims. Read more..

Famous Fall Festivals across the Globe

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Famous Fall Festivals across the GlobeWhat is a festival and why humans have created these events? Well, festivals serve various purposes in different cultures depending on their nature. However, the universality of festivals lies in their importance in bringing people together at one place. The people are able to take their families out and have good time in these cultural events. Most of these festivals are religious, cultural, musical or interesting food events. Some festivals are time-specified too enabling people belonging to a specific region to commemorate them. Fall festivals are these festivals which are celebrated in fall season. The people of various countries cherish fall events in their respective months of the winter season. Read more..

Fairs and Festivals- Precious Heritage of a Culture

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Fairs and Festivals- Precious Heritage of a CultureFairs and festivals are basically the special events usually arranged by local communities. These festivals carry cultural significance and are organized so to celebrate unique aspects of the communities or their culture. The term ‘feast’ is another relevant term that is coined to represent set of celebrations honoring God in various religions. The word fest originates from Latin festivus and festival was first recognized as noun in 1589. Although, there are numerous different types of fairs and festivals varying greatly across different cultures yet the term festival is widely used to mean religious festival than any other type. The festivals not only depict the traditions and customs of a specific culture but also serve to fulfill specific needs of the culture. Side by side people get the opportunity for entertainment and these events provide them with a sense of belongingness for social, geographical or religious groups. Read more..

Easter- Festival that brings life

Easter- Festival that brings life

Easter Eggs

Christmas is the main festival of the Christians but Easter is another one. It is considered to be one of the most pious festivals of the Christians is the Easter. It is celebrated on Sunday just after the arrival of the full moon after the end of spring. It is eve time for the Christians to party and celebrate this day with their relatives and enjoy a lavish dinner. People rejoice this day. People read the Bible and elders tell the legendary story of this festival to the kids.

Most of the people this day exchange gifts with their relatives. The people believe in colouring the eggs in different bright and vibrant colours and distributing it among the relatives. This custom is believed to bring luck and new life to the people. The different churches provide various types of services to its people this day. The people go to the churches, sing prayers, hymns and songs and worship their lord. Read more..

Arts Festival Are Chic In Galway

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Arts Festival Are Chic In GalwayArt festival seems to be a festival that emphasis on the visual arts that could be related and can be of any type. But the important thing is that it should also center on or comprise other arts. We must not complicate matters by thinking that commercial art fair are similar to arts festivals because art festivals stress upon visual arts that are display. Artists contribute in the most vital of such festival shows by invite, and these shows are prearranged by worldwide known custodians chosen by a committee of aristocracies. These global exhibitions must be renowned from art fairs, market-oriented meetings of art traders and their goods, which have lately, arose as among the most significant art-world settings for endorsing artists and auctions of modern art in the current super-heated art marketplace. Read more..

Ethnic Festivals Of The World

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Ethnic Festivals Of The World

San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival:

Ethnic festivals are truly unique celebrations of its genre. Such festivals bring great joys for those who love to celebrate their moments in small happiness.  Milwaukee and Chicago are some of the cities of the modern world that are famous for festivals. Besides a variety of cultural festivals, city of festivals Milwaukee, celebrates many ethnic festivals every year. However, approximately all of these festivals held depending on the availability of thousands of volunteers and staff.

With this piece of writing, we will discuss some of the well known ethnic festivals of the world. Read more..

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