Film Festivals of 2015

by on February 13, 2016
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The year of 2015 has brought many celebrations and festivals for the people across the globe. From religious to music festivals, billions of people celebrated them in the world. The celebrities of film world also celebrate their festival. Different events are organized at distinctive places for the celebrations of local cinema industry. Few of them are mentioned below:

American Film Festival


American Film Festival:

The American Film Festival is organized in Poland every year. It was organized in the month of October in 2015. The awards are distributed among the best nominees for the recent year releases. Atlanta Film Festival: The film festival of Atlanta is also held to celebrate the success of recent films. Many film from local cinemas get awarded in this festival.

Cannes Film Festival:

A film festival held in France’s Capital Paris for the international celebrities from all the bigger industries. Many Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities are awarded at this event. The grand night of Cannes is organized every year.

Napa Valley Film Festival: It is one of the most popular film festivals held in Napa Valley. The specialty of this film festival is to include different regional cinemas for encouraging new talent. Many people from different states of America visit Napa Valley to be a part of this ravishing ceremony.

Cinema Ritrovato, Italy

Cinema Ritrovato, Italy:

The prestigious night of award distribution ceremony for different Film Industries is Cinema Ritrovato. This Italian award is quite precious for many film celebrities from around the world. Many Hollywood celebrities get higher appreciation and awarded in this festival.

Borscht Film Festival, Miami: This film festival is organized every year in Miami. People love to be part of this festival to enjoy watching popular movies. Hundreds of thousands of people visit Miami to enjoy this festival with friends and family.

All of these film festivals are highly famous in all over the world. The cinemagoers and film lovers are fond of such film festivals. These festivals are organized by large prominent cities of different countries. All of these festivals grab eyes of many people from all over the world. The celebrities also get a lot of encouragement from such events.

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