Cultural Festivals of November

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november cultural festivals

Cultural festivals represent the culture and heritage of a region. These festivals provide a good opportunity to people to fully explore their culture. The November is the month in which diverse festivals are commemorated. Some festivals might be associated with some fun activity whereas others are cause-oriented. Here a brief description of few famous cultural festivals has been given.

Prosperity Fest, Melbourne Cup and Remembrance Day

In Mandaean culture, Prosperity Feast is celebrated in the month of November. This festival is the celebration of the fusion of cultures of Iran and Iraq. Another festival, Melbourne Cup is commemorated in this month to rejoice a racing event of horses. People gather together to enjoy the horse race here. In addition to these festivals, an event, Remembrance Day is commemorated too. This festival is celebrated in the remembrance of armistice’s anniversary. The people are bound to maintain utmost silence for duration of one minute. The people solemnly remember the deaths and sacrifices of people in World War-I.

International Tolerance Day and White Ribbon Day

Not only November is the month for remembrance festivals, but it also commemorates the tolerance day. This day is celebrated by United Nations to encourage the value of tolerance in people. Also, another humanitarian festival, White Ribbon Day is celebrated in November. This festival is significant because of its role in spreading the message of violence against women. The people wear ribbons of white color to show their affiliation with the cause.

Cultural Festivals of North America

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festivals of north america

North America is famous because of its interesting festivals and cultural events. The people are lively and want to cherish the coming of various festivals at different times of the year. The famous North American festivals that are representative of their culture have been described below:

Fiesta- San Antonio

It is a great celebration of culture of San Antonio in North American region. The people gather together to become a part of a grand Fiesta that lasts for eleven days. The festival has a big role to play for the community of San Antonio. The Fiesta is a complete package of fun events like food competitions, parades and other inspiring acts. The people also pay homage to veterans through this festival.

Atlanta Jazz Music Festival

For music lovers, Atlanta is definitely a great place to visit. This year, Atlanta is going to have Atlanta Jazz Festival for millions of jazz music fans. It is probably the oldest jazz festival of North America. The music is absolutely mind-blowing and entry is entirely free of cost.

Montreal International Jazz Festival

Another major attraction for people coming to North America is Montreal’s music festival. This event is the largest jazz musical event in North America. It gets to receive visitors from over thirty countries of the world. Thousands of entertainers visit the place to make the festival rock.

So, these were the most visited North American cultural festivals. You can become a part of any one of these by taking a tour around North America.

Cultural Festivals of March

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march cultural festivals

What a great idea to enjoy oneself in the exciting festivals of March, the month of spring! Let us share some interesting cultural festivals that are commemorated in this month. Here you go!

Mexican Cultural Festivals

The Mexicans take pride in their very own Night of the Witches festival right in March. It is a home to Mexican witchcraft industry. Also, Mexicans are more than happy to have their Spring Equinox in this month. They enjoy the illusion that is created here on the 21st of March through sun reflections.

Irish and American Cultural Events

The Irish do not hesitate to enjoy their celebrations on St. Patrick Festival. They have their celebrations in Dublin with green beer and garlic dishes. The Americans, however, like to indulge in their great street party in their event known as Eight Street. It is probably one of the greatest street festivals with crowds going crazy on a single occasion.

German and Spanish Cultural Festivals

The Germans can never forget the excitement in a beer festival as grand as Octoberfest. However, Starkbierzeit is here to make them relive their beer celebrations. It is rejoiced right in mid of March in Germany. It is, however, less big than the former event but is worth attending. If you want more fun, go for Spanish Las Fallas event. It is a grand puppet show with interplay of fireworks at its best. You cannot find an interesting puppet show like this anywhere except on this day.

Cultural Festivals of January

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festivals in january

In the month of January, we have several important cultural festivals that are commemorated by people across the world. Some are events that revolve around dance festivals while some focus on sports or racing events. So, there is as much variety of festivals as much the races of people. Let us now briefly discuss the most important festivals here.

Multipurpose Cultural Events

Junkanoo is a festival commemorated in Bahamas which is meant to celebrate the advent of new year. In the start of January, the South Africans commemorate the Kaapse Klopse festival. It is intended to make people of different genres come together performing dressed in various clads. However, the Columbians are more than happy to celebrate their Carnival. This festival allows the slaves to enjoy themselves with the permission of their masters.

Desert Festivals

In Mali, the people of the desert reach at a place to commemorate a musical event. It is a great event to forget one’s sorrows and cherish each other’s joys. Another festival in desert is commemorated in India which is named Bikaner Camel Festival. It is really a unique and interesting event with camel races and events that circle around camels. So, the camels are the centre of attention here. Here and there, you see camels getting decorated and having a hair-cut or even participating in a beauty contest.

There are some other events that are organized right in January like Drum Festival of Spain, Voodoo Festival; Benin and Black Nazarene Procession; Philippines.

Cultural Festivals of February

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february festivals

Spanish Carnivals

Every cultural group cherishes its specific cultural norms and values. They do so in the form of festivals that showcases their cultural heritage. The best way to show one’s culture is organizing a cultural event. Trinidad Carnival is one such occasion that gives Spanish a chance to manifest their culture in fancy costumes. They wear costumes to take part in King and Queen dress competitions. Also, they play music and celebrate this event with light and dance. Tenerife Carnaval is another Spanish event that gives people a chance to celebrate their culture.

Brazilian Carnival and Saudi Arabian Cultural Festival

The Brazilians are happy to rejoice their carnival with a public musical band and dance displays. The festival allows people to participate in it by dancing to the tunes played. The event is named Rio de Janeiro Carnaval. If you are not content with carnival celebrations feel free to visit Saudi Arabia. It has Jenadriyah National Festival that showcases cultural art displays. It has an interesting camel race at the start of the festival to arouse your interest too.

Italian and Russian Cultural Celebrations

Viareggio Carnevale, the famous Italian cultural event is considered one of the best European carnivals. It is commemorated at a place where Shelly, the renowned poet got drowned. Another famous Italian event is Battle of the Oranges that includes rituals like throwing oranges at others. Maslenitsa is a Russian festival that has pancakes as its special treat of the event. It is commemorated with great enthusiasm throughout Russia.

Cultural Festivals of Europe

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european cultural festivals

If you are looking for touring around Europe this season, here is a list of famous cultural festivals. You can book any one of them in advance for your visit this year. Let us check out what are these interesting events that are going to be rejoiced this year. So, here you go!

Octoberfest Festival and Venice Carnival

Germans have got huge entertaining event for the beer-lovers. The event is named Octoberfest and is one of the biggest festivals of Europe. The specialty of this festival is that the people get to taste the most precious beers here. You can come along with your family to have a great time with delicious meal and mouth-watering beers. Also, Italy has got a surprise for you in the form of Venice Carnival. The event is unique because of the various clothes and dresses that the people wear for this festival. So, you can take out the most fanciest of clothes and don them for this event.

Floriade Festival and Bastille Festival

For flower lovers, Holland has got a beautiful floral event. Here flowers of various sorts are showcased which act as a treat for your eyes. There is a French festival; Bastille Festival as well to give you an enormously great entertainment. This festival has is a powerhouse of entertainment with music, food, art and many other activities. In addition to these festivals, there is a festival for literature lovers as well. Shakespeare season is definitely a must visit for the fans of this great literary figure.

Cultural Festivals of December

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cultural events in december

New Year Eve

December is the month that marks the termination of the year. The biggest festival that is commemorated in the last month of the year is the New Year Eve. This festival marks the beginning of a new year that is welcomed with an open heart by various communities of the world. The people gather together with their families to rejoice this festival. They lit lights and crack the firecrackers to celebrate the coming of the new year.

Christmas Festival

The second greatest festival of December is Christmas Day. It is meant to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ. Besides being a religious event, this festival is a great cultural event too. Santa Claus, a bearded old man, distributes gifts among children and sings Christmas songs with them. Also, the priests lit up churches with candles and bless people with special prayers. This festival is celebrated on the 25th of December each year by the Christian community with great zeal and zest.

Miscellaneous Festivals

There are three other fun cultural festivals namely Boxing Day and Woodford Folk Festival. The former is a sports event with interesting boxing match while latter is a celebration of culture. The Woodford Folk Festival is a diverse cultural event with theatre, art, food and music. Junkanoo is another cultural festival which is similar to Woodford Folk Festival in many respects. It has dance, music, art as well as colorful costumes along with a parade. It is commemorated in Bahamas while Woodford Folk is an Australian cultural festival.

Cultural Festivals of Australia

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Australia is influenced largely by multiple cultures making it a colorful society. The most of the festivals promote the art and crafts of the indigenous people. The general pattern in Australian cultural festivals is the inclusion of music, art and dance. Let us talk about few significant cultural festivals of Australia in the next passages.

Australian cultural festivals of January till March

Starting from January, Australians commemorate Sydney Festival that last for three weeks. The festival is includes a series of eighty events that have around 500 artists. They make this festival a huge entertainment with film, music, theatre etc. In February, National Multicultural Festival is rejoiced in Australia. Spanning over two weeks, this festival fosters the fusion of best creative arts. Then, there is Perth International Arts Festival that is the oldest annual Australian festival. The artists from all over the country come to present dramas, acts and their art. In March, Aussies celebrate Adelaide Festival of Arts to showcase various art masterpieces.

Festivals of Australia from April till December

For the celebrations of multicultural activities, Darwin Festival plays a big role. This festival is full of indigenous art displays with a focus on visual arts. Darwin Festival is celebrated in August. Later in September, Brisbane Festival is commemorated to boost communities to participate in cultural activities. Then, Melbourne International Arts Festival is rejoiced in October. It is a beautiful intermixing of multimedia, visual arts, dance, music and theatre.

Cultural Festivals of Asia

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asian cultural festivals

The cultural festivals of Asia include a host of interesting events with numerous cultural demonstrations. The number of famous festivals occurring in Asia throughout the year includes New Year Festival, Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid Autumn Festival and many others.

Happy New Year Fest and Lantern Festival

The New Year Eve is the one such festival that is celebrated with zeal and zest all through Asia. The activities that are included in this festival are lighting fireworks that create awesome atmosphere. Especially in China, this festival consists of dragon shows that are strongly affiliated with their culture. Then there is Lantern festival in which people in Taiwan use Chinese lanterns to rejoice this event. The lanterns are discharged while music is played in the scene.

Dragon Boat Festival and Seven Sisters Festival

The dragon boat festival is a highly interesting festival and a treat for boat lovers. It is a purely Chinese traditional event where race is organized among dragon boats. Seven Sisters Festival is another festival which is commemorated in Honk Kong. The festival is named so because it is rejoiced on the seventh of the 7th lunar month. This event is quite similar to Valentine’s Day because of the young people’s hunt for the prospective suitors.

Mid Autumn Festival

Mid Autumn festival is rejoiced in the month of spring. It is a highly entertaining event with musical nights and dancing displays. Also, lots of feasts are cooked to welcome the advent of Spring season. However, in Thailand Monkey Festival is rejoiced where monkeys are included in a feast.

Cultural Festivals of April

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the cultural festivals in april

Interesting Cultural Events

You all might have enjoyed playing marbles when you were young. Would not it be fun if you are given a chance to play marbles while you are an adult? So, we have World Marbles Championships commemorated in England. In April, this grand festival will make you a champion of this unique game provided you show excellent performance. However, the Germans instead like to be in the company of witches this April! They celebrate their festival, Witches’ Night to while reaching on the top of mountain at Brocken.

Devoted Cultural Celebrations

Kumbh Mela is a great Indian festival in which the Hindu devotees gather at a place to perform pilgrimage. They intend to dive in their holy river of Ganga and perform religious rituals. Similar festival, Songkran Water Festival, is commemorated in Thailand in which people give bath to Buddha’s images. Also, water is sprinkled on people to bless them. The Chinese, however, enjoy themselves in the joys of Sister’s Meal Festival. It is intended to bring men and women close to each other to form courtship.

Aspiring Cultural Extravaganza

The Americans appear to be crazy after jazz music as they come to attend New Orleans’s cultural festival. They display their heritage and play jazz music to entertain the participants of the festival. However, the residents of Netherlands are pleased to celebrate their Queen’s birthday on the Queen’s Day. It is a colorful occasion rejoiced in Amsterdam and involves thousands of queen lovers in it. The Russians’ Golden Mask Festival is another unique cultural event involving music, dance and costumes.

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