Seasonal Festivals of April

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seasons festivals of april

April is a month in which spring season arrives in most parts of the world. To celebrate the coming of spring, the people busy themselves in interesting festivals. Let us have a look on what types of celebrations the people have throughout the month of April.

New Year Celebrations in Nepal and Sri Lanka

Bisket Jatra is an aspiring Nepali festival that is commemorated in the mid of April. This is a great cultural event that is celebrated as the new year begins in Nepal. The people carry chariots along with them and rejoice the coming of new year with great enthusiasm. It is not only the Nepali that pride themselves in their new year celebrations. The people from Sri Lanka, too, have their new year in April. They name this event as Aurudu and prepare a special meal for themselves.

Famous Mexican and Spanish Seasonal Events

The Mexicans have their Festival of St Mark right in April. What to talk of this great event; it keep attracting the tourists through and through. Although, it started as a small livestock event yet now it has expanded itself to include multiple events. It is a home to famous singers and musicians who entertain the public with their excellent performances. Also, it fosters a beauty pageant attracting millions to this event.  However, the Spanish are pleased to have April Fair this month. It is definitely an occasion to party around with full vigor. You can expect great fun here that will make your day for sure!

Religious Festivals of April

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april's religious festivals

The month of April brings enormous opportunities with it to enable people make the most of it. It comes with spring season spreading happiness everywhere. However, many religious and historical events that took place in April are still remembered in the form of religious festivals.

Famous Christian Festivals

Although the people from all religions and cultures commemorate their religious festivals yet April is overshadowed with Christian events. The reason for this predomination of Christian festivals is a series of historical events related to the life of Prophet Jesus (PBUH). One event is named Palm Sunday due to the use of folded palm tree leaves for signaling cross. It is commemorated to remember the earthly life of Prophet Jesus (PBUH). There are few other festivals like Holy Week and Maundy Thursday that refer to the entering of Prophet in Jerusalem and subsequent last supper.

Hindu Festivals, Sikh Events and Jewish Festivals

The Hindus celebrate the birthdays of their religious gods Rama and Hanuman. However, the Sikhs have their terrific event of Baisakhi in April. It is an event in which the people rejoice the coming of spring with great zeal and zest. The Jews, however, celebrate their three most important festivals in this month. Fast of Firstborn is one such event which marks the undertaking of fast in remembrance of saving of Jewish sons from plague in Egypt. Yom Hashoah is also commemorated by lighting up candles and holding of special services. Passover is another religious event of Jews in which they commemorate a week long feast.

Food Festivals of April

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global gourmet summit

April comes not only bringing Spring season with it, but also interesting culinary events. These food events make sure the people are having the most of the April. Let us throw light on some of the famous food events that we celebrate in the month of April.

World Gourmet Summit

It is a major attraction for the people in Singapore. This event has everything you can ask for in a culinary event. With multiple cooking classes and sessions by great chefs, this event ensures you do not miss out on anything. It has delicious chocolate dishes to give you a yummy evening. Not to mention the tasty drinks, juices and wines that makes your day.

Taste of Vail and Taste of the Nation

This special event; Taste of Vail is commemorated in Colorado. This food festival is also like Gourmet Summit in the variety of dishes and drinks. The Taste of Nation is another culinary attraction for the Americans this April. They cook meals that represent their nation’s specific taste.

Scottsdale Culinary Festival

If you are not content with the food events in US, go for Arizona’s Scottsdale Culinary Festival. It is basically a fusion of all the basic things that a food festival can have. So, get ready to enjoy all the multiple food attraction right under the one roof. It is a great picnic event as well with gala dinners and massive wine tasting sessions. So, get set for this one this April!

Film Festivals of April

film festivals in april

April is not only a month of great cultural and seasonal events, but it also has its share in movie festivals. The films, being a great medium of entertainment, are watched happily around the world. So, you would not find a single continent where film events are not being commemorated. Let me discuss few famous film festivals here.

French and Russian Film Festivals

The French are more than pleased this April because of their unique film festival commemoration. They have their very own Cognac International Thriller Film Festival intended to bring thrill among movie lovers. As the name suggests, the people get a chance to watch the big thrillers at this event. So, get geared up for this rocking film festival. If you are young and looking for some film event for youngsters, you have Laon International Film Festival for Young People. However, the Russians rejoice their All Russian Film Festival to get movie freaks together at one place.

German and American Film Festivals

Grenzland Film Days is a great German movie event for everyone with the slightest interest in movies. For those who love to make documentaries on different genres, Munich International Documentary Film Festival is a great event. You can join this event if you are a student of filmmaking or even if you are a layman. It will give you a sufficient entertainment to make you evening. For short film lovers, Oberhausen Short Film Festival is also here. The Americans, however, commemorate Carolina Film and Video Festival and Chicago Latino Film Festival in April.

Date Wise Calendar of Festivals of April

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german festival dom

Have a look at the list of calendar of famous festivals that are organized in April. They have been arranged date wise so you can easily see which event belong to which date. Now, you can easily get an idea of what types of events are going to be commemorated in this month.

Festivals from 1-8 April

The Germans have their Hamburger Dom Festival, Spanish; Patum Corpus Christic and Australians have Melbourne Comedy Festival. The people of Thailand, however, have Full Moon Party in April with Japanese Hana Matsuri and Sonar Festival events. In America, a bizarre event; St Stupids Day is arranged along with South African Splashy Fen Music Festival.

Festivals from 9-16 April

The Mexico has Feria De San Marcos festival with Water Drawing Festival commemorated by Japanese. The people of Burma, however, have Thingyan Water Throwing Festival. Similar events are to be seen in other countries as well. Melbourne Comedy Festival and Japanese Float Festival are also significant events.

Festivals from 17-23 April

Coachella Music Festival, Fiesta San Antonio, River Spires Festival and Moringhem Scarecrow Festival are important events of April.

Festivals from 24-30 April

Stagecoach Music Festival is organized in America in April. The other American events are New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival and Fiesta San Antonio. However, Mexico has its special Feria De San Marcos festival while Japanese have their Golden Week. Similarly, Queens Day; Holland, Seville April Fair; Spain and Vappu Student Festival; Finland are the eye-catching events of April.

Tasty Trelawny Yam Festival

Tasty Trelawny Yam FestivalThe Trelawny Yam Festival is held in April every year to promote the rich culture and encourage tourism to boost the economy of the Jamaican island of Trelawny also known as the “yam producing basket of Jamaica.”

This week long, the festival draws around 10,000 visitors annually where many events are planned for their entertainment. As it is mostly about the production and consumption of yams, there is a cooking competition in which different dishes with yam as the main ingredient are prepared. The cooking competition takes place at different levels such as school, local residents to professional chefs at major hotels.

Yam and its by-products are exhibited and sold at the fair. The organizers make sure that they are properly packed and labeled. There are some amusing competitions among farmers as well, such as the hot yam eating competition, tug of war, champion farmer and the yam hill digging competition. Students present poem and songs recital and dances based around Trelawny. Among other events are the 50K cycle race, the Trelawny ½ marathon and beach volleyball, to name just some. There is also a King and Queen Pageant in which youngsters participate.

In the evenings, you can catch a glimpse of the Jamaican culture at the various cultural performances; international artists also share the stage with the local ones to make the fair more attractive and memorable.

San Marcos Fair Mexico

San Marcos Fair MexicoThe city of Aguascalientes in Mexico celebrates the San Marcos Fair every year in April. The festival lasts for three weeks, starting from the second week of April till the first week of May.

Originated as a grape harvest celebration in the 1800s, the Fair has evolved into a frenzy of activities. The venue of the fair is the San Marcos Park constructed on the site donated by the church. A beautiful pink stone balustrade was built outside the San Marcos Park in 1842 which has been preserved well by the locals and has retained much of its previous glory.

The main attractions of the festival are cockfights and the Mexican style bullfights. These are followed by concerts held by pop stars. Although gambling is illegal in Mexico, during these three weeks long festival, you can gamble in a casino downtown Aguascalientes. There are also various stalls which sell edibles, toys, and handicrafts. You can even get your fortune told at the fair. Games both for kids and adults also attract many people. No festival is complete without a beauty pageant and the San Marcos Fair is no exception; here too, you will find a fair maiden crowned as the “Queen of the Fair”. Spectacular parades, showcasing the culture of the city, are also a part of this festival. It is also the time to honor the youth and the ceremony for the National Award for Youth Art also takes place during the fair. Other events include a livestock fair and charades, the Mexican rodeo.

The Fair attracts a large number of people from Mexico and abroad.

Seville’s April Fair: Relive the Spanish Past

Seville’s April Fair: Relive the Spanish PastLa Feria de Abril or Seville’s April Fair is held in the city of Seville. Seville is more popular for its oranges and Islamic architecture. The Fair commences on a Tuesday at midnight two weeks after Easter and continues till the midnight of the following Sunday. The fair started off in 1847 as a cattle market and is now a colorful extravaganza attracting over a million visitors both local and foreign. This festival is mainly about ongoing flamenco performances, bull fights and a free supply of Tapas.

The main event takes place at Real de La Feria where a thousand marquees known as “casetes” in Spanish are setup. The “casetes” are tastefully decorated with multi colored paper lantern which present a pretty picture when lit up at night.

Seville’s April Fair: Relive the Spanish PastMost of the casetes are owned by local families, businesses, clubs, and societies and admission is strictly on invitation only. Here guests are entertained with food, Flamenco performances and free flowing “tapas” as Spanish drink. There are some public casetes as well set up by the city council. The ladies of Seville dressed in pretty flamenco outfits roam around the town and the men in their riding gear strut about on horses. Every day at noon, a procession, “Paseo de Caballos”, is taken out in which girls dressed as Flamenco dancers ride through the city in beautiful carriages. The bull fights take place later in the evening at Plaza de Toros de Masetranza. Other amusements, like rides and games for families, are also arranged in a ground adjacent to the main venue of the fair.

If you happen to be in Spain in April, do visit Seville and feel the real spirit of Spain.

Festival of Sant Jordi at Mont Blanc

Festival of Sant Jordi at Mont BlancA legend goes that once in the beautiful and serene Spanish countryside of Mont Blanc a dreadful dragon had unleashed a reign of terror. To pacify the beast, the villagers decided to offer a daily sacrifice. Every day a name was drawn and the person was sent to the dragon’s cave. It so happened that one day the king’s daughter was chosen for the sacrifice.

As the dragon was about to devour the princess, a knight Sant Jordi (Catalan for St George) appeared and killed the dragon. Miraculously a rose bush bearing red roses sprung up from the spot where the dragon’s blood had spilled. Sant Jordi then presented the fair lady a rose.

From that day onwards on every 23rd April, the men of Mont Blanc present the women a rose. The women respond by giving them a book. The festivities of Sant Jordi last for a week. During the festival delicious and elaborate meals are served to guests dressed in traditional costumes. The streets of Mont Blanc are transformed into street theaters where plays based on medieval themes especially the legend of Sant Jordi are enacted. Juggling and music are other features of the festival.Festival of Sant Jordi at Mont Blanc is truly romantic. 

Songkran: The Buddhist New Year

Songkran: The Buddhist New YearSongkran is the Buddhist New Year celebrated in Thailand in the month of April. Thais have a unique way of celebrating this festival, they spray water everywhere and on everyone!

Songkran lasts for three days during which life comes to a standstill as all the businesses, government offices, schools etc are closed and those working in other cities return to their native towns to celebrate the New Year.

Songkran: The Buddhist New YearWater holds great significance and is considered a purifier which washes away misfortunes and bad luck. The houses are thoroughly cleaned before Songkran. People go to temples where the images of Buddha are bathed by pouring scented water from silver bowls. After that it is water splashing time as young, old, priests, policemen, locals and foreigners are sprayed with water. You can see people armed with water guns, spray guns, hoses, bottles etc throwing water on each other. This activity continues from dawn to dusk.

Songkran: The Buddhist New YearBesides merry making, there is a sober side to the festival as well. Thai youngsters sprinkle water onto the hands of their elders (parents and grandparents) as a mark of reverence. The elders in turn bless them and wish them prosperity and good health. Monks are also presented with new robes.

A Miss Songkran Beauty Contest and colorful parades are also a part of the festival.

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