Date wise calendar of November festivals

Date Wise Calendar of November Festivals

We are going to share with you a brief description of some important festivals of November.

November 1-10

  • On 1st November, All Saints Day is commemorated by the Christian community. This festival signifies recalling the great saints and their spiritual contributions for the humanity.
  • The 3rd of November marks the celebration of Prosperity Fest. It is a Mandaean-based religious festival celebrated in Iran and Iraq.
  • A horse racing event of great significance is rejoiced on 6th November. It is named Melbourne Cup because of the region in which it is organized.

November 11-20

  • The 11th of November is important for Australians because of an important festival; Remembrance Day. Here people gather to refresh the memories of the martyrs and soldiers of the World War-I.
  • On 12th, 13th and 15th, three religious festivals are organized by Baha’i, Hindus and Muslims respectively. Baha’i stop their work activities for some time to pay homage to their religious founder; Bahaullah. The Hindus celebrate the occasion of Diwali to honor the triumph of goodness over evil. Muslims, however, have a new Islamic year with the advent of Muharam.
  • On 16th, Tolerance Day is celebrated to honor this human virtue.

November 21-30

  • On 24th, Muslims commemorate Ashura to honor martyrs of Karbala whereas Sikhs mourn over the martyrdom of Guru Bahadur.
  • 25th November has an important day for humanitarians. White Ribbon Day is celebrated in this day to join hands against violence on women.
  • On 28th, the birthday of Guru Nanak is celebrated by Sikh community whereas Saint Andrew’s day is rejoiced on the 30th November.

Religious festivals of May; Christian, Jewish and Buddhist events

Religious Festivals of May; Christian, Jewish and Buddhist Events

In the article, few Christian and Jewish and Buddhist festivals will be described that are celebrated in the month of May.

The human beings have been celebrating several festivals since the beginning of mankind. In Middle Ages, the people celebrated the arrival of each month with zeal and zest. On the advent of May, the people used to gather at a place and danced to wish others. The festival consisted of selecting a May Queen by circling around May Pole. This festival, commonly known as May Day is commemorated on the first of May.

Rogation Sunday

On the second of May, a Christian festival named Rogation Sunday is rejoiced. This specific festival is celebrated by walking in form of a procession. The blessings are taken from the Priest for the goodness of animals and crops. On the very same date, a Jewish festival is arranged in the memory of an event. The event was related to a plague that had afflicted people in Roman period. During this period, people get engaged in lots of outdoor activities and wedding ceremonies.

Ascension Day, Pentecost and Shavuot

The May also has few other Christian festivals like Ascension Day and Pentecost. Both of these festivals, celebrated on 13th and 23rd respectively, are concerned with Christ’s resurrection. Likewise, the Jews celebrate Shavuot on 19th to 20th as a reminder of the giving of Ten Commandments.

Vesakha Puja and Trinity Sunday

The 27th of May is spent on Vesakha Puja by Buddhists to rejoice Buddha’s birthday. It is a quite colorful occasion full of flowers and fragrance. The 29th of May is celebrated on Trinity Sunday by Christians to ponder over God’s existence.


The colourful festival of India- Holi

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The colourful festival of India- HoliHoli, the prime festival of the Hindus, is one of the most awaited festivals awaited by the people in India. This festival is celebrated with thorough enthusiasm not only in India, but also in different corners of the world. On the event of Holi, people play with their relatives and friends and put colours on them. It is also known as Phagwah in many parts of the country. Generally, people wear old clothes in the morning or wear white clothes while playing with the colours. It is common phenomenon among the people and on a general basis, people play with water and wet colours in the morning. After getting wet in the water, it is not completed. The people prefer to play with the dry colours in the evening. They put the dry colours on the faces of their relatives and friends, which is also known as Gulaal, and wish them Happy Holi. After finally, playing with colours this day, the people have dinner with their relatives and have sweet dishes and desserts too. Read more..

Famous Islamic Festivals

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Famous Islamic FestivalsIslam is the religion of peace which incorporates many beliefs and values in it. There are some festivals that are commemorated by Muslims annually. However, some of these festivals are also celebrated on bi-yearly basis. It is therefore important for you to decide which festival is more significant than the other. Nevertheless, each and every Islamic festival has its own importance and a background history. So, you can assume that all of these festivals are equally of great importance to all Muslims. Read more..

Easter- Festival that brings life

Easter- Festival that brings life

Easter Eggs

Christmas is the main festival of the Christians but Easter is another one. It is considered to be one of the most pious festivals of the Christians is the Easter. It is celebrated on Sunday just after the arrival of the full moon after the end of spring. It is eve time for the Christians to party and celebrate this day with their relatives and enjoy a lavish dinner. People rejoice this day. People read the Bible and elders tell the legendary story of this festival to the kids.

Most of the people this day exchange gifts with their relatives. The people believe in colouring the eggs in different bright and vibrant colours and distributing it among the relatives. This custom is believed to bring luck and new life to the people. The different churches provide various types of services to its people this day. The people go to the churches, sing prayers, hymns and songs and worship their lord. Read more..

Religious Festivals of Africa

religious festivals in africa

Festivals from Ghana and Mali

Next in line is Aboakyir Festival which is commemorated in Ghana. This festival is a religious event that has its basis in Sudan Empire. The festival began when two brothers were ordained by a priest to sacrifice a Royal member for God each year. The Festival of Niger is an interesting religious event full of spiritual dance and music. Also, the locals get a chance to present their artistic skills in the form of art and crafts.

Nigerian, Ethiopian and Ivory Coast’s religious festivals

Durbar festival is rejoiced in Nigeria to commemorate the religious ceremonies of Muslims. These ceremonies are the two Eid events by Muslims namely Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha. In Ivory Coast, the people commemorate a night event to drive evil spirits away. This festival, namely Fete du Dipri ends at day after a whole night of trance. Ethiopians cherish their religious festival tour in a dramatic manner in Ethiopia Religious Festival. The people in Ethiopia also commemorate the festival of Christmas and Timket with zeal and zest.

African religious festivals from Morocco and Ethiopia

In Morocco, a religious event for all the religions is commemorated. Here the spiritual music is played to show regard for all the religions of the world. It is named Fes Sacred Music Festival and is a highly visited African religious event. Meskal Festival is commemorated in Ethiopia in memory of the finding of True Cross. The Ethiopians also celebrate another religious event in Axum. It is an event of pilgrimage by thousands of visitors each year.

The Sacred Music Festival

The Sacred Music Festival

In the month of June the ancient holy city of Fez in Morocco hosts the Sacred Music Festival where musicians from different faiths gather to pay melodious homage to their religion.

The festival originated after the first Gulf War as a humble attempt to wipe out the political differences and bring humanity together with the sound of music. The Sacred Music Festival aims at promoting love and peace between people of different religion caste and creed and in some way has been successful as those who attend it feel nothing but peace and contentment in their hearts.  Though words are foreign and not understood but the soulful rendition of the singers really touches the chords of one’s heart. At times the whole audience is in a trance and hatred and other ill feelings are totally forgotten.

The event lasts for 10 days Fez echoes with Pakistani Qawwalis, the whirling dervishes of Turkey, the Sufi chants of Morocco, Egyptian Madhi odes, the chants of ancient India and Christian Saeta. Every performance is unique and soul stirring and has made this festival so very special. The program ends with a joint performance as the musicians from different faiths and different countries find common grounds to unite.

A Sacred Music Festival is also held in Los Angeles USA after every three years. It also strives at connecting together people from different faiths. It is a major event of the city and for sixteen days churches, synagogues, temples; theaters and outdoor areas serve as stages for the music and dance performances. It provides an opportunity to understand the various faiths and sends a strong message that humanity is above all differences.

Similar events are hosted in Olympia, Washington and Michigan in the USA. Spain, Canada, France, England and India are other countries where World Sacred Music Festivals are held.



Ashura or Youm-e-Ashur falls on the 10th of Muharram the first month of the Islamic calendar. This day is a day of grief for all the Muslims as the grandson of the Prophet Mohammed, Hussain Ibn Ali was martyred.

This day commemorates an event which took place in the 61 AH (680 AD). After the death of Hazrat Ali, the fourth caliph of Islam, evil practices began to creep into Islam. The new caliph Muawwiya appointed his son Yazid as the next caliph. Yazid was a pleasure loving person and when he succeeded his father, Hussain the grandson of the Prophet refused to pay allegiance to Yazid.  This resulted in an encounter between an army of Yazid and less than 100 follower of Hussain on the banks of River Euphrates near Kerbala (present day Iraq). His followers included women, children and other members of his family.

Almost all the male members gave up their lives fighting for their beliefs. The women and children were taken as prisoners. The head of Hussain was removed from his body, taken over a spear and marched through the streets of Kufa and was then presented to Yazid along with the prisoners of war.

In Yazid’s court, Zainab Binte Ali the sister of Hussain delivered a fiery speech and being the daughter of a dauntless warrior of Islam, protected the honor of her family.

Soon after the incident of Kerbala, people began to acknowledge the sacrifices made by the Prophet’s family to uphold the true teachings of Islam.

Bali Art Festival

Bali Art festival Bali is a beautiful island of Indonesia. The island, with a predominant Hindu population, is the seat of art and culture. This land of scenic beauty hosts the Pesta Kesenian or an art festival annually at Werdi Budaya Art Center in Denpasar. The festival lasts for a month in which both local and international artists participate. A colorful opening ceremony marks the beginning of the festival in which participants from all the regions of Bali introduce themselves with a brilliant performance depicting their traditions and culture. Bali Art Festival The ceremony, usually officiated by the president of Indonesia, ends with a dance drama.

There are daily performances of dance and music which continue through out the day. Besides music and dance, various forms of art and handicrafts of this fabulous place are also displayed. Food is another thing that is representative. During the festival you can savor the mouth-watering cuisine of Bali.

Although there are many other festivals representing the performing art culture of the region, Bali Art Festival has a special place in the eyes of those who like such festivals. Bali Art festival is full of colors and life. It has everything to make it colorful and attractive for the music and performing art lovers.

Festival of the Crosses

Festival of the Crosses“La Fiesta de las Cruces” (The Festival of the Crosses) also known as “Cruz de Mayo” is celebrated in Spain on 3rd May.

Like some other Christian Festivals, it has pagan roots. During this festival, crosses made of flowers are installed in the city’s main squares and streets. Even the balconies of houses are decorated with floral crosses. These floral crosses are further decorated with other ornaments such as candlesticks and scarves.

Festival of the CrossesAlthough celebrated in many places of Spain, the cities of Granada and Cordoba are specially known for their remarkable display of floral crosses. A competition is held to pick the best floral cross later in the day.

Festival of the CrossesNo festival is complete without some sort of merry making and to complement this festival, temporary bars are set up where the locals gather to enjoy a few glasses of wine and tapas. Every Spanish festival features flamenco dancing and “La Fiesta de Las Cruces” is no exception. Dancing continues till the wee hours of the morning.

Festival of the crosses is a festival that brings a lot of tourists to Spain. It is a reason of visiting Spain for many tourists. Spain has a very deep rooted culture. Any festival of Spain with the colors of its culture becomes popular world wide, and Festival of Crosses is no exception.

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