Date wise calendar of festivals in the month of May

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Here are some festivals of May in the form of date wise calendar. You might wanna see some of these for sure!

The month of May is abundant of various colorful and exciting seasonal, religious and cultural festivals. Here a date wise calendar of festivals of May have been given which are of particular significance around the world:

  1. On 1st May, May Day festival is celebrated rejoicing the advent of spring around the world.
  2. The 2nd May is auspicious to have two religious festivals; Rogation Sunday, a Christian festival and Lag B’Omer, a Jewish festival.
  3. On 3rd May, a colorful event, Australian Celtic Festival, is organized among music and dance displays.
  4. The 5th of May celebrates Buddha Birthday while Vesak Day is rejoiced on the 6th May. Both of them are celebrated to pay homage to Buddha.
  5. The 9th and 13th of May have Europe Day and Ascension Day respectively.
  6. On 14th May, Multicultural Festival is rejoiced in Melbourne.
  7. On 17th of May onwards, Noosa Food and Wine Festival and Paniyiri Greek Festival are celebrated. Both are famous festivals showcasing the culture of their country and origin.
  8. On 19th and 20th May, a Jewish festival, Shavuot and Birthday of John are celebrated respectively. Shavuot is rejoiced in memory of the descent of Ten Commandments.
  9. The 23rd of May have Pentecost, a Christian festival in the memory of Jesus’ resurrection.
  10. On 26th May, National Sorry Day is rejoiced in Australia.
  11. The 29th of May has a Christian Festival Trinity Sunday.

Other than that, there are lot more May festivals which are celebrated across the world. 

Seasonal Festivals of May

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may festivals

The seasonal festivals present adventurous opportunities for people to celebrate the arrivals of new seasons. The month of May signified the arrival of summer and also the going of spring season. Countless interesting seasonal festivals are arranged in May in various parts of the world.

Seasonal Festivals of Portugal and Canada

The Portuguese celebrate the occasion of spring in May by spreading flowers everywhere. The sweets are distributed among people on this event also. Canadian Tulip Festival is celebrated in Canada with enthusiasm to welcome the spring. This festival, characterized by the presence of tulip bulbs, is a major attraction for people all over the world.

Easter and May Day       

Easter is a Christian festival which is rejoiced in the month of May. The people celebrate this occasion by taking blessings from Priest. Likewise, May Day is celebrated on the arrival of this month by dancing and selecting May Queen.

Seasonal Festivals of India

In Indian soil, numerous cultures dwell and celebrate the coming of various seasons. In Rajasthan, Mount Abu Summer Festival is arranged in May which consists of exhibitions of art and culture. Ooty Summer Festival is also of particular importance because of variety of displays. Arranged in Tamil Nadu, this festival includes animals’ show and fruits and vegetable displays. Similarly, Shimla Summer Festival enjoys the status of being an exciting food and music festival.

Food Festivals of May

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may food festivals

The thought of a food festival brings to one’s mind mouthwatering dishes and exquisite cuisines! If you are looking for some good food festivals of May, get ready! The food festivals are constantly and frequently held in United Kingdom and United States. On the whole, the food festivals arranged in various parts of the world are plentiful. Not all can be summed up here so attention will be given to some food festivals from UK and US.

UK Food Festivals

The month of May starts with an exciting festival ‘Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival’. The people flock together at a place to taste various forms of whisky. Then there is Real Street Food Festival which offers Rasoi, Meatwagon and Guerrilla cuisines. Foodies Festival and Blossomtime are also on the lookout. Starting from the mid of May, there are Flavors of 2012, Somerset Chilli Festival and Crooked Ways. The festivals are full of colorful activities, music and artists.

US Food Festivals

The May carries exciting opportunities for people to relish tasty cuisines in United States. World Beer Cup is the unique food festival which arranges competition to select the best beers. Wine Experiencia 2012 is another major attraction for wine-lovers. Here the people get a chance to enjoy themselves of beautiful music as well as food. Taste of the Town, American Food Fair and Fest and BerryFest are also among the famous food festivals in California.

Film Festivals of May; Events and Attractions

may film festivals

Festival de Cannes and Catalina Festival

The month of May brings with it exciting film festivals for people around the world. Cannes festival, initiated decades ago is an international event. The famous films from around the world are given a chance to display in Cannes film festival. The best movies are awarded and celebrities are seen flaunting here and there. Catalina Festival is popular because of the opportunities it presents for filmmakers. Here around seventy-five films are given a chance to include. The celebrities are witnessed in great number while they wait for ‘the best communicator’ award and others.

Santa Cruz Film Festival and Maryland Film Festival

Santa Cruz festival offers local and foreign filmmakers the chance to submit their artworks. The best movies are chosen from the hundreds of submissions. The purpose is to encourage the good works of filmmakers and promote art. Maryland film festival is a unique film festival which allows music videos, experimental films, short films and films of all genres to participate. Not only the people of Maryland are given the chance, but outsiders are also welcomed in the festival.

Reel Shorts Festival and Tupelo Film Festival

As the name indicates, Reel Shorts Festival is arranged to promote short films. The major attraction of this festival is school program. The students are encouraged to submit short films and are thus invited into the festival. Tupelo Film Festival, however, is a great place to have good time. Several workshops and film screenings are arranged to promote films.

Cultural Festivals Starting in May

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Cultural festivals in May- Celtic festival in Australia

May brings enormous opportunities to celebrate cultural occasions for people around the world. Australia, being the big hub of multicultural activities fosters various cultural festivals. The most popular and widely recognized cultural festivals of May are listed below:

Australian Celtic Festival

Australian festivals are quite famous due to their vigor and colorful approach. The Celtic Festival in Australia presents a great opportunity for visitors across the world to enjoy dance and music. Embedded in deep culture, this festival is a good event to have fun and experience unlimited entertainment. The festival continues for four days providing glimpses of street parade, bands and stalls.

Buddha Birthday Festival

Buddha Birthday Festival held in Queensland is celebrated as the biggest festival among Buddhists’ festivals. It attracts over 150,000 people around the world and showcase Australia’s multicultural heritage. The most popular activities during this festival include having vegetarian food and witnessing various cultural customs. Here the people from various religious and cultural backgrounds are welcomed open-heartedly.

Paniyiri Greek Festival

This festival is rejoiced to pay homage to Greek culture and is the biggest cultural festival in Queensland. Here people get a chance to enjoy food of Greece and experience Greek’s culture to the maximum. The huge opportunities to sing and dance are here for the visitors.

All these cultural events offer great cultural experiences! Visit them to participate in excitement of multicultural settings. 

New Orleans Wine and Food Festival

New Orleans Wine and Food FestivalThe New Orleans Wine and Food Festival began almost two decades ago. During this festival, world famous chefs, wine makers and celebrities associated with the food industry gather together to provide you with the absolutely delightful gastronomical experience of your life.

A large number of eating places participate in this festival; it is also an ideal opportunity for New Orleans to display its art and culture. One of the main events of this festival is the Royal Street Stroll. The participants get a chance not only to satisfy their palates by sampling a variety of wines and tasty tidbits, but also get a chance to see the artistic masterpieces from conventional to contemporary art and sculptures. New Orleans Wine and Food FestivalAntique jewelry and other antique objects are also exhibited. Live Jazz performances, as you stroll by the Royal Street, make it all the more enjoyable. In the Krewe of Cork parade, the participants put on wine themed dresses and march through the French Quarters.

The festival also aims at educating the participants on the intricacies of food and wine through seminars. You can gain a lot from the useful tips given by chefs and wine makers about the latest trends and tastes and you can also learn which wine pairs off best with which cuisine.

New Orleans Wine and Food FestivalThe Grand Tastings is voted the most enjoyable event of the festival. 400 wineries and over 50 restaurants try to outdo each other for the first three best dishes prizes. A panel of experts judges these dishes. Cooking demos are worth watching if you take the art of preparing food seriously.

Bay to Breakers Race

Bay to Breakers RaceThe “Bay to Breakers” is almost a century old race run in San Francisco. It is run over a course of 12 km, beginning from the San Francisco bay area and ending at the breakers of the Pacific Ocean beach.

The city of San Francisco was destroyed by a massive earthquake in 1906. In a bid to rebuild the town, people gathered together to hold events and the Bay to Breakers footrace was one of them. The most interesting fact about this race is that it continued even during the World War II, although the number of participants diminished considerably.

The race is all about fun and dressing up and in some cases dressing down to running shoes only. Some participants run in the nude and some wear the craziest costumes imaginable. The “centipede” is an event in the race in which 13 runners bind together and run as a unit.

There is a serious side to this race as well; 41 runners from all over the world compete in the elite category of the race for the cash prize.

The 3rd Sunday of May is eagerly awaited by the residents of San Francisco who will slip on their running shoes and run across the city from Bay to Breakers.

San Isidro Festival, Spain

San Isidro Festival, SpainSan Isidro was a poor peasant who, nonetheless, was the benefactor of the poor and the needy. He, along with his wife, helped the poor by giving them food. Some miracles are also associated with him. To honor this Patron Saint of Madrid, a festival featuring fairs, music, dancing and bullfights is held. The festival commences from the 8th of May and continues till the 15th of May.

Open air concerts, rock concerts, and gigs make up the music scene. Dancing and merriment fill the streets of Madrid. San Isidro is also the biggest international bullfighting event. All the noted bullfighters, as well as the aspiring ones participate in this festival. Romeria, a pilgrimage to the 18th century chapel Ermita de San Isidro, is a way to show reverence to the Patron Saint.

San Isidro Festival, SpainOn the last day of the festival, the people of Madrid dress up in their traditional costumes and perform a traditional dance called “choti.” During the festival you can sample some Spanish delicacies such as barquillos, pan de angel, and chorus.

The festival ends with a mass scale cooking of Cocido Madrileno, the famous dish of Madrid. Although basically a religious festival, San Isidro has turned into one big entertainment.

Memphis in May

Memphis in MayThe Memphis in May (MIM) International Festival is celebrated for a whole month and is held in Memphis, Tennessee. The festival comprises of four events which are as follows:

The Beale Street Music Festival

The Beale Music Festival marks the beginning of the MIM. The venue of this mega event is the Tom Lee Park which can accommodate more than 100,000 people. More than 60 singers perform for three days.

World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest

It is one of the major attractions of MIM. It started in 1978 on a small scale with only 20 participants. But over the years, it has grown into a big affair with 250 participants both local and foreign. Cooking is done on wood and charcoal only and the winners get handsome prizes worth thousands of dollars. Although it centers on pork barbecue, other categories of this competition are beef, poultry, seafood and people’s choice. In the people’s choice, people sample the food and judge the best dish.

Memphis in MayInternational Week

Every year the festival honors a country. A whole week is dedicated to the honored country. Speeches are held to educate the masses about the history, culture and traditions of the country. There are performances by the artists, dancers and musicians of the honored country. Arts and crafts, food and entertainment from the selected country are other ways of promoting it. This year’s honored country is Tunisia.

Sunset Symphony

This musical gala is the concluding event of the MIM. Held at the Tom Lee Park, it is the biggest performance of the Memphis Symphony Orchestra. The symphony performs a number of classical works and the music of the honored country as well.

The MIM aims at providing entertainment as well as promoting cultural ties between countries.

Festival of the Crosses

Festival of the Crosses“La Fiesta de las Cruces” (The Festival of the Crosses) also known as “Cruz de Mayo” is celebrated in Spain on 3rd May.

Like some other Christian Festivals, it has pagan roots. During this festival, crosses made of flowers are installed in the city’s main squares and streets. Even the balconies of houses are decorated with floral crosses. These floral crosses are further decorated with other ornaments such as candlesticks and scarves.

Festival of the CrossesAlthough celebrated in many places of Spain, the cities of Granada and Cordoba are specially known for their remarkable display of floral crosses. A competition is held to pick the best floral cross later in the day.

Festival of the CrossesNo festival is complete without some sort of merry making and to complement this festival, temporary bars are set up where the locals gather to enjoy a few glasses of wine and tapas. Every Spanish festival features flamenco dancing and “La Fiesta de Las Cruces” is no exception. Dancing continues till the wee hours of the morning.

Festival of the crosses is a festival that brings a lot of tourists to Spain. It is a reason of visiting Spain for many tourists. Spain has a very deep rooted culture. Any festival of Spain with the colors of its culture becomes popular world wide, and Festival of Crosses is no exception.

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