Seasonal Festivals of Asia

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asian seasonal festivals

Seasonal Festivals in Thailand and Burma

As the new season arrives, the people living in various regions of Asia organize various interesting seasonal festivals. One of the most famous seasonal festivals is Songkran Water Fight festival that is rejoiced in Thailand. Here, the people throw water party and welcome the arrival of New Year. Another festival to welcome the arrival of new year is Thingyan. It is celebrated in Burma and consists of a water fight that continues for a period of four days.

Seasonal Festivals in China

Similarly, another seasonal festival is Ice and Snow festival that is commemorated in China. It is rejoiced when snow comes in a part of China converting the town into an Iceland. The Chinese are not only content with celebration of an ice festival, but they also rejoice Mid Autumn Festival. It is celebrated at the arrival of autumn season with music and dance. Also, tasty delights are prepared to cherish the autumn season.

Few Other Seasonal Festivals

The list of seasonal festivals of Asia does not end here. There are some other seasonal festivals of interest for Asians too. For instance, A Full Moon Party is thrown in Thailand where around 30,000 people gather to commemorate the event. Boryeong Festival in Korea, Festival of Ages in Japan and few others Asian festivals are also of great interest to thousands of people. Do enjoy yourself of these exciting festivals to get a refreshing taste of the new season.

Religious Festivals of Asia

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asian religious festivals

Asia is a home to almost all of the major religions of the world. Due to this religious variability and diversity, lots of big religious festivals are commemorated here each year. Some of the most important religious festivals of Asia have been enlisted here:

Holi Festival

Indians celebrate their most famous religious festival; Holi in beginning of the year. This festival is significant because of its special ritual of spreading colors on others. People participate in a color fight and spread color on each other’s clothes and face.

Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha

Muslims in Asia celebrate two big religious festivals of Eid. Eid-ul-Fitr Festival is rejoiced after the end of the month of Ramzan. The people relish sweet dishes to enjoy the occasion of Eid among their friends and relatives. The festival of Eid-ul-Azha, however, is commemorated after the occasion of Haj in Islamic month of Zil-Haj. In this religious festival, Muslims offer sacrifice of animals and distribute the meat among others. The animals like goat, cow, buffalo, camel etc are sacrificed on this holy event. The meat is given among poor and one’s relatives.


The festival of Christmas is also one of the famous Asian religious festivals. Christians celebrate this festival by decorating Christmas trees and passing time with Santa Claus. Santa is an old bearded man who comes to distribute gifts among children. The people sing Christmas songs on this occasion to commemorate this colorful festival.

In addition to these festivals, lots of other religious events are also organized in Asia.

Food Festivals of Asia

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Moon festival

Who among us does not like to have good food? Of course, no one minds having a delicious meal. Sometimes, it is not enough to go about an ordinary routine meal. You need a day or a night out with your friends to savor tasty cuisines. The food festivals give you a golden chance to make it possible. In Asia, several types of food festivals are organized to give visitors delicious meals. Moreover, some also provide useful and interesting information about food.

Moon Festival is one such festival that is rejoiced at the advent of Autumn. The Chinese people cook moon cakes, a special dish for the occasion to celebrate Moon Festival. Another food festival of interest is commemorated in Singapore with the name Singapore Food Festival. It is a special type of seafood festival with abundance of fish meals. Up to fifty seafood stalls are set up for you to relish the savory dishes.

For wine and beer lovers, there are some really interesting drink festivals as well. Marco Polo German Bierfest is an important beer festival of Hong Kong. India International Wine and Food Festival is another treat for wine lovers. Here several wine experts give information about best tasted wines and food. This festival is also a big opportunity for food manufacturers to market their food products and services nationwide. Malaysian International Gourmet Festival is another interesting food festival with extraordinary appeal for food-lovers across the world. Catch up with this festival in Malaysia to relish outstanding meals.

Film Festivals of Asia

indian film festitval

If you are highly interested in watching movies, you can enjoy film festivals that occur each year. In Asia, there is no dearth of movie lovers and as such film festivals are organized in abundance as well. Let us talk about some famous Asian film festivals one by one along with a brief description of each.

Indian Film Festivals

India is a home to millions of movie lovers who worship their film actors like idols. Chennai International Film Festival is one such festival that is commemorated in India keeping in view the public’s interest in movies. The people are given a chance to participate in a festival that showcases movies from 45 countries of the world. These movies are presented for display and the best among them are chosen and rewarded. Likewise, Kolkata Film Festival is celebrated in India to satisfy the thirst of those obsessed with movies.

Nepali and Bangkok Film Festivals

This festival is a great event for fans of movies in Nepal. It is commemorated in the month of December and the focus is on mountain culture. The movies are manifested to bring the lifestyle and habits of mountain people for public display. Bangkok Film Festival is another famous Asian film festival that arranges a competition among different movies. The purpose of this festival is to highlight the role of movies for the people of Bangkok.

Besides these festivals mentioned above, there are Kuala Lumpur Co Film Festival, Cinemanila International Film Festival and few others too.

Top five film festivals of Asia

Film festivals of Asia

Cinema is a powerful medium in Asia as well. Different countries hold film festivals in Asia which bring together filmmakers from all over the globe.

The Dubai International Film Festival has gained instant recognition in a short span of time. It is known for its glitz and glamour and provides a platform to the films from the Middle East, Asia and Africa. This year 157 entries from 57 countries competed for prestigious wards. Arab cinema has a long way to go and events such as these provide a springboard to the new talent.

Pakistan hosts the Kara Film Festival; the event is held every year in Karachi and is recognized internationally. It is held in December and has quickly gained the reputation of being one of the prestigious events of the region and is attended by well known local and foreign film makers. The event is organized to promote quality film production in Pakistan and to encourage the new talent. Films are screened and then a question answer session with the directors and casts are held. Commercial as well as experimental movies are shown and judged accordingly.

Pusan International Film Festival is held in Korea. Though it is an international event, it focuses primarily on new films and debut projects. It is organized to promote young talent and has a huge fan following especially young fans. It is known as Asia’s largest film festival and last year it screened 308 films from 67 countries. Korean stars and international stars attend this prestigious event.

India has one of the biggest film industries in the world and is a home to many film events; the International Film Festival India (IFFI) being one of them. IFFI is often called “India’s Cannes” and is a 10 day gala of unlimited fun and entertainment. Besides Indian films, works of directors from Latin America, Asia and Asia are also screened. The lucky winners are awarded gold and silver peacocks and cash prizes.

Top five music festivals of Asia

The continent of Asia is the home to many ancient civilizations. If the westerners were attracted to Asia because of its treasures, its rich music and diverse culture simply mesmerized them. Many music festivals are held in Asia; some of which are as follows

Music festivals of Asia

Borneo the enchanting island hosts the Rainforest World Music Festival which features world famous artists from all over the world. While the days are filled with mini concerts, jamming sessions and lectures, the evenings fill the air with music. One can’t but help dance to the tunes foreign to the mind but familiar to the soul. You will be entertained by soul stirring music to foot tapping tunes to music that will rock you.

Top five music festivals of Asia

Seoul World DJ Festival is a musical event held in South Korea every year in May. The event started off in a bid to promote tourism but got a lot of positive response especially from foreign students and expatriates. It is now three days of dance party and live music. The Seoul World DJ Festival pulls a big crowd.

The Beijing Pop Festival started in 2004 but has gained immense popularity in relatively short period of time. It started off as a hobby and encouraged local bands to participate and now it features pop groups from other continents as well.

The Jaffna Music Festival provides a platform to exhibit the colorful culture of Sri Lanka, a country known for its rich traditions. The event takes place in the end of March and showcases traditional folk music and graceful dance performances from various areas of the island. Besides local Sri Lankan music, performances from India, Norway, Palestine, Nepal and South Africa also entertain the people.

For a whole month (mid December to mid January) music lovers are entertained by a myriad of musical performances and dances in the Madras Music Season held in India. There are over 1500 performances from veteran musicians to the artists from present day generation besides lectures and seminars on music.

Its Basant..!!

basant-01Basant or the kite flying festival is celebrated in Lahore in early March to mark the advent of the spring season. It has nothing to do with religion and is not new to the area either. For centuries this has been a ritual to welcome spring.

Basant is mostly celebrated in Lahore with much pomp and show and vigor than in any other part of the Pakistan. It would not be wrong to say that basant is truly celebrated in Lahore only. People from adjoining cities go to Lahore to take part in the festivities The Basant fever catches up from the month of February. The skilled kite makers prepare colorful kites and strings. People buy lots of kites to take part in the festival. Yellow is the dominant color and ladies, get special clothes stitched for this occasion.

basant-02On Basant day, people gather on the rooftops to fly kites. Kite flying competitions are held, the air is thick with tension and drummers beat drums to encourage the kite fliers. The cries of “Bo kata” fill the air whenever a kite goes down. Special dishes are prepared for the occasion and kite flying continues well after dark. At night dinners, musical concerts and plain old family gatherings complete the day.

Some Islamic fundamentalists term basant as non-Islamic, however, for a lively Lahorite, it is a form of entertainment and a healthy activity.



Diwali is a very significant day for Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs. It celebrates the home coming of Rama, who was the seventh avatar of Vishnu and the legendary king of Ayodhya, after his exile in the forest for 14 years. It also celebrates Rama’s victory over Ravana, the evil king of Lanka that, as legend has it, was a brute who kidnapped Rama’s wife, Sita. Diwali is such an important day that it is recognized as an official holiday in India.
The legend states that the good people of Ayodhya, welcomed Rama home by lighting long rows of lamps. This is where Diwali gets its other name, “the Festival of Lights”, from. Diwali is derived from the two words “avail”, meaning rows, and “dipa” or “divas” meaning lamps. These lamps are lit to signify the victory of good over evil, especially within a person.
Diwali also has other significance for other religions. For example, in South India, Diwali represents the victory of Krishna over Narakasura, and in the religion of Jainism, Diwali represents Mahavira’s attainment of nirvana. The Sikhs celebrate the release of Guru Har Gobind Ji who had been held captive by the Emperor Jahangir. The Guru was welcomed home with candles.
There are many beautiful festivals around the world that celebrate Diwali. It is really a pleasure to watch, or even take part in, these wonderful traditions. Some of these celebrations have become famous in non-traditional areas. You can now celebrate Diwali as far away as such places as: Australia, Singapore, South Africa and even Trinidad and Tobago. It is truly an international celebration.

Two Most Colorful Festivals

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Two Most Colorful Festivals

Two of the most colorful festivals in the world are the Sinulog Festival celebrated in the Philippines and the Sankranthi Festival in South India.
The Sinulog Festival in the Philippines is celebrated the third Sunday of the month of January every year. It is one of the grandest festivals in the Philippines, wherein people can dance joyously and in colorful ways. This festival gives honor to the patron saint of Cebu, the Santo Niño. Festivities are  comprised of dance rituals and ceremonies that recall the time when the religion of Christianity was embraced by the Filipinos. Apart from the dance rituals and ceremonies, the festival also features colorful displays of street dancing. Participants in the festival wear costumes of bright colors as they dance to the music of drums, native gongs, and trumpets.

Two Most Colorful Festivals

The Sankranthi or Pongal is a famous and colorful festival in South India. It takes place in the middle of January every year. It is a 4-day celebration that is popular among farmers who harvest and enjoy their crops. The first day of celebration is known as the “Bhogi”; the second day is called the “Sankranthi”; and the third day is the “Kanuma”. A month before the festival, women decorate their front porches with attractive floral designs known as the “muggulu”. A display of various toys and dolls is also seen during the time of the festival. It is known as the “bommal koluvu”. Since Sankranthi is one of the most colorful festivals in all of India, people celebrate it with plenty of fun, galore, zest, and enthusiasm.

Two Most Colorful Festivals

Five Important Asian Festivals

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Five Important Asian Festivals

Asian people love festivals of different sizes and shapes, be it sports, cultural, arts, or religious centered. They are also fond of gatherings that allow them to enjoy the company of other with delightful entertainment and more. Five of the most important Asian festivals celebrated across the globe are the Songkran of Thailand, the Dragon Boat Races of Laos, the That Luang Festival of Laos, the Chinese New Year in Singapore, and the Thaipusam in Singapore and Malaysia.
The Songkran Festival in Thailand is celebrated every April. In this festival, Thais hail the New Year as referenced on their calendar. Since April is a hot season, Thais celebrate the festival with buckets of ice water and water guns out in the streets. For more enjoyment, the water guns are sometimes mixed with talcum powder.

Five Important Asian Festivals

Five Important Asian Festivals

To celebrate an end of the Lenten season of Buddhists, dragon boat races are organized in the riverside towns of Laos. Apart from the exciting races, a tiny carnival with man-made rides is

installed  as well as common platform games of skills.
Early in November, thousands of Buddhist factions converge on a spectacular festival at the That Luang Temple in Vientiane, Laos. The Buddhist factions come from different regions in the country and neighboring countries as well. The That Luang Festival feature flower processions and alms-giving rituals. A carnival is also present during the festival days.
The Chinese New Year Festival in Singapore is a three-day celebration complete with fireworks, dragon dances, and parades. It is held sometime at the last week of January or at the start of February.The Hindus celebrate the Thaipusam Festival where people give appreciation for their answered prayers by carrying “kayadis”. They attach large steel racks on their bodies and pierce their skin with spears. Using sharp hooks, fruits are dangled from the skin as the cheeks are pierced.

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