Seasonal Festivals of January

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january seasonal festivals

Winter Leaps In!

The month of January accompanies chilly winds as a souvenir of winter with people preparing for multi-purpose festivals. The icy cold wind of this month leads Japanese to come out in the open and prepare for bonfire. This seasonal event is termed Yamayaki and attracts multitudes of people here. Some people look at the moon calendar to celebrate their occasion of Mid Autumn Moon Festival. They have a huge gathering in Taiwan where families gather around at a site and enjoy their celebrations.

The Flowery Occasions

January is not short of the beautiful flowery festivals like Cherry Blossom Festival, Spring Festival, Flora Egypt Fair and Southeastern Flower Show. These events are commemorated in Japan, China, Egypt and America respectively. The people move out of their houses to view beautiful flower beds and bouquets arranged in sophisticated forms. It gives them a pleasure to look at these amazingly organized floral events.

Few Harvest Festivals

The Italians are never happy till they celebrate their very own Battle of the Oranges festival. They throw oranges at each other to share their joys at this season of oranges. However, Indians pride themselves in Pongal Festival to cherish the harvest season. They are happy to sit at one place and have good meals, and sing and dance at the new harvest cutting. It represents their culture as well catching the eyes of people from various cultures. It is a big religious as well as traditional festival for the Indians as well.

Seasonal Festivals of February

february seasonal festivals

Seasonal New Year Events

While talking about the seasonal events of the month of February, we cannot forget to mention Chinese New Year. This event marks the excellent celebrations in view of the beginning of the moon year. Festival of First Day is another big seasonal event that is celebrated by Vietnamese. It also is commemorated to cherish new year celebrations. The color of spring can be felt from the very nature of these new year festivals.

Winter Festivals

What is the best way to enjoy coldest weather? Chinese seem to know that by having their International Snow and Ice Festival. They create houses made up of snow and savor in icy accessories. The Canadians, however, busy themselves with their Winter Carnival. It is an attempt to keep them warm in the face of chilly blows. Venice Carnival is another example of dealing with winter beautifully by commemorating a festival.

Harvest and Other Festivals

Pasola is Indonesian harvest festival that employs the use of spears by opposite teams. They have a fierce competition with each other causing chills to run down the spine! Argungu Fishing expedition is also here to give Nigerians a chance to enjoy seafood. Another festival of great repute is St. Valentine’s Day. It is a day when the lover express their love for each other by sending each other cards, wishes etc. However, the Bolivians pride themselves in Oruro Carnival which is a way to showcase costumes and dances to cherish the season.

Seasonal Festivals of December

Seasonal Festivals of December

Enjoy the delights of December among fun festivals in various parts of the world. The festivals vary in their nature and purpose but the overall aim is similar; to bring unlimited entertainment. So, get ready to have a tour in the region of your choice to participate in amazing December seasonal festivals.

Christmas Festivals

As you know, December is the month in which the birthday of Jesus Christ is celebrated. Therefore, you will find lots of festivals related to Christmas in December. In Germany, around sixty markets are organized especially for this occasion. The markets are full of food, music, stalls and full time excitement. Likewise, the markets for the celebration of Christmas are also set up in Paris. Special delights are arranged for rejoicing the occasion of Christmas. Above all, the festivals are celebrated in all the major parts of the world.

Harvest and Autumn Festivals

As December arrives, the Australians have a big event to celebrate. The festival is National Cherry Festival which is of peculiar importance especially to farmers. The reason is that this time this occasion will be commemorated another festival titled Australian Year of Farmer. So, it will be a huge attraction for the farmers’ community in Australia. At the same time, French celebrate Autumn festival to welcome the coming of a new season. Another festival of interest for the Germans is ChocolART Festival. It is a great delight for the chocolate lovers who can taste chocolates of various sorts here.

Seasonal Festivals of August

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August has numerous seasonal festivals some of which have been described here.

Interesting Sri Lankan and Chinese Festivals

In Sri Lanka, Tooth Festival is celebrated which includes elephant walk along with a religious parade. In China, Seven Sisters Festival is commemorated in which girls perform tasks to impress men. They show off their numerous household skills to capture interested men. Another Chinese festival of interest to people is Hungry Ghost Festival. The people keep themselves in their houses at night to protect themselves from the influence of ghosts.

Colorful Festivals

Right in August, Scottish rejoices Edinburgh International Festival. It is a greatest art festival with a combination of opera, music, dance and theatre. In France, Pig Festival is celebrated to relish the meat of pork. In Argentina, Tango Festival is arranged to give tango dancers a treat. Moreover, the Spanish busy themselves with Tomato-Throwing Festival at this time of the year. As the name indicates, this festival is all about throwing tomatoes at each other.

Unique English and Other Festivals

In August, another festival by the name Burning Man is commemorated in Nevada. Here people flock together to see various sculptures. It is a unique festival that has the aim of promoting a Utopian society. In Bohemia, International Bagpipe Festival is commemorated in August. The festival features famous pipers of Scotland that play tunes of various sorts. The English have Notting Hill Carnival celebrating Caribbean culture at its best. The people are seen wearing colorful costumes and showcasing various cultural displays.

Seasonal Festivals of April

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seasons festivals of april

April is a month in which spring season arrives in most parts of the world. To celebrate the coming of spring, the people busy themselves in interesting festivals. Let us have a look on what types of celebrations the people have throughout the month of April.

New Year Celebrations in Nepal and Sri Lanka

Bisket Jatra is an aspiring Nepali festival that is commemorated in the mid of April. This is a great cultural event that is celebrated as the new year begins in Nepal. The people carry chariots along with them and rejoice the coming of new year with great enthusiasm. It is not only the Nepali that pride themselves in their new year celebrations. The people from Sri Lanka, too, have their new year in April. They name this event as Aurudu and prepare a special meal for themselves.

Famous Mexican and Spanish Seasonal Events

The Mexicans have their Festival of St Mark right in April. What to talk of this great event; it keep attracting the tourists through and through. Although, it started as a small livestock event yet now it has expanded itself to include multiple events. It is a home to famous singers and musicians who entertain the public with their excellent performances. Also, it fosters a beauty pageant attracting millions to this event.  However, the Spanish are pleased to have April Fair this month. It is definitely an occasion to party around with full vigor. You can expect great fun here that will make your day for sure!

Religious Festivals of September

jewish religious festivals-judiasm

Let us have a look on the famous religious festivals that are celebrated in different religions of the world in September.

Hindu festivals

In the month of September, the Hindus commemorate the birth of Lord Ganesh. A huge colorful festival is organized to pay homage to Lord Ganesh. The people gather together to dip the big statue made up of clay representing Lord Ganesh. It is done to ensure that the sins of the mankind are ended as the statue is drowned in water.

Sikh and Christian festivals

The Sikhs celebrate the reading ceremony of Aadh Granth. It is a stone with sculpture that is installed in a temple in India. The festival involves reading the sculptured stone by Sikhs. The Christians commemorate the festivals of Michael and All Angels and Nativity of Virgin Mary during this month.

Jewish festivals

The Jews celebrate their religious festival by the name of Rosh Hashanah. This festival is of special importance because of the fact that the Jews repent for their sins at this time. The people flock together to sincerely ask for forgiveness for all of their bad deeds in the previous year. Another Jewish ceremony that is commemorated in September is Day of Atonement. This day is considered the most holy among Jews. This day also is an event for repentance from sins for all Jews. The people also fast during this day.

Religious Festivals of October

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The people belonging to different religions of the world have interesting and auspicious festivals each year. In October, the followers of different religions have following religious festivals:

Muslim festival

The Muslims all over the world celebrate Eid-ul-Azha in the respective Islamic month comparable to October. The people join together to meet each other and pay Eid greetings to each other. They offer sacrifice of an animal like goat, buffalo or camel to Allah at this occasion. The meat of the sacrificed animal is distributed among the poor. Also a portion of the meat is given to one’s relatives.

Jewish festivals

It is a Jewish festival which is marked by the remembrance of an event. The event is related to the time when the Jews were captured in wilderness. The people build temporary huts and cover the roofs of the huts with leaf branches. Another religious festival called Hoshana Rabbah is also organized in this month. This festival is considered important because it cause the people to get their destinies formed. Simchat Torah, another Jewish festival is commemorated to signify the completion of the reading cycle of Torah.

Hindu festivals

Hindus celebrate Navaratri festival to represent the success of goodness over evil. Durgapuja is also arranged to worship Durga goddess. Another festival known as Dasera is organized to act out the triumph of Rama over Ramyan.

Religious Festivals of November

hindu religious festivals

November is auspicious to have multiple religious occasions for people of different religions. Here some significant religious festivals have been described.

Christian Festivals

Christians celebrate All Saints Day in the month of November to pay homage to all saints. It is recognized that though all of the works of all saints were not known, yet they had a special place. Likewise, All Souls Day is commemorated to make special prayers for the dead. Another Christian festival, St Andrew’s Day is celebrated in this month to pay special tribute to Scottish culture.

Muslim Festivals

The Muslims around the world celebrate the occasion of Holy Pilgrimage in this month. This occasion is commemorated to remember the migration of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to Medina from Mecca. Another religious festival, Ashura is celebrated by Muslims in this month. This day has a big history with Moses getting saved from Egyptions’ grip and Noah’s leaving the Ark. This day, the Muslim sect Shi’ite, mourn over the martyrdom of Hussein with the celebration of a big festival.

Hindu and Buddhist Festivals

The Hindus celebrate Diwali, a colorful festival in this month among their family members and closed ones. The people cherish the story of Sita and Rama during this great Hindu festival. At the same time, the Buddhists commemorate Sangha Day to honor their friendships.

Religious Festivals of March

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march religious festivals

Religious New Year Celebrations

We all know that our year starts with January and ends with December. Well, the same might not be true for all religions! Many religions have their own religious calendars and they celebrate their new year as per their calendar. So, you might not know that March is new year for Hindus and Sikhs. They commemorate the beginning of their new year with as much vigor as we welcome our very own January.

Famous Hindu and Jewish Religious Events

The Hindus have their colorful event of Holi at this month. They spread colors around each other to share their joys. They also used colored water and spray on each other making their clothes hued in various shades. The Jews, however, do not like to play with colors; rather they dress themselves fancily and eat cakes. They do this on their religious festival, Purim which is meant to pay their gratitude to Queen Esther. She is the legendary figure who helped Jews free themselves thus saving their lives.

Noteworthy Christian Festivals

Interestingly, there are big days for many saints of Christian faith in March. Many of these days are devoted to celebrating the culture of some sorts. For instance, St. David Day is intended to rejoice Welsh culture whereas St. Patrick’s Day celebrated Irish culture. The Christians also spend their day in showing their gratitude to nuns on Mothering Sunday. They do this to show their respect for their religious sisters serving in church.

Religious Festivals Occurring in the Month of June

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midsummer eve festival

Religion is the name of a certain pathway which directs the behavior of human beings. There are various religions in the world which have their own set of beliefs and values. Each religion has a series of religious festivals which are celebrated by the followers of a certain faith. Here you will come to know about the famous religious festivals which occur in the month of June. Check out some popular Muslim, Christian and Hindu festivals occurring in June.

Midsummer Eve Christian Festivals

On the start of June, throughout history, Midsummer Eve has been celebrated. It is an occasion which consists of bonfire to pay tribute to dragon and St George. Christians around the world rejoice Trinity Sunday and Corpus Christi in June. Both of the festivals are of significant importance. The former is rejoiced shortly after Pentecost while the latter is celebrated after the arrival of Easter. The Christians also commemorate the Feast Day of Saints Paul and Peter in the month of June.

Muslim Festivals and Hindu Festivals

In June, Muslims celebrate the ascension of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The event is known as Lailat al Mi’raj. The background of the event consists in the holy journey of the Prophet on ‘Buraq’ creature. Likewise, June is of particular importance to Hindus because of a festival called Ratha Yatra. This festival unites Hindu to pay tribute to Krishna. The people flock on roads taking huge chariots with them.

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