Most Interesting Festivals of 2015

When we hear about the word festival, first things that come in our minds are celebrations, happiness, spending quality time with loved ones etc. Here are few most interesting festivals being celebrated by different nations. Take a look at them.

Chinese New Year:

Chinese New Year

The New Year of China brings lots of colors and celebrations for the natives. It is the most important and significant day of the year. The use of many items is common in its celebrations i.e. lanterns, flowers, symbolic clothing, fireworks and dragons. This festival raises eyebrows of many people due to colorful events and unique rituals.

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Ethnic Festivals Of The World

by on August 18, 2013
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Ethnic Festivals Of The World

San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival:

Ethnic festivals are truly unique celebrations of its genre. Such festivals bring great joys for those who love to celebrate their moments in small happiness.  Milwaukee and Chicago are some of the cities of the modern world that are famous for festivals. Besides a variety of cultural festivals, city of festivals Milwaukee, celebrates many ethnic festivals every year. However, approximately all of these festivals held depending on the availability of thousands of volunteers and staff.

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