Seasonal Festivals of South America

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seasonal festivals

South America is a land of rich culture and amazing festivals. Every season, the people organize interesting seasonal events here that welcome people from all over the world. Some of the famous South American festivals have been described here.

New Year Eve

New Year Eve is one of the biggest seasonal events that are rejoiced throughout the world. The thing that makes this event memorable in South America is the special indigenous style of the locals. The exciting music, fireworks and delicious cuisines that you will find here would be absolutely matchless. So, do not forget to miss out on this great festival before you plan a trip to South America.

Festival of Sun

Inti Raymi is another great event that gets lots of people each year in the land of Peru. It welcomes enormous number of people that gets to see amazing floats, dances, barbecues and bonfires. It is undoubtedly considered the second largest South American seasonal event. Not only the local and foreigners can cherish the Festival of Sun (Inti Raymi), but for indigenous masses another festival is also there.

Wine Harvest Festival

Mendoza Wine Harvest festival is a big reason to gather local farmers and other people who cherish the season’s harvest. The event is commemorated excitingly with Argentina’s best wine served here along with fireworks in the background.

There are many more fabulous events that are commemorated in South America. In a nutshell, you will be welcomed by great many festivals there whenever you get to visit South America.

Seasonal Festivals of North America

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flower festivals

North America is never short of adventurous events and festivals. The people love to party around and festivals are must-visit events. You can have hell lot of fun by simply visiting the following three famous seasonal events of North America. The description is given below for your information:

Portland Rose Festival

This festival is literally a beautiful place to enjoy yourself of a scented atmosphere. The roses of various sorts can be seen and smelled here. Not only can you find roses of different varieties here, but also you can have good food here. The festival is follweod by grand parades and a long fair is commemorated too.

Summerfest Milwaukee

The advent of summer is met with a beautiful event known as Summerfest. It is basically a musical event with over 700 musical bands participating in the festival. It is also considered one of the largest music festivals of the world. It prolongs for a period of eleven days full of excitement and fun.

Calgary Stampede

It is a grand celebration of the cultural heritage of Calgary, Alberta. An annual stampede is commemorated here with various colorful events. The intermingling of fireworks, musical events and food festivals make this event a desirable one. For music lovers, it is definitely a must-visit occasion because of the arrival of various music icons.

On the whole, the North American festivals are full of entertainment. You can gain a lot through visiting anyone of your interest. So, do not forget to come along with your family there.

Religious Festivals of South America

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south american religious festivals

There are various religious events that are celebrated in South America with great enthusiasm. Many events revolve around meeting with dead souls, exorcising evil spirits or simply performing strange acts. Let me tell you about the great religious events and festivals that are commemorated in South America each year. The famous events from Mexico and Guatemala have been briefly highlighted here.

Great Mexican Festivals

Virgen de la Candelaria is a great occasion for wearing masks and clothes in a religious ceremony. The event is celebrated in Mexico and people can be seen dancing with masked faces. Also, there is a variety of costumes here where people engage themselves in spiritual rituals. Another Mexican event that gets enormous religious gathering is Day of the Dead. Here the people mourn over their losses of their loved ones. They tend to connect with the departed souls on this very day. The ceremony is a beautiful spiritual intermixing of souls.

Guatemala’s Religious Festivals

Burning the Devil Fiesta is an important religious ceremony commemorated in Guatemala. It is meant to help people get rid of devils and evil spirits. They do this by burning effigies representing the devils. Semana Santa is another famous religious ceremony that involves taking a procession to various parts of the city from where it began. Fiesta Santo Tomas, another event of Guatemala is considered a death-defying ceremony. The people with rope tied to their bodies and dance around a 100ft pole.

Religious Festivals of North America- Famous Mexican Events

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north american religious festivals

Religion is a way to live one’s life according to some beliefs and values. It is in fact a spiritual pathway that leads a person toward satisfaction of soul. There are various religious beliefs according to which people from different cultures spend their lives. Festivals are an important element of religion. In various continents of the world, the people celebrate their religious occasions in different ways. Let us shed light on the famous festivals of South Americans. We will briefly describe the religious festivals of Mexico.

Blessing of Animals

It is a unique religious festival of Mexicans. The people take out their cattle and pet animals and bring them to their places of worship. They get blessings for their animals in a church. The priest sprinkle holy water on these animals. The people happily take blessings and take back their pet home.

Lord of Column

It is a great religious occasion with a big procession going from Atotonilco. In the procession, the people are supposed to put their hands beneath shoulders. Everyone passes through the procession in a solemn state. The procession carries along with it a giant statue representing Jesus Christ. The procession travels at the distance of 13 km from the actual venue.

Fiesta de los Locos

This religious ceremony is commemorated in June. The event involves a display of beautiful costumes with people and animals. The festival includes taking a walk with the important political figures. The event is commemorated in the form of a parade that passes through the streets.

Food Festivals of South America

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festivals of food in south america

Who is not interested in having a good meal? Of course, everyone has a flair for eating delicious cuisines. Well, for some of you it would mean heaven, am I right? So, let us now talk about some interesting food festivals here. I will shed light on some famous South American festivals for your information. I hope you would like to become a part of one of them. So, here you go!

Great Wine Festivals

For wine lovers, South America is definitely a treat to visit. You can go to Argentina’s most famous festival named Mendoza Wine Harvest festival. The festival is a home to crazy wine lovers who gets to taste the tastiest wines ever. It is not only an event for tasting wines, but you can have the hell of fun here. You will be given the chance to enjoy yourself of great music and delicious cuisines. After Mendoza, Chile has a huge wine festival for you. Fiesta del Vino is a grand event that sells country’s finest wines to participants of the festival.

Amazing Culinary Events

Mistura is a famous food event of Peru that is probably the largest festival in the country. The festival welcomes thousands of visitors each year to get lectures, demonstrations and guidance on various food items. It is hosted by the most famous chefs of the country. In Bolivia, the people commemorate the harvest of Achachairu. It is a special fruit that is either eaten raw or presented in the form of juice or jam.

Food Festivals of North America- Famous Food Events

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North American Food FestivalsNorth America is famous for its exquisite food and drink events that catch the attention of millions of people. Here and there you will see people enjoying themselves of tasty meals and delicious wines. The North American festivals in the lead have been briefly reviewed here. You can make the decision of attending some of these important events this year.

Gilroy Garlic Festival and Niagara Icewine Festival

For garlic-lovers, North America has got an amazing festival; Gilroy Garlic Festival. In this event, the people are given the opportunity to have all the meals cooked with garlic as the main ingredient. You can have not only garlic snacks and fried items, but ice creams made with pure garlic too. If you want to have great wine instead of having a yummy garlic snack, here is good news for you. At Niagara Icewine festival, you get a chance to taste the world’s best tasted wines.

Taste of Chicago and National Buffalo Wing Festival

If you are going to Chicago this year, think of attending Taste of Chicago Festival. This event brings together all the elements of delicious food to create awesome dishes. If, however, you are looking for more excitement and fun, think about National Buffalo Wing Festival. This event not only is a great event of offering you good-tasted meals, but a competition is also held here. One person is made the winner of the festival who gets to eat the most dishes.

Food Festivals of February- Famous Events in USA

american food festivals

Everyone wants to have a good meal each day. Well, it becomes quite boring to have a regular meal on same day. To end this boredom and add spice to your life, people organize food events. In the month of February, the most of the food festivals are commemorated in US. It seems that the people from USA have much to do in February. Let us review these mouth-watering food events quickly.

Beer and Wine Festivals

Get ready for the excellent beer events all of the beer-lovers! USA has got amazing festivals which make sure you do not miss out on anything. Bands, Brew and BBQ is an exciting event in Florida. The people get to taste fine beers along with yummy BBQ dishes. Same goes for the wine events that keep you stick to refined wines. Naples Winter Wine Festival is an event of interest that brings the finest wines at one place.

Festivals for Sweet Teeth Lot

Carolina Chocolate Festival, Chocolate Lovers Festival and Florida Strawberry Festivals are all treats for sweet-lovers. They make you love the delicious sweet dishes while you have them in your mouth. You just cannot stop yourself from putting that yummy chocolate pie in your mouth!

Seafood Events

For seafood lovers, we have got interesting events like Everglades Seafood Festival and Ice Fishing Derby Festival. They make sure you have the best of dishes cooked with great fish and sea animals. So, what are you waiting for?

Film Festivals of South America

film festivals in south america

The film festivals are manifestations of healthy cultural activities that occur in one region. The movies teach us many lessons that cannot be learned otherwise. Like a story of a novel, the movie does have a storyline or a script on which it is based. The movies are showcased in cinemas for public viewership or can be accessed via CDs at home. However, sometimes film festivals are arranged that take out the best of movies and showcase them to public. Each country or region has a peculiar style of organizing their famous film festivals. We will briefly mention here some South American film festivals along with brief descriptions of each.

Argentina celebrates its Cordoba International Festival that includes all sorts of animation movies in the event. It is really a great experience being a part of this event with interesting animation movies showcased all the way. There is another film festival of Argentina that is named International Film School Festival. It only receives short movies with a length of hardly fifteen minutes or so. Similarly, Brazil has International Fantastic Film Festival with certain bizarre and humorous movies.

In addition to the events mentioned above, here are some more interesting festivals as well. These events include Columbia’s Cartagina International film festival and International Image festival. Also, the other movie events of interest are Uruguay’s Winter Film Festival, International Film School and Children’s film festival. You can take part in any of these events to make your day!

Film Festivals of North America

north american film festials

Let us have a look at the famous North American film festivals. Here the festivals which we will describe would be related to documentary movies only. You would like to participate in these film festivals to have a great entertaining day.

Big Sky Film Festival and DOXA Documentary Film Festival

The first one that is the most famous film festival from North America is Big Sky film festival. This documentary festival includes nonfiction movies in it. It is, no doubt, a big venture that is commemorated at an international level. Also, classic and contemporary movie genre gets opportunity to be showcased here. However, DOXA festival is famous for showcasing only the outstanding documentaries out of the lot.

Full Frame Film Festival and Iowa City Film Festival

It is one of the best documentary film festivals of America. It also showcases nonfiction movies in this film event. It receives a multitude of people on annual basis. For a change, you can also opt for Iowa City Film festival. The movies that are showcased in this festivals span less than a hour. There is no charge for getting one’s documentaries displayed here.

Sundance Film Festival and SILVERDOCS

It is undoubtedly one of the most popular film festivals of the world. At Sundance Film Festival, the big Hollywood movies are showcased in the month of January. Another documentary festival of North America is SILVERDOCS. It gives people of all sorts a golden opportunity to showcase their work publicly.

Date Wise Calendar of Festivals of South America

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south american festival

I have mentioned here a brief description of the festivals that are commemorated in South America. You can go to any event that interests you in South America. However, you need to get prior information about these events before leaving for South America. Let us now talk about the important festivals and noteworthy events that get thousands of visitors each year. So, here is the list:


The important South American festival that is rejoiced in January is Fiesta de la Santa Tierra. However, the famous festivals of February are Carnaval, Virgen de la Candelaria and Festival de la Cancion. In March, the South Americans enjoy themselves of the great events like Wine Harvest Festival of Argentina and Iberamerican Film Festival of Columbia.


The famous April festivals are Caracas International Theater Festival and Semana Santa. In May, the noteworthy event is Fiesta de la Cruz with June’s Inti Raymi and Corpus Christi as important events.


In July, Fiestas Patrias is commemorated in Peru. The famous August festivals are Feria de las Flores and World Tango Championship. However, Virgen del Valle is rejoiced in the month of September with zeal and zest.


Lord of the Miracles is a significant event of October for South Americans. However, in November, the most famous festivals are All Soul’s Day and Independence Day of Ecuador. The significant December festivals are Santuranticuy Festival, New Year Eve and Ferias de Cali.

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