Religious Festivals of Europe

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european religious festivals

In Europe, the majority of people living there belong to Christianity. However, some other religions also exist in Europe as well but in small ratios. One of the biggest religious festivals of Europe is Christmas. It is an event that is commemorated simultaneously at different parts of Europe. However, some other festivals that are celebrated with much vigor in Europe are St. Valentine’s day, St. David Day, St. Piran Day etc.

Baptism and Easter

Several festivals that are commemorated in Europe include Baptism and Easter. The former is celebrated to let somebody become a part of Christian community through a holy water-sprinkling ceremony. However, the latter is more related to offering gratitude to Christ by a series of fasting for forty days. Also, the people in Europe celebrate baby jumping festival that is believed to purge the children of sins. They do this in order to drive the evil spirits out of them through this apparently eccentric act.

Halloween and some others

A European religious festival that is pretty interesting is Halloween. It has a religious basis and is rejoiced by wearing scary dresses and having unique meals. Audience with the Pope is another well-known festival rejoiced in Vatican City. The people gather to pay their salutations to Pope here. Europeans are also good at enjoying themselves with a festival of Virgin of Carmen. The people go on a boat displaying the image of Virgin del Carmen. Procession of Holy Blood is another event that helps people group together to participate in a long religious ceremony.

Religious Festivals of Australia

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shavuot celebration

The list of the number of festivals commemorated in Australia is definitely exhaustive. However, we have tried to put together the information of some famous religious festivals of Australia. Being a diverse multicultural society, Australians rejoices religious festivals of various sorts. These festivals include religious festivals for Christians, Jews, Muslims and Hindus.

Christian and Jewish Festivals

One of the major Christian festival celebrated in Australia is Christmas. It is commemorated with great zeal and zest along with other religious events like Nativity of Christ, St. David day, St Patrick’s Day, Good Friday, Easter and so on. Next in line come Jews festivals that include Purim, Pesach, Remembrance day, Shavuot, Day of Atonement etc. All of these festivals plus many others are enthusiastically celebrated in Australia.

Hindus and Sikh Festivals

Not only Christian and Jewish festivals are commemorated in Australia but there are few festivals for Hindus and Sikhs as well. For instance, Hindus commemorate the festival of Holi and Rakhsa Bandhan. The former festival marks the commemoration of the victory of goodness over evil whereas the latter attempts to strengthen the relationship of brother and sister. However, the Sikh community in Australia celebrates the birthday of Guru Nanak and other religious Sikh personalities with great enthusiasm.

Muslim Festivals

The Muslims living in Australia have two major Islamic festivals to celebrate; Eid-ul-Fitar and Eid-ul-Azha. The former is commemorated soon after Ramzan whereas the latter is celebrated after the event of Haj.

On the whole, in Australia the religious festivals of all sorts are rejoiced with great vigor.

Religious Festivals of Asia

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asian religious festivals

Asia is a home to almost all of the major religions of the world. Due to this religious variability and diversity, lots of big religious festivals are commemorated here each year. Some of the most important religious festivals of Asia have been enlisted here:

Holi Festival

Indians celebrate their most famous religious festival; Holi in beginning of the year. This festival is significant because of its special ritual of spreading colors on others. People participate in a color fight and spread color on each other’s clothes and face.

Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha

Muslims in Asia celebrate two big religious festivals of Eid. Eid-ul-Fitr Festival is rejoiced after the end of the month of Ramzan. The people relish sweet dishes to enjoy the occasion of Eid among their friends and relatives. The festival of Eid-ul-Azha, however, is commemorated after the occasion of Haj in Islamic month of Zil-Haj. In this religious festival, Muslims offer sacrifice of animals and distribute the meat among others. The animals like goat, cow, buffalo, camel etc are sacrificed on this holy event. The meat is given among poor and one’s relatives.


The festival of Christmas is also one of the famous Asian religious festivals. Christians celebrate this festival by decorating Christmas trees and passing time with Santa Claus. Santa is an old bearded man who comes to distribute gifts among children. The people sing Christmas songs on this occasion to commemorate this colorful festival.

In addition to these festivals, lots of other religious events are also organized in Asia.

Religious Festivals of Africa

religious festivals in africa

Festivals from Ghana and Mali

Next in line is Aboakyir Festival which is commemorated in Ghana. This festival is a religious event that has its basis in Sudan Empire. The festival began when two brothers were ordained by a priest to sacrifice a Royal member for God each year. The Festival of Niger is an interesting religious event full of spiritual dance and music. Also, the locals get a chance to present their artistic skills in the form of art and crafts.

Nigerian, Ethiopian and Ivory Coast’s religious festivals

Durbar festival is rejoiced in Nigeria to commemorate the religious ceremonies of Muslims. These ceremonies are the two Eid events by Muslims namely Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha. In Ivory Coast, the people commemorate a night event to drive evil spirits away. This festival, namely Fete du Dipri ends at day after a whole night of trance. Ethiopians cherish their religious festival tour in a dramatic manner in Ethiopia Religious Festival. The people in Ethiopia also commemorate the festival of Christmas and Timket with zeal and zest.

African religious festivals from Morocco and Ethiopia

In Morocco, a religious event for all the religions is commemorated. Here the spiritual music is played to show regard for all the religions of the world. It is named Fes Sacred Music Festival and is a highly visited African religious event. Meskal Festival is commemorated in Ethiopia in memory of the finding of True Cross. The Ethiopians also celebrate another religious event in Axum. It is an event of pilgrimage by thousands of visitors each year.

Food Festivals of South America

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festivals of food in south america

Who is not interested in having a good meal? Of course, everyone has a flair for eating delicious cuisines. Well, for some of you it would mean heaven, am I right? So, let us now talk about some interesting food festivals here. I will shed light on some famous South American festivals for your information. I hope you would like to become a part of one of them. So, here you go!

Great Wine Festivals

For wine lovers, South America is definitely a treat to visit. You can go to Argentina’s most famous festival named Mendoza Wine Harvest festival. The festival is a home to crazy wine lovers who gets to taste the tastiest wines ever. It is not only an event for tasting wines, but you can have the hell of fun here. You will be given the chance to enjoy yourself of great music and delicious cuisines. After Mendoza, Chile has a huge wine festival for you. Fiesta del Vino is a grand event that sells country’s finest wines to participants of the festival.

Amazing Culinary Events

Mistura is a famous food event of Peru that is probably the largest festival in the country. The festival welcomes thousands of visitors each year to get lectures, demonstrations and guidance on various food items. It is hosted by the most famous chefs of the country. In Bolivia, the people commemorate the harvest of Achachairu. It is a special fruit that is either eaten raw or presented in the form of juice or jam.

Food Festivals of North America- Famous Food Events

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North American Food FestivalsNorth America is famous for its exquisite food and drink events that catch the attention of millions of people. Here and there you will see people enjoying themselves of tasty meals and delicious wines. The North American festivals in the lead have been briefly reviewed here. You can make the decision of attending some of these important events this year.

Gilroy Garlic Festival and Niagara Icewine Festival

For garlic-lovers, North America has got an amazing festival; Gilroy Garlic Festival. In this event, the people are given the opportunity to have all the meals cooked with garlic as the main ingredient. You can have not only garlic snacks and fried items, but ice creams made with pure garlic too. If you want to have great wine instead of having a yummy garlic snack, here is good news for you. At Niagara Icewine festival, you get a chance to taste the world’s best tasted wines.

Taste of Chicago and National Buffalo Wing Festival

If you are going to Chicago this year, think of attending Taste of Chicago Festival. This event brings together all the elements of delicious food to create awesome dishes. If, however, you are looking for more excitement and fun, think about National Buffalo Wing Festival. This event not only is a great event of offering you good-tasted meals, but a competition is also held here. One person is made the winner of the festival who gets to eat the most dishes.

Food Festivals of February- Famous Events in USA

american food festivals

Everyone wants to have a good meal each day. Well, it becomes quite boring to have a regular meal on same day. To end this boredom and add spice to your life, people organize food events. In the month of February, the most of the food festivals are commemorated in US. It seems that the people from USA have much to do in February. Let us review these mouth-watering food events quickly.

Beer and Wine Festivals

Get ready for the excellent beer events all of the beer-lovers! USA has got amazing festivals which make sure you do not miss out on anything. Bands, Brew and BBQ is an exciting event in Florida. The people get to taste fine beers along with yummy BBQ dishes. Same goes for the wine events that keep you stick to refined wines. Naples Winter Wine Festival is an event of interest that brings the finest wines at one place.

Festivals for Sweet Teeth Lot

Carolina Chocolate Festival, Chocolate Lovers Festival and Florida Strawberry Festivals are all treats for sweet-lovers. They make you love the delicious sweet dishes while you have them in your mouth. You just cannot stop yourself from putting that yummy chocolate pie in your mouth!

Seafood Events

For seafood lovers, we have got interesting events like Everglades Seafood Festival and Ice Fishing Derby Festival. They make sure you have the best of dishes cooked with great fish and sea animals. So, what are you waiting for?

Food Festivals of Europe- Interesting Events

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european food festivals

Nowadays, food has become much of an entertainment for people. Now everyone wants to have fun in their life and one of the ways to do so is to relish good food. So is there anyone interested in catching up one of the Europe’s best food festivals? Let me share with you brief description of the most famous European food festivals.

Merano Wine Festival and Maifest Festival

You will never find Europeans getting rid of their obsession with wine. You are going to have great fun this year with Italy’s Merano Wine Festival. This event is of great interest to public because of the tasty meals and special wines here. Maifest, a German festival is also there to give treat to your taste buds. You are going to have great time enjoying this food festival in spring season.

Nantwich Food Festival and Ludlow Marches Festival

This year the dwellers of UK are going to have a lot of fun. They have an awesome festival to rejoice that has colorful and delicious dishes for everyone. Even, your children are going to love Nantwich Festival. So bring your family here and savor the taste of local cuisines with a sip of wine. UK has another great food event for food lovers too. Ludlow Marches festival is famous because of its rare collection of dishes and food items. So, get an entry ticket to one of these food events now.

Food Festivals of Australia

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australian wine tasting festivals

Everyone loves to have good food. For many people, it acts as an entertainment. After going through continuous times of regular food, you need a change. You would like to have tasty and delicious meals that are fun to eat. What can be better than a full fledged festival full of exciting meals? So, food festivals are definitely wanted all over the world.

Australia’s food and wine events

Keeping in view the demand of food events, Australians too cherish such festivals. One such festival is Australia food and wine event. Here, you will be free to have food of every sort to your fill. What is more, you will be treated with best-tasted wines as well. Tasting Australia Festival is another of its kind. It features specifically indigenous food items that speak of Australian cuisines itself.

Tasmania Food Festival and Margaret River Wine Event

For summer, Aussies have other plans. They have Tasmania Food Festival to relish great food stuff with a touch of art. The magnificent artistic works are displayed here along with cuisines. The event continues till week and more than seventy stalls are set up. What else you want? If you are looking for having good tasted meals by the riverside, go to Margaret River Wine Festival. Enjoy wine while the sweet music is enchanted in your ear in the background.

Orange Food Week

For orange lovers, Orange Food Week is a blessing. This event lasts for a period of ten days with a total of sixty exciting events. Lastly, enjoy the rich celebration of Australian cuisines in Food and Wine festival. The expert chefs are going to make your day by offering you heavenly meals.

Food Festivals of Asia

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Moon festival

Who among us does not like to have good food? Of course, no one minds having a delicious meal. Sometimes, it is not enough to go about an ordinary routine meal. You need a day or a night out with your friends to savor tasty cuisines. The food festivals give you a golden chance to make it possible. In Asia, several types of food festivals are organized to give visitors delicious meals. Moreover, some also provide useful and interesting information about food.

Moon Festival is one such festival that is rejoiced at the advent of Autumn. The Chinese people cook moon cakes, a special dish for the occasion to celebrate Moon Festival. Another food festival of interest is commemorated in Singapore with the name Singapore Food Festival. It is a special type of seafood festival with abundance of fish meals. Up to fifty seafood stalls are set up for you to relish the savory dishes.

For wine and beer lovers, there are some really interesting drink festivals as well. Marco Polo German Bierfest is an important beer festival of Hong Kong. India International Wine and Food Festival is another treat for wine lovers. Here several wine experts give information about best tasted wines and food. This festival is also a big opportunity for food manufacturers to market their food products and services nationwide. Malaysian International Gourmet Festival is another interesting food festival with extraordinary appeal for food-lovers across the world. Catch up with this festival in Malaysia to relish outstanding meals.

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