Chester Food, Drink and Lifestyle Festival

Chester Food, Drink and Lifestyle FestivalThe Chester Food, Drink and Lifestyle Festival is celebrated in Chester UK to promote the regional and local cuisine. The event lasts for three days and takes place on the Easter weekend at the Chester Racecourse. The top chefs prepare dishes and share their recipes. For the kids, the Academy of Culinary Arts holds free cooking classes and also gives useful cooking tips besides cooking lessons. For the kids’ enjoyment, there are rides at the fun area park. There are around 120 food stalls from where you can sample and purchase various food products. Only the best are put up for sale; you can find from home grown vegetables and prize winning sausages to other food products. At the beer marquee and champagne tent you can sample the delicious beverage. Read more..

Seasonal Festivals of February

february seasonal festivals

Seasonal New Year Events

While talking about the seasonal events of the month of February, we cannot forget to mention Chinese New Year. This event marks the excellent celebrations in view of the beginning of the moon year. Festival of First Day is another big seasonal event that is celebrated by Vietnamese. It also is commemorated to cherish new year celebrations. The color of spring can be felt from the very nature of these new year festivals.

Winter Festivals

What is the best way to enjoy coldest weather? Chinese seem to know that by having their International Snow and Ice Festival. They create houses made up of snow and savor in icy accessories. The Canadians, however, busy themselves with their Winter Carnival. It is an attempt to keep them warm in the face of chilly blows. Venice Carnival is another example of dealing with winter beautifully by commemorating a festival.

Harvest and Other Festivals

Pasola is Indonesian harvest festival that employs the use of spears by opposite teams. They have a fierce competition with each other causing chills to run down the spine! Argungu Fishing expedition is also here to give Nigerians a chance to enjoy seafood. Another festival of great repute is St. Valentine’s Day. It is a day when the lover express their love for each other by sending each other cards, wishes etc. However, the Bolivians pride themselves in Oruro Carnival which is a way to showcase costumes and dances to cherish the season.

Seasonal Festivals of December

Seasonal Festivals of December

Enjoy the delights of December among fun festivals in various parts of the world. The festivals vary in their nature and purpose but the overall aim is similar; to bring unlimited entertainment. So, get ready to have a tour in the region of your choice to participate in amazing December seasonal festivals.

Christmas Festivals

As you know, December is the month in which the birthday of Jesus Christ is celebrated. Therefore, you will find lots of festivals related to Christmas in December. In Germany, around sixty markets are organized especially for this occasion. The markets are full of food, music, stalls and full time excitement. Likewise, the markets for the celebration of Christmas are also set up in Paris. Special delights are arranged for rejoicing the occasion of Christmas. Above all, the festivals are celebrated in all the major parts of the world.

Harvest and Autumn Festivals

As December arrives, the Australians have a big event to celebrate. The festival is National Cherry Festival which is of peculiar importance especially to farmers. The reason is that this time this occasion will be commemorated another festival titled Australian Year of Farmer. So, it will be a huge attraction for the farmers’ community in Australia. At the same time, French celebrate Autumn festival to welcome the coming of a new season. Another festival of interest for the Germans is ChocolART Festival. It is a great delight for the chocolate lovers who can taste chocolates of various sorts here.

Religious Festivals of February

christian religious festivals

Are you interested in knowing about the festivals of religious nature commemorated in various parts of the world? Let me tell you briefly about them so you can see which one you can attend in February.

Christian Festivals

The Christians have a lot of interesting festivals that they rejoice in this month. Candlemas is an interesting event in which the people use candles for blessings. They get them blessed from the church and shower blessings on each other. Also, Pancake Day is celebrated by Christians where they get ready for fasting and prepare rich food. Ash Wednesday is another major religious ceremony in which the devotees use ashes to show their love for the religion. This event leads to the Easter ceremony of Christians.

Japanese, Chinese and Buddhist Festivals

The Japanese are more than happy to celebrate their Bean Throwing Festival in February. It is done to drive evil spirits away by throwing away beans in dark edges with loud cries. The Chinese, however, busy themselves with celebrations of new year with their Teng Chieh festival. They lit up lanterns of various colors except white to rejoice their celebrations. However, the Buddhists are pleased to honor their religious leader Gautama Buddha at this birthday.

Muslim and Jewish Festivals

The Muslims happily celebrate the birthday of their beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in this month. The Jews, however, rejoice their New Year of Trees festival by planting trees in their loved ones’ names. They also eat those fruits that are suggested by their religious book Torah.

Food Festivals of February- Famous Events in USA

american food festivals

Everyone wants to have a good meal each day. Well, it becomes quite boring to have a regular meal on same day. To end this boredom and add spice to your life, people organize food events. In the month of February, the most of the food festivals are commemorated in US. It seems that the people from USA have much to do in February. Let us review these mouth-watering food events quickly.

Beer and Wine Festivals

Get ready for the excellent beer events all of the beer-lovers! USA has got amazing festivals which make sure you do not miss out on anything. Bands, Brew and BBQ is an exciting event in Florida. The people get to taste fine beers along with yummy BBQ dishes. Same goes for the wine events that keep you stick to refined wines. Naples Winter Wine Festival is an event of interest that brings the finest wines at one place.

Festivals for Sweet Teeth Lot

Carolina Chocolate Festival, Chocolate Lovers Festival and Florida Strawberry Festivals are all treats for sweet-lovers. They make you love the delicious sweet dishes while you have them in your mouth. You just cannot stop yourself from putting that yummy chocolate pie in your mouth!

Seafood Events

For seafood lovers, we have got interesting events like Everglades Seafood Festival and Ice Fishing Derby Festival. They make sure you have the best of dishes cooked with great fish and sea animals. So, what are you waiting for?

Film Festivals of February

film festivals in february

Film festivals have become a trend these days all across the world. Where cinema industry is, film festivals crop up by themselves. They provide an opportunity for the people to get the best of the film displayed at a place. Let us mention some noteworthy film festivals of the world.

American Film Festivals

In California State, the Academy Award Nominations are held in February. They give honor to those whose work in film industry seems to stand out. Also, American Film Market Festival is arranged in Los Angeles. It is a home to films from various genres that get a chance to be showcased here. Aspen Shortfest, a short film festival is another major event for the Americans. It is organized in the state of Colorodo among thousands spectators.

German Film Festivals

German film festivals are not less of an entertainment for the movie-lovers. With Berlin International Film Festival, you get an international exposure into movie industry. Also, Berlin has another film festival for you right in February. It is Berlin Video Festival that is slightly varied from the former.  Nonetheless, it is a must visit occasion. If you still want to go for another German festival, European Film Market is right here for you too.

UK Film Festivals

UK has got a couple of film festivals reserved for you for this month. One is Southampton Film Festival and the other is Edinburgh Fringe Movie Festival. Both of these events offer great chances of having a day or night out in grand movie festivals like these.

Date Wise Calendar of Festivals of February

Date Wise Calendar of Festivals of February

There is countless number of festivals that get a chance to be celebrated in February. We cannot sum up all these famous events here. However, we can highlight some of the important festivals commemorated in February. Here a date wise calendar of festivals is given that includes only the significant events. Let us have a look at them.

Festivals from 1-13 February

We have a big round of interesting festivals this month. Starting from Shopping Festival of Dubai, we have events like New Zealand’s Laneway Festival and Italy’s Valentines Festival. Besides, an Ice and Snow Festival is arranged in China to celebrate the coming of new season. Also, they have their new year festival in February. Other noteworthy events of February are Gaspiralla Pirate Festival and Groundhog Day Festival. However, the Italians like to have their Viareggio Carnaval in this month. The Australians, somehow, commemorate their festival called Good Vibrations.

Festivals from 14-29 February

The people in Thailand commemorate their Full Moon Party here. It is a big festival with lots of fun and entertainment. Tropfest, an Australian event is organized in the latter half of February too. Tango Festival, a festival from Argentina; Sydney Mardi Gras, an Australian festival and Ireland’s Father Ted Festival are also noteworthy festivals. The Canadian festival Quebec Carnaval is another good example of February festivals.

So, now you have taken a look at the important festivals’ list for the month of February. Visit any festival that you like to have fun.

Holi: The Festival of colors

Holi: The Festival of colorsThis festival of colors is celebrated by the Hindus all over the world. Holi is celebrated on the last full moon of the lunar month Phalguna which comes somewhere in February or March. Phalguna is the last month of the winter season as well and Holi is a way to welcome the spring season. However, Holi is mainly celebrated to mark the triumph of good over evil.

Although many legends are associated with its origin, the most popular one involves the demon king Hiranyakashyap, his daughter the she devil Holika and his son the pious Prahlad. Prahlad was a devotee of Lord Naarayana and had unshakeable faith in him. The demon king not happy with this situation ordered his daughter Holika to walk into a burning fire along with her brother. Holika cold not be harmed by fire but when she entered into it, contrary to everyone’s expectations, Holika was burnt to ashes while Prahlad escaped unscathed. Holi is celebrated to commemorate this victory of good over evil forces and a person’s ultimate faith in his Lord.

Holi: The Festival of colorsHoli celebrations kick off with the burning of the effigy of Holika over a huge pile of sticks collected for days on the eve of Holi. The next day, the day of Holi known as Dhuleti is a day of pure merrymaking and enjoyment. People of all ages from all walks of life throw colored powder and colored water on each other amidst the chants of Holi Hai. Singing, dancing and savoring especially made delicacies is another way to enjoy Holi.

Holi brings people together as not only Hindus but also members of other communities like Muslims and Christians take part in this joyous occasion as well.

Sapporo Snow Festival

Sapporo Snow FestivalThe week long Sapporo Snow Festival is held every year in early February in Japan. The festival began in 1950 when school children decided to have some fun by making snow models, now it is an opportunity to strengthen international ties. Teams from other countries also participate in the snow sculpting competition which turns this place into a winter wonderland during the festival. This amazing event attracts millions of people from all over the world.

Hundreds of snow statues are on display at the Odori Park, Susukino and Tusdome, the main sites of the festival where statues as large as multistory buildings can be seen. You can see your favorite cartoon characters, movie characters, magical creatures, graceful swans, famous buildings and celebrities all carved out of snow. In the evening, when the sculptures are illuminated, they simply take your breath away.

Although the snow sculptures are the main attraction, other forms of entertainments are available as well. Susukino holds a beauty contest where The Queen of Ice is selected. At Satoland sporting facilities are available; there are huge snow slides and snow maze where tourist can enjoy themselves. Food stalls are set up at Odori Park where you can taste various Japanese delicacies as well as sample food from other countries.

The Chiang Mai Flower Festival, Thailand

The Chiang Mai Flower FestivalGet drowned in the intoxicating scents and exotic sights of flowers this February at the Chiang Mai Flower Festival in Thailand.

Chiang Mai is a town in the North of Thailand and is popularly known as the Rose of the North because of the wide variety of exotic flowers found here. The cool temperate climate of the place is ideal for the growth of flowers such as tulips, chrysanthemum, carnations which were originally imported from abroad besides the locally grown rose, and wide variety of orchids. Here you will find 3000 species of orchid, the damask rose, a special variety of rose and yellow and white chrysanthemums besides a host of other species of flowers. Flowers are in full bloom in February which sees an end of the winter season.

The Chiang Mai Flower FestivalThe three day festival begins with a beauty pageant where Miss Flower Bloom and Miss International Flower Bloom are chosen.

The main feature of the festival is the floral parade which takes place on the second day. Beautifully decorated floral floats most of them based on Buddhist themes with dancing Thai girls clad in traditional clothes are the highlights of the parade. As the floats pass at a snail’s pace; you will get plenty of time to photograph the marvel of nature (flowers) displayed by human intelligence.

The Chiang Mai Flower FestivalOn the third day winners of the best flowers in the show are chosen. You can also buy rare species of flowering plants at reasonable rates. You can savor Thai Cuisine at the various food stalls and buy handicrafts made by the locals.

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