Cultural Festivals of North America

by on November 6, 2012
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festivals of north america

North America is famous because of its interesting festivals and cultural events. The people are lively and want to cherish the coming of various festivals at different times of the year. The famous North American festivals that are representative of their culture have been described below:

Fiesta- San Antonio

It is a great celebration of culture of San Antonio in North American region. The people gather together to become a part of a grand Fiesta that lasts for eleven days. The festival has a big role to play for the community of San Antonio. The Fiesta is a complete package of fun events like food competitions, parades and other inspiring acts. The people also pay homage to veterans through this festival.

Atlanta Jazz Music Festival

For music lovers, Atlanta is definitely a great place to visit. This year, Atlanta is going to have Atlanta Jazz Festival for millions of jazz music fans. It is probably the oldest jazz festival of North America. The music is absolutely mind-blowing and entry is entirely free of cost.

Montreal International Jazz Festival

Another major attraction for people coming to North America is Montreal’s music festival. This event is the largest jazz musical event in North America. It gets to receive visitors from over thirty countries of the world. Thousands of entertainers visit the place to make the festival rock.

So, these were the most visited North American cultural festivals. You can become a part of any one of these by taking a tour around North America.

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