Pakistani Music Festivals of 2018

Pakistani Music Festivals of 2018

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Why Music Festivals are Celebrated?

by on February 2, 2014
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Why Music Festivals are Celebrated?Have you ever wondered why do we commemorate music festivals? Well, the answer to this question might come crystal clear for those who are obsessed with music. They love it, that’s why! So, the main aim of the commemoration of the music festivals is to rejoice in as occasion which provides a fun-filled atmosphere for everyone. You can have a good time in some music festivals provided you are aware of the famous festivals being celebrated in your vicinity.

The music festivals are not restricted to one region, but they are commemorated all over the world. However, the nature of these festivals might differ depending upon the cultural differences that people have. Well, the themes of the music remain the same as they could only be one from the various genres of music. Either you will have a jazz festival or some event with some sort of classic element in it. Likewise, there are some other genres in which music is composed so you can have a variety in the form of music.

Although there are various renowned festivals across the world yet the most popular ones have been mentioned here. There is Bali Intermusic Festival, Indonesian Music Expo, Summer Sonic Festival and Spuntik Springbreak festival. These festivals are commemorated in various continents of the world with great enthusiasm. However, there are some occasions where music concerts are rejoiced in various places. These events are basically the ones where some popular singer arranged a concert where his fans are gathered. Some of these events are commemorated for a cause while others have just entertainment purpose. On the whole, these are the events which receives host of people.  So, be ready to attend the coming music festival right in your region and have loads of fun.

Top Three Country Music Festivals in USA

by on February 25, 2011
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Country Music Festivals in USA

It is said that around 2,500 Music Festivals are held in USA alone. The nation enjoys all genres of music but country music is very popular. Nearly in every state Country Music Festivals are held which are attended by music lovers in large numbers.

The WE Fest is one of the leading country music festival held in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. The event started in 1983 and lasts for around 3 to 4 days in August. Fans from all over the US gather to attend this event where big names in country music frequently perform. More than 50,000 fans come to watch their favorite stars perform live and also to boost the emerging talents. You can camp or come in your RVs. Bathroom, potable water; showers and hand wash stations are provided for the convenience of the fans. Some big names who will be performing this year are Brad Paisley, Jerrod Niemann and Blake Shelton.

You can watch Martina McBride perform live in the Country Thunder Music Festival this year in Florence Arizona. This 4 day annual event will start from 7th April. This event is more than a festival; it is carnival with scrumptious food, 6 different camping sites to choose from, local arts and crafts and non-stop music. Although campers are advised to bring in their own supplies, food and beverages are also available onsite. Children 12 and under are allowed free of charge.

The humble town of Nebraska plays host to many grand music festivals in the country. Comstock Country Music is one of such events. The event has recently undergone a facelift and now focuses solely on country music; previously it showcased rock and Christian music as well. The three day event takes place in August and besides the big stars, local musicians and stars also perform in the Comstock.

Tamworth Country Music Festival

by on February 25, 2011
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Tamworth Country Music Festival

The Tamworth Country Music Festival is held in Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia. It is held in the last days of January and spans over ten days. The festival began almost forty years ago and is very popular with the number of audience swelling to more than 50,000. It was also ranked as one of the World’s Coolest Music Festivals”.

Towards the end of January, the town of Tamworth rings with music. Big names in country music as well as new singers; bands and individuals are there to entertain the crowd with their immense talent. Its ten days of shows and concerts. Classic Country, Country Rock, Urban Country, Alternative Country and Country Rock n Roll are some of the different country music categories which fill the air. The popularity of this event can be judged from the fact that people turn up in large numbers in the sweltering heat to enjoy this annual affair. The accommodation is booked many months prior to the event and many visitors have to do with camps and caravans by the riverside. Fans start coming a week before the festival and there are some pre festival concerts to entertain them. The main venue of the event is the Tamworth Regional Entertainment and Conference Center but halls, theatres and clubs are also turned into temporary stages. Outdoor stages are also set up in parks; music echoes from every corner of Tamworth.

Tamworth Country Music Festival is the second largest country music festival in the world and is widely covered by television as well.  The event has its own Golden Guitar Awards complete with the red carpet events. The awards are in the shape of miniature guitars and are called the Golden Guitar Trophies. These awards are held in high esteem in Australia.  Besides jury based winners, there are also People’s Choice Awards.

Grammy Music Awards

Grammy Music Awards

The Grammy Awards are held every year to award the singers for their outstanding achievements in the past year. Grammy is the short form of Gramophone and the awards got this name because the awards were shaped as a gramophone. The awards are held in the USA with Los Angeles hosting the event more than other cities.

The Grammy (Gramophone) Award started in 1958 is one of the most prestigious and glamorous music awards of the world. Known as the Oscars of Music, the Grammy Awards honor the talented artistes from all genres of music, country, rock, jazz, rap etc.  The awards were first televised in 1971 and since then the number of audience has been growing with a record number of audience this year (2011).A panel of 150 judges; all experts in the music industry choose the winners in different categories with The Song of the Year, Album of the Year, Record of the Year and Best New Artist of the Year being some of the major categories.

The Grammy is a star studded extravaganza featuring the big names of the music industry. The show itself is fueled by outstanding performances from international stars. In 2011, the 53rd Grammy Awards were held in Los Angeles and were watched by approximately 26 million people.  This year the country rockers Lady Antebellum won the Song of the Year award for “Need You Know”, while the 26 year old jazzist bagged the Best New Singer award. The Suburbs by Arcade Fire was judged the Album of the Year, Record of the Year Lady Antebellum “Need You Know” also bagged the Record of the Year award while Eminem walked away with the best rapper award and Lady Gaga won the Best Pop Album Vocal.  The stage sizzled with performances by Muse, Eminem, Cee Lo, Arcade Fire, Bob Dylan, Mike Jagger and others.

Country Fest Music Festival

by on February 25, 2011
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Country Fest Music Festival

Country Music is defined as a blend of many genres of music such as folk, Celtic, gospel played on a stringed instrument and extremely popular in the southern states of the USA.  In simpler words, it can be called the cowboy or rural songs played on instruments such as banjos, violins and guitars. This type of music evolved in 1920 and is now regarded as one of the popular genres of music. Its popularity spread far and wide and Canada and Australia have their own form of country music.

The Country Fest is a major country music festival held in Cadott, Wisconsin. This four day festival began in 1987 and takes place in late June. The heavy weights in country music; groups as well as individuals enthrall the public with non stop music. The event lasts for four days. An important feature of country music festivals in USA is camping. With an average of more than 50,000 fans attending the events (Country Fest pulls the largest crowd), accommodations can be a problem. That is why people prefer to camp and at Country Fest the campground is the largest with 8,000 campsites. The fans are provided every facility so that they can enjoy their stay and the wonderful music which brings them out in the open.

Many big names such as Carrie Underwood, Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum, Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley, Sugarland and Brooks and Dunn have driven the crowds wild with ecstasy in previous events.  This (2011) year’s impressive line up for Country Fest Music festival includes Miranda Lambert,  Grammy Winner Lady Antebellum, Carrie Underwood, Trace Atkins and Justin Moore to name a few.

The festival promises quality entertainment for fans of all age groups. Children up to the age of six are admitted free if accompanied by an adult with a ticket.

Top five musical festivals of Europe

Musical festivals of Europe

The Rosklide Music Festival is one of the five major musical events of Europe. It takes place every summer in Rockslide, Denmark. It is a great outdoor event; colorful and entertaining. The event started in 1971 for hippies and now and is now a big extravaganza featuring every genre of music. There are color coded stages with Orange Stage being the center stage. More than 180 bands entertain music lovers for four days.

Iceland Airways Festival is held for five days starting from the third weekend of October in Reykjavik, Iceland. The Iceland Airways provides a platform for new music from Iceland and other countries and besides musicians, it is attended by many people from the music industry and journalists.

The Sonar Festival takes place in Barcelona Spain. This three day affair which takes place in the third week of June is divided into two categories; Sonar by Day and Sonar by Night. The Museum of Modern Art and The Center of Contemporary Culture serve as the venues for Sonar by Day. Sonar by Day is about DJs, Live concerts, multimedia art and modern cinema. Sonar by Night is when you get the real action. The big names in the world of electronic music both local and international enthrall the mammoth crowd gathered at the venue. The venue is situated away from the main city and is quite huge around 10,000 meters of open as well as covered space.

The annual Spring Music Festival is held in May in Gratz in Austria. This funfair of electronic art and music turns the peaceful town of Gratz into one big party. It is the biggest musical event in Gratz and besides some electrifying music to enchant the crowd; workshops for VJs are also held.

Another summer musical festival of Europe worth mentioning is the EXIT festival. It is held in Serbia. The aim of this musical gala was to provide entertainment to the youth who had suffered much due to the political turmoil. This event now draws huge crowds from all over Europe.

Top five music festivals of the world

Music is a universal language understood and appreciated throughout the world. The music lovers pay homage to music by holding different music festivals in different seasons and in different countries

Music festivals of the world

The Sitka Summer Festival is held in the remote corners of Alaska. It was founded by Paul Rosenthal the celebrated violinist in 1972. The festival is held twice a year once in February and once in June. It is the summer festival in June that pulls the biggest crowd of music lovers. The Sitka Summer Festival is held for three weeks and the magnificent landscape of Alaska provides the perfect stage.  A large number of international artistes perform in the open unaided by sound systems.

Rock al Parque Festival is the biggest Rock Festival which rocks Latin America. The rock festival takes place in Bogotá Colombia and features rock bands from Colombia as well as from other countries. The entrance is free and it is one of the most awaited events of the year. The bands have you screaming for more and from heavy metal rock to alternative rock bands; the entertainment has no bounds.

The snow resort of Naeba in Fuji Japan hosts a musical event in which musicians from Japan and other countries of the world participate. This three day event is well attended by thousands of music lovers from the world.

Top five music festivals of the world

The Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts takes place in Somerset, England. It is an open air event featuring modern musical galas, dance, theatre and other forms of performing arts. It is a grand event which last for three days.

The Austere Milwaukee Summerfest held in Wisconsin in USA is claimed to be the largest musical event of the world. For 11 days (from late June till early July) you are entertained by more than 700 bands.

Top five music festivals of Africa

Africa was once known as the Dark Continent but if you look closely, you will find that the continent is very much alive and colorful with vibrant festivals and diverse culture. Some music festivals held in Africa are:

Music festivals of Africa

The Festival in the Desert; this three day event is celebrated on Mali on the borders of Timbuktu in the Sahara Desert. It usually takes place in January and is considered to be the remotest musical festival in the world. This event is based on the traditional gatherings of the Tuareg nomads and their celebrations. It is a unique blend of traditional Tuareg music, dance and camel races and at night the desert comes alive with modern music.

Top five music festivals of Africa

The Festival of Niger takes place in early February in Mali and is another colorful fiesta featuring music and dance as well as puppet shows. Celebrated artists from West Africa entertain people with their skills. It is also a way to promote the culture of the place and many food stalls are set up for the convenience of the people. Besides being a music and dance extravaganza, it is also a means to bring together people from all parts of Africa as well as from other parts of the world.

Uganda celebrates the Bayimba International Festival of Music and Arts in September. The venue is the National Theatre in the capital city of Kampala. It is a three day affair of non stop music, fashion shows, exhibitions etc. Live band performances, traditional dance performances and documentaries featuring revolution of music and other forms of arts and also social issues are some salient features of this event.

African Music Festivals

Zanzibar has the Sauti za Busara Music Festival. It is five days of music both traditional and contemporary from all parts of Africa. It is held in February and where seasoned artists charm the audience with their lovely music, it has been a useful stepping stone for upcoming talent. A carnival parade is the highlight of this event.

The Cape Town Jazz Festival has become one of the biggest musical events of Africa.  For two days more than 40 local and international artists perform to captivate the audience. It has been voted the Grandest Event of Africa.

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