Seasonal Festivals of Africa

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african seasonal festivals

African Summer Festivals

African Summer Festival is one of the exciting and long-awaited events. It is in general an adventurous event full of art, music, food and interesting activities. You can have tasty meals there cooked among the beating of drums. You can also witness daring acrobats here to enjoy yourself during the festival. If you are interested in flying kites, why not enjoy this summer with Cape Town International Kite festival? Take your families along to spend a beautiful evening in Cape Town.

African Carnivals and Wine Festivals

If seeking fun at its extreme, Cape Town Minstrel Carnival is absolutely the right choice for you. It is the only festival that covers all sorts of entertainment under one roof. You have no reason to not attend this African seasonal festival. In South Africa, you can have the taste of extremely best-tasted wines at a peculiar event. This festival; Wellington Wine Harvest, is probably the great opportunity for the local dwellers to have good time.

African Floral events

Flora Egypt Fair is definitely a must-visit for flower-lovers. The festival has a huge business value as well. When the people from other countries attend this festival, they look for new opportunities to initiate their businesses. On the whole, it is a treat to view beautiful flowers here. In Mauritius too, an interesting festival is commemorated to entertain African people. Chinese New Year is celebrated here to cherish the New Year.

Religious Festivals of Africa

religious festivals in africa

Festivals from Ghana and Mali

Next in line is Aboakyir Festival which is commemorated in Ghana. This festival is a religious event that has its basis in Sudan Empire. The festival began when two brothers were ordained by a priest to sacrifice a Royal member for God each year. The Festival of Niger is an interesting religious event full of spiritual dance and music. Also, the locals get a chance to present their artistic skills in the form of art and crafts.

Nigerian, Ethiopian and Ivory Coast’s religious festivals

Durbar festival is rejoiced in Nigeria to commemorate the religious ceremonies of Muslims. These ceremonies are the two Eid events by Muslims namely Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha. In Ivory Coast, the people commemorate a night event to drive evil spirits away. This festival, namely Fete du Dipri ends at day after a whole night of trance. Ethiopians cherish their religious festival tour in a dramatic manner in Ethiopia Religious Festival. The people in Ethiopia also commemorate the festival of Christmas and Timket with zeal and zest.

African religious festivals from Morocco and Ethiopia

In Morocco, a religious event for all the religions is commemorated. Here the spiritual music is played to show regard for all the religions of the world. It is named Fes Sacred Music Festival and is a highly visited African religious event. Meskal Festival is commemorated in Ethiopia in memory of the finding of True Cross. The Ethiopians also celebrate another religious event in Axum. It is an event of pilgrimage by thousands of visitors each year.

Food Festivals of Africa

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african food

African food and wine festivals

Taste of Cape Town is one of the best tasted events in Africa. The best of the chefs and restaurants take part in the event to produce excellent cuisines and meals. It is an entertaining event as well full of creative displays of food and drink. To have more fun in food and wine festivals, Africa has much more to offer. Get geared up for Durban Good Food and Wine festival to taste exquisite cuisines. Gauteng Taste of Joburg is another major attraction for excellent foodies stuff. Join Food Wine and Design for a complete package of full-on entertainment in a food festival. If ant some fun at low costs, go for McGregor Food and Wine festival.

African food festivals of fruits

Ficksburg Cherry festival is a number one food event employing cherries. The dishes added in the festival have cherry as the must-have ingredient in them. The good thing about this festival is that it is one of the oldest crop festivals of Africa. There is Strawberry Festival for you too to satisfy your sweet tooth.

African seafood festivals       

If you are looking for yummy seafood dishes, go to Crayfish and Seafood festival. It has fish dishes of numerous varieties for you all collected at one place. Ballito Prawn and Jazz festival is also here for you to taste seafood. You can have prawn dishes of all sort cooked with amazing recipes and great expertise.

Film Festivals of Africa- Diverse Events

african film festivals

Africa has a rich cultural heritage full of interesting sights and sounds. The diverse cultural communities live here. However, all are equally interested in movies. Therefore, you will see interesting film festivals here too. The famous African film festivals are listed below:

Fespaco African Film Festival and Freetown Film Festival

Fespaco African Film Festival is a reputed event with biggest number of attendees. Around 40,000 people participate in this festival in the city of Ouagadougou. If you are looking for a free event of great significance, go to Freetown Film Festival. It is Sierra Leone’s number one film festival that includes movies from this area only. This event has a big role in the promotion of movie industry in Sierra Leone.

Durban Film Festival and Burundi International Festival

South Africa has Durban International Film Festival with around 300 film entries. Cairo Film Festival is organized to honor the film works by Arabs. Due to its significance, Cairo is often pronounced the Hollywood of Middle East too. Burundi International Festival is for the encouragement of film making students. They are motivated by this event that includes their short films for display.

Environmental Film Festival

Another festival of significance is Environmental Film Festival of Accra. Its importance lies in its role in initiating environmental protection campaigns. All of the entries in this festival are related to some environmental issue. It has a strong support for recycling process and every short film has a message for the environment’s safety.

Date Wise Calendar of Festivals of Africa

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Date Wise Calendar of Festivals of Africa


The famous festivals include Cairo International Book Fair, Cape Town Minstrel Carnival, Flora Egypt Fair, Marrakech Marathon, Moroccan Travel Market, South African Cheese Festivals etc.


The Africans commemorate Sahara Marathon, Egypt International Boat Show and Jaisalmer Desert Festival.


The food and varied festivals like Wellington Wine Harvest Festival, Marrakech International Magic Festival and Cape Town Festivals are rejoiced in the advent of spring.


Fashion Week Tunis, Environmental Film Festival of Accra, Maun Festival and Taste of Cape Town are rejoiced in April.


Egypt Yoga Festival, Bushfire Festival and Friendship Fest are all celebrated in Africa in May.


Big Five Marathon in South Africa, Festival of Scared Music in Morocco, FIFA World Cup and Wacky Wine Event are major African attractions for June.


South African National Arts Festival, Luanda Jazz Festival, Knysna Oyster Festival, International Carthage Festival and Farnborough International Air Show are important July events.


International Camel Derby Festival and Mwakakogwa Festivals are important African events of August.


Abuja International Film Festival, Cape Town Comedy Festival,


Solstice at Abu Simbel, Pharaohs Rally, Nairobi Marathon, Kenya International Film Festival and Cape Town International Kite Festival are noteworthy events.


Cairo International Film Festival is a significant event of November.


Marrakech International Film Festival is important African festival of December.

Top Five Film Festivals of Africa

Film Festivals of Africa

The medium of film is quite popular in Africa; this can be judged by the various film festivals held in Africa throughout the year.

Egypt holds the International Film Festival in Cairo. It started in 1976 and is the first film festival in the Middle East. It is a ten day event and takes place in November-December. The aim of this festival is to promote Egyptian cinema abroad and to improve the Arab, Egyptian and African film industry. It also showcases foreign films in Cairo.  It also wishes to encourage co-operation among the film makers of the world. The event gained international recognition in the 90s.

International Film Festival of Marrakech began in Morocco in 2000.The week long event is claimed to be the “African version of the Cannes festival”. It is a glamorous affair and you can see many international stars gracing the red carpet. Local and international films are screened and judged in various categories. The event enjoys the patronage of King Mohammed VI.

Pan African Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou is the biggest film festival of Africa. It is a biennial event held in Ouagoadougou Burkina Faso. It focuses mostly on African films and African film industry and occurs in the end of February. It lasts for a fortnight and aims at developing and expanding the African cinema. The event attracts audience from other continents as well.

Everglades Film Festival is celebrated in Durban, South Africa. This event occurs in October and is growing every year. It features a large number of local entries as well as entries from abroad.

The Zanzibar Film Festival is held in Tanzania in the exotic location of the Stone Town. The event was originally known as the Festival of Dhow Countries and has been around for more than a decade and is the largest film event of East Africa. Besides screening of films there are many other activities which make the event interesting.

Top five music festivals of Africa

Africa was once known as the Dark Continent but if you look closely, you will find that the continent is very much alive and colorful with vibrant festivals and diverse culture. Some music festivals held in Africa are:

Music festivals of Africa

The Festival in the Desert; this three day event is celebrated on Mali on the borders of Timbuktu in the Sahara Desert. It usually takes place in January and is considered to be the remotest musical festival in the world. This event is based on the traditional gatherings of the Tuareg nomads and their celebrations. It is a unique blend of traditional Tuareg music, dance and camel races and at night the desert comes alive with modern music.

Top five music festivals of Africa

The Festival of Niger takes place in early February in Mali and is another colorful fiesta featuring music and dance as well as puppet shows. Celebrated artists from West Africa entertain people with their skills. It is also a way to promote the culture of the place and many food stalls are set up for the convenience of the people. Besides being a music and dance extravaganza, it is also a means to bring together people from all parts of Africa as well as from other parts of the world.

Uganda celebrates the Bayimba International Festival of Music and Arts in September. The venue is the National Theatre in the capital city of Kampala. It is a three day affair of non stop music, fashion shows, exhibitions etc. Live band performances, traditional dance performances and documentaries featuring revolution of music and other forms of arts and also social issues are some salient features of this event.

African Music Festivals

Zanzibar has the Sauti za Busara Music Festival. It is five days of music both traditional and contemporary from all parts of Africa. It is held in February and where seasoned artists charm the audience with their lovely music, it has been a useful stepping stone for upcoming talent. A carnival parade is the highlight of this event.

The Cape Town Jazz Festival has become one of the biggest musical events of Africa.  For two days more than 40 local and international artists perform to captivate the audience. It has been voted the Grandest Event of Africa.

3 Most Popular African Festivals

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3 Most Popular African Festivals3 Most Popular African Festivals

African festivals are among the most famous around the world, and they are held almost everywhere as major portions of other cultural shows. Nonetheless, not many of us are actually aware of the real African festivals apart from what we see on TV. The top three of the most famous would likely be:
•    The National Arts Festival
•    The African Union Film Festival
•    The Fespaco African Film Festival
Two of these three are film festivals, signifying Africa’s passion for rewarding  film-makers and directors from all around the continent.
The National Arts Festival is held annually in South Africa and is one of the biggest African festivals. It brings together arts and culture from around the region under one roof. It’s also important for cultural tourism in South Africa. As for the African Union Film Festival and the Fespaco African Film Festival, both are equally big and famous. The latter is the largest film festival on the continent and lasts for over a week. It is held annually in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. This event normally attracts thousands of visitors. Likewise, the former is a legendary film festival nearly as big as the latter. It is intended to reward the cream of the crop in the film-making industry.