Seasonal Festivals of Europe

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european seasonal festivals

The continent of Europe is full of interesting sights and sounds. You can have everything you want in Europe, not to name means of entertainment. In entertainment, the festivals come at the first that have a big role to play there. Let us talk about some of the most interesting and famous European festivals. I hope you will find many of them eye-openers as well.

Throwing Festivals

Let me tell you about some of the festivals that involve throwing objects at people. Don’t get scared; the objects are simple eatables like oranges and tomatoes. I am talking about two separate festivals here. One is Spanish festival La Tomatina that involves throwing loads of tomatoes on the participants. Well, another festival is related to throwing oranges to people. It is commemorated in Italy and the event is named Battle of Oranges.

Racing Events

Europe is not short of extreme sport events that include animals in the festivals. One such event is Running of Bulls, a Spanish festival that gets thousands of visitors annually. It is extremely exciting as well as risky event too. The people run while they are chased away by roaring bulls. Well, another such event is Italian festival Palio that includes horses in the race. The horse riders come along with their horses and take lead in the event.

The festivals described above are the ones that represent the culture of few European countries. You can visit these festivals and enjoy the taste of excitement at its peak there.

Religious Festivals of Europe

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european religious festivals

In Europe, the majority of people living there belong to Christianity. However, some other religions also exist in Europe as well but in small ratios. One of the biggest religious festivals of Europe is Christmas. It is an event that is commemorated simultaneously at different parts of Europe. However, some other festivals that are celebrated with much vigor in Europe are St. Valentine’s day, St. David Day, St. Piran Day etc.

Baptism and Easter

Several festivals that are commemorated in Europe include Baptism and Easter. The former is celebrated to let somebody become a part of Christian community through a holy water-sprinkling ceremony. However, the latter is more related to offering gratitude to Christ by a series of fasting for forty days. Also, the people in Europe celebrate baby jumping festival that is believed to purge the children of sins. They do this in order to drive the evil spirits out of them through this apparently eccentric act.

Halloween and some others

A European religious festival that is pretty interesting is Halloween. It has a religious basis and is rejoiced by wearing scary dresses and having unique meals. Audience with the Pope is another well-known festival rejoiced in Vatican City. The people gather to pay their salutations to Pope here. Europeans are also good at enjoying themselves with a festival of Virgin of Carmen. The people go on a boat displaying the image of Virgin del Carmen. Procession of Holy Blood is another event that helps people group together to participate in a long religious ceremony.

Food Festivals of Europe- Interesting Events

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european food festivals

Nowadays, food has become much of an entertainment for people. Now everyone wants to have fun in their life and one of the ways to do so is to relish good food. So is there anyone interested in catching up one of the Europe’s best food festivals? Let me share with you brief description of the most famous European food festivals.

Merano Wine Festival and Maifest Festival

You will never find Europeans getting rid of their obsession with wine. You are going to have great fun this year with Italy’s Merano Wine Festival. This event is of great interest to public because of the tasty meals and special wines here. Maifest, a German festival is also there to give treat to your taste buds. You are going to have great time enjoying this food festival in spring season.

Nantwich Food Festival and Ludlow Marches Festival

This year the dwellers of UK are going to have a lot of fun. They have an awesome festival to rejoice that has colorful and delicious dishes for everyone. Even, your children are going to love Nantwich Festival. So bring your family here and savor the taste of local cuisines with a sip of wine. UK has another great food event for food lovers too. Ludlow Marches festival is famous because of its rare collection of dishes and food items. So, get an entry ticket to one of these food events now.

Film Festivals of Europe- Top 3 Events

film festivals in europe

Films are representative of a country’s culture and its people. That is why, people all over the world look forward to movies to know something about them. Each movie has a lesson to give to the people and therefore is of great worth for some people. Let me describe here few of the most interesting and most visited European film festivals for you. I hope you would love to visit any one of them on your next tour to Europe.

Venice Film Festival

Venice film festival is considered the oldest movie event of the world. This festival is famous because of the surrounding area that is replete with beautiful sights and sounds. You are definitely going to love the venue of Venice film festival. So pack your bags and get ready to enjoy this prestigious event.

Cannes Film Festival

If you want to have fun overlooking the onset and arrival of big celebrities and guests, go for Cannes film festival. This event is a special treat for those related to film industry. You as unrelated to film industry can enjoy walking side by the red carpet while relishing a glass of wine.

Berlin Film Festival

Berlin international film event catches the attention of millions of movie lovers each year. The specialty of this event is that the movies are showcased at various public places. You can enjoy movies related to any genre here. So get geared up for having full-time fun at Berlin Film Festival.

Date Wise Calendar of Festivals of Europe

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calender of european festivals

European Festivals from January till April

In January, few Europeans celebrate Battle of Oranges in Italy while the rest of them busy themselves in France’s World Cuisine Contest. Spanish have great time enjoying their Bread and Butter Barcelona event as well. In February, we Greeks pride themselves in Athens Wine Festival whereas Germans are busy in Fastnacht Carnival. In March, the noteworthy events are Korea film festival, London Australian film festival and Madrid Night of Theatres. The month of April brings feasts and events like OneFest, Oxford Cambridge Boat Race and Photoforum.

Festivals from May till August

May starts with a mouth-watering Cheese Rolling event in England with Spanish Baby Jumping Festival, Birmingham Pride and few others. The famous June festivals in Europe are Calcio Storico, Glastonbury Festival and Battle of Wine. Love Parade in Germany, Running of Bulls in Spain and Tour de France are famous events of July. However, in August the Europeans relish La Tomatina in Spain, Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland and Notting Hill Carnival in England.

Festivals from September till December

Art Moscow (Russia), Athens Fashion Week (Greece), Beethovenfest Bunn (Germany) and Bestival (England) are famous September European events. However, the most famous event of October is the German festival Oktoberfest. Well, Art November, Berlin Jazz Festival are reputed events of November. The last month of the year brings festivals like Hogmanay, Burning the Clocks and Christmas.

Top five film festivals of Europe

Film festivals of Europe

Europe has always been the centre of music and arts. Performing arts are held in high esteem and various European nations hold festivals to commemorate and honor the efforts of those involved in the process of film making. Major European film events are:

The Sofia Film Festival is held every year in March in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is one of the mega film events of Europe and brings international cinema to Bulgaria and introduces the world to Bulgarian cinema. The festival brings together film personalities, journalists and cinemagoers in an extravaganza that lasts three days. The event aims at promoting ties between local and international film makers. Awards are given in various categories.

An interesting film event called the Bollywood Film Festival is featured annually in Prague the Czech Republic capital. Czech audience is enamored by the colorful song dance interpretation of emotional stories of Indian movies. The event takes place in October and lasts for six days and films both modern and hits of yesteryears are featured in the event.

In March every year Creteil in France holds the Creteil International Women’s Film Festival where the works of women directors are screened. The festival was established in 1979 to encourage women directors who at that time were   finding it hard to get their films distributed. The event also focuses on new talent and 50 unreleased films compete for prestigious awards. The event is open for women directors from all over the world.

Horror films, thrillers and science fiction movies are watched and enjoyed by people the world over and in May –June, Rome honors these movies which made you sit on the edges of the seats in the Fanafestival. The movies are screened in the Nuovo Cinema Aquila and awards are distributed in various categories.

Comedy films are enjoyed by all and sundry and to recognize the talents of those involved in making comedy films, Comedy Cluj an International film festival is organized every year in October in Romania. Awards are given for the Best Feature Film and Public’s Choice.

Top five musical festivals of Europe

Musical festivals of Europe

The Rosklide Music Festival is one of the five major musical events of Europe. It takes place every summer in Rockslide, Denmark. It is a great outdoor event; colorful and entertaining. The event started in 1971 for hippies and now and is now a big extravaganza featuring every genre of music. There are color coded stages with Orange Stage being the center stage. More than 180 bands entertain music lovers for four days.

Iceland Airways Festival is held for five days starting from the third weekend of October in Reykjavik, Iceland. The Iceland Airways provides a platform for new music from Iceland and other countries and besides musicians, it is attended by many people from the music industry and journalists.

The Sonar Festival takes place in Barcelona Spain. This three day affair which takes place in the third week of June is divided into two categories; Sonar by Day and Sonar by Night. The Museum of Modern Art and The Center of Contemporary Culture serve as the venues for Sonar by Day. Sonar by Day is about DJs, Live concerts, multimedia art and modern cinema. Sonar by Night is when you get the real action. The big names in the world of electronic music both local and international enthrall the mammoth crowd gathered at the venue. The venue is situated away from the main city and is quite huge around 10,000 meters of open as well as covered space.

The annual Spring Music Festival is held in May in Gratz in Austria. This funfair of electronic art and music turns the peaceful town of Gratz into one big party. It is the biggest musical event in Gratz and besides some electrifying music to enchant the crowd; workshops for VJs are also held.

Another summer musical festival of Europe worth mentioning is the EXIT festival. It is held in Serbia. The aim of this musical gala was to provide entertainment to the youth who had suffered much due to the political turmoil. This event now draws huge crowds from all over Europe.

Three Most Interesting Film Festivals

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Three Most Interesting Film Festivals

Film festivals are cinematic festivals held annually in many countries. It features different independent films that focus on a specific subject or genre. Three of the most interesting film festivals in the world are the New York International Independent & Video Festival (NYIIFVF), the Rome International Film Festival, and the Cannes Film Festival.

Three Most Interesting Film Festivals

Apart from being interesting, the New York International Independent & Video Festival is also the largest film festival in the world. It was founded in 1993 and quickly gained recognition as the leader of film festivals in the film entertainment industry as well as in the independent festival track. Over the years during the month of July, the festival has hosted many music, arts, and film events in New York and Los Angeles.

Three Most Interesting Film Festivals

Another interesting film festival in the world is the Rome International Film Festival, which works to feature filmmakers and films worldwide. The festival is managed by a non-profit organization with a mission of sharing the art of independent films. It usually takes place during the month of

Three Most Interesting Film Festivals

For more than 60 years, the Cannes Film Festival has been a standard in the industry of films. It is not only an interesting festival to participate in but also the most famous in the world. This festival often plays a significant role in defining cinematic arts and promoting new talents. It is held during the month of May every year.

Top Three April Festivals in Europe

top-three-april-festivals-in-europeTop Three April Festivals in Europe
Europe is not a place especially known for large scale festivals in April, apart from public celebrations of the Holy Week and the Crucifixion leading to Easter. There are plenty of national events in some countriesthough. Among them are:The Gloucestershire Cheltenham International Jazz Festival in EnglandThe La Feria de Abril in SpainThe Amsterdam Orange Festival in Holland
Most of such events are very traditional and conventional, although visitors from all around the world are welcomed at the larger scale ones. The Gloucestershire Cheltenham International Jazz Festival, held annually around 28 April to 4 May in Cotswold location, is UK’s top jazz festival. The La Feria de Abril in Spain is another annual festival. It is held in Seville. This festival is among the largest in the country and the best in Seville. It offers traditional dress parades, dancing and lively day and night parties throughout the final week of April and the first week of May. The Amsterdam Orange Festival in Holland is one of the most unique festivals in Europe. It is shaped for the fans of the color Orange, beer and dope. Among the scores of other events in the country, it’s  a very large festival spanning almost a week with a massive street and canal-boat dance party.

3 Most Famous Blueberry Festivals in Europe and America


3 Most Famous Blueberry Festivals in Europe and America

Blueberry festivals are very rare, but they can also be very popular when they come around. There are a number of such large-scale festivals in Europe and America, although none seem to have a consistency in dates at this time. Three of the most famous blueberry festivals around the continents would include:The Annual Blueberry Festival in Kentucky (America)The National Blueberry Festival in Michigan (America)The Scandinavian Blueberry Festival in Norway (Europe)
Two of the above three are from America, but that doesn’t imply that such festivals are not in favor in Europe. In fact, blueberry festivals are among the most important in the UK. The Annual Blueberry Festival in Kentucky is one of the most famous in US. It is held annually at Edmonton, Kentucky in June. The National Blueberry Festival in Michigan is a national-level blueberry festival as the name suggests. It is held in South Haven in Michigan, a place locally known as the ‘Blueberry Capitol of the World’. The Scandinavian Blueberry Festival is one of the most renowned in Europe. It is held annually in Norway towards the end of August. This blueberry festival is quite new and low-profiled, but its presence in the online world is extensive nonetheless.

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