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Diwali Festival


Most Interesting Festivals of 2015

When we hear about the word festival, first things that come in our minds are celebrations, happiness, spending quality time with loved ones etc. Here are few most interesting festivals being celebrated by different nations. Take a look at them.

Chinese New Year:

Chinese New Year

The New Year of China brings lots of colors and celebrations for the natives. It is the most important and significant day of the year. The use of many items is common in its celebrations i.e. lanterns, flowers, symbolic clothing, fireworks and dragons. This festival raises eyebrows of many people due to colorful events and unique rituals.

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Festivals Which are Not Celebrated Anymore

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Celebrations bring lots of happiness whether it is of any festival or a specific event. It gives us opportunities to meet friends and family in the get-togethers. There are some festivals that don’t exist anymore in the world. Take a look at them.

Baby Jumping Festival, Spain:


In Spain, the ceremony of jumping over the babies were celebrated among the natives. It was their belief that babies stay blessed and all the evils can be thrown out from their surroundings. Nowadays, this ritual is not celebrated anymore.


An ancient festival that was common am
ong Zoroastrians is Mihragan. An event were organized to enjoy traditional feast with the people. Mithra is a leading Angel in Zoroastrianism who has ten thousand eyes and thousand ears. According to their belief, Mithra comes to people’s home on the sixteenth day of seventh month.



Another famous festival in Zoroastrianism was Sadeh. It was celebrated by followers before 50 days of Nowruz. Preparation of large bonfire was necessary to celebrate this festival. It was celebrated with magnificence and Grandeur in the Mid-winter Season.

All of these festivals aren’t celebrating anymore by the followers of their respective religions. There are different reasons of not celebrating these festivals.

Top 5 festivals of Russia

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Russia is a gorgeous and fascinating holiday destination for its unique culture and festivals. The season of festivals in Russia reveals some of the most amazing and beautiful customs and rich cultural side of the country and its people. One interesting thing about these festivals is that they originate from the Christian legacy shared by Europe and America but the way these festivals are celebrated in Russia is different. Here are top five festivals of Russia that share commonalities with Europe and America but celebrated differently:

New Year

Russian festival

Considering how New Year is celebrated by every country, you must be wondering why is it unique in case of Russia. New Year is the biggest celebration in Russia. It is the way in which it is celebrated that signifies how you will spend rest of the year. For this reason, everyone dresses up in new clothes, drink and laugh until dawn, mingle with friends and have delicious dinner. New Year celebrations in Russia include lighting of New Year tree and a visit from the Russian Santa Ded Moroz.


russain festival

In Russia unlike west, Christmas is celebrated on 7th January. After New Year celebration, Christmas celebrations become less important for Russian people but this doesn’t mean that they don’t celebrate. Like other countries, people attend church services and visit family.

Victory Day


This day remembers participation of Russia in World War II. This day is marked with parades around Red Square. The square is central to Moscow as well as to Russia being the largest.

Tatiana’s Day

russian festival

This day is celebrated by Russians on 25th January. Tatiana’s Day is usually called Student’s Day. It has been named after Saint Tatiana who lived in 2nd and 3rd centuries. She was murdered for her beliefs in the Orthodox religion.

Russian Winter festival

russian festivals

Since Russia experiences one of the intense winters over the world, the country comes out strongly by organizing Russian winter festival. When the temperatures reach zero, it is then when the celebrations start. It begins in December and ends in January. This festival is not only celebrated in Moscow but all through Russia. 

Famous Fall Festivals across the Globe

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Famous Fall Festivals across the GlobeWhat is a festival and why humans have created these events? Well, festivals serve various purposes in different cultures depending on their nature. However, the universality of festivals lies in their importance in bringing people together at one place. The people are able to take their families out and have good time in these cultural events. Most of these festivals are religious, cultural, musical or interesting food events. Some festivals are time-specified too enabling people belonging to a specific region to commemorate them. Fall festivals are these festivals which are celebrated in fall season. The people of various countries cherish fall events in their respective months of the winter season. Read more..

Fairs and Festivals- Precious Heritage of a Culture

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Fairs and Festivals- Precious Heritage of a CultureFairs and festivals are basically the special events usually arranged by local communities. These festivals carry cultural significance and are organized so to celebrate unique aspects of the communities or their culture. The term ‘feast’ is another relevant term that is coined to represent set of celebrations honoring God in various religions. The word fest originates from Latin festivus and festival was first recognized as noun in 1589. Although, there are numerous different types of fairs and festivals varying greatly across different cultures yet the term festival is widely used to mean religious festival than any other type. The festivals not only depict the traditions and customs of a specific culture but also serve to fulfill specific needs of the culture. Side by side people get the opportunity for entertainment and these events provide them with a sense of belongingness for social, geographical or religious groups. Read more..

Date Wise Calendar of Asian Festivals

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asian cultural festivals

January Festivals

Chennai Music Festival and Ice Festival are commemorated in India and China respectively. In Thailand, Full Moon Party is thrown while Indians commemorate Bangalore Habba. In Philippines, Ati Atihan festival is rejoiced.

February Festivals

Lantern Festival, Naked Festival and Singapore Fringe Fest are celebrated in Taiwan, Japan and Singapore respectively.

March Festivals

Indians celebrate Holi Festival, Japanese; Cherry Blossom Festival and Iranians and Turks rejoiced the event of Novruz Bayram.

April Festivals

The festivals of interest for Asian in April are Full Moon Party (Thailand), Sonar Festival (Janan), Thingyan Water throwing fest (Burma) and several others.

May Festivals

In May, Japanese rejoice Golden Week while Koreans and celebrate Hi Seoul Festival. Pulilan Carabao is rejoiced in Philippines.

June Festivals

In the month of June, Dragon Boat Festival is commemorated in China and Full Moon Party is Thailand.

July Festivals

The Mongolians rejoiced Naadam Traditional Festival in July. Japanese rejoice Float Festival and Fuji Rock Festival, and Boryeong Mud Festival is arranged by South Koreans.

August Festivals

In China, two interesting festivals are commemorated; Hungry Ghost Festival and Seven Sisters Festival. The Muslims in Asia cherish the festival of Eid-ul-Fitar.

September Festivals

In September, the arrival of Autumn urges the people of China to rejoice Mid Autumn Festival.

October Festivals

In October, Takayamas Float Festival and Ages Festival are celebrated in Japan. However, an art festival is rejoiced in Malaysia.

November Festivals

Surin Elephant Festival and Monkey Worshipping Festivals are commemorated in Thailand.

December Festivals

The year ends with the celebration of Float Festival and Samurai Ronin Festival in Japan, and Chennai Music Festival in India.

Cultural Festivals of South America

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south american festivals

The culture of South America is rich with exciting rituals and interesting festivals. At times, you get to see people celebrating their traditional dance with music. You may also see the people fighting evil spirits at a huge festival. Thus, there are various sorts of events that South Americans rejoice as an evidence of their lively hearts and spirits. Let us discuss the some of the most frequently visited South American festivals here.

The most famous cultural festival of South America is Carvanal. This unique event is celebrated in four countries in South America. It is considered the hottest event ever commemorated in the continent of South America. You would see people dancing in beautiful costumes everywhere. So take out your favorite dress and visit the Carnaval festival this year.

For your excitement, Mexico has got an interesting festival for you too. This festival is known as Feria San Marcos and is a treat for music lovers. It is a great event for Mexicans to showcase their traditional dances and cultural displays through a magnificent festival.

If you are looking for more exciting festivals in South America, look for Reveillon and Manca Feista. Both of these festivals are extremely entertaining events full of music and dance. In the House of Negrillos is another amazing cultural festival. It has so much to make your day while you smile and laugh at the interesting events there. So, get ready to become part of one of these amazing South American events now.

Cultural Festivals of November

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november cultural festivals

Cultural festivals represent the culture and heritage of a region. These festivals provide a good opportunity to people to fully explore their culture. The November is the month in which diverse festivals are commemorated. Some festivals might be associated with some fun activity whereas others are cause-oriented. Here a brief description of few famous cultural festivals has been given.

Prosperity Fest, Melbourne Cup and Remembrance Day

In Mandaean culture, Prosperity Feast is celebrated in the month of November. This festival is the celebration of the fusion of cultures of Iran and Iraq. Another festival, Melbourne Cup is commemorated in this month to rejoice a racing event of horses. People gather together to enjoy the horse race here. In addition to these festivals, an event, Remembrance Day is commemorated too. This festival is celebrated in the remembrance of armistice’s anniversary. The people are bound to maintain utmost silence for duration of one minute. The people solemnly remember the deaths and sacrifices of people in World War-I.

International Tolerance Day and White Ribbon Day

Not only November is the month for remembrance festivals, but it also commemorates the tolerance day. This day is celebrated by United Nations to encourage the value of tolerance in people. Also, another humanitarian festival, White Ribbon Day is celebrated in November. This festival is significant because of its role in spreading the message of violence against women. The people wear ribbons of white color to show their affiliation with the cause.

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