Film Festivals of October on the Roll!

october film festivals

Austin Film Festival

Austin Film Festival along with conference will be held in October. There are lots of interesting events associated with this film festival. You can even submit your own short film or documentary in this film festival. The best thing about the event is the questions and answers session. This session is arranged with celebrities who comment about the movie showcased in the festival. You only need to get an entry pas worth $50 to enjoy the benefits of the respective film festival.

London Film Festival and Chicago Film Festival

In London Film Festival, a host of seventy films are going to be featured from all across the world. Over 100,000 people make their way into the film festival. Chicago Film Festival is also up in October with its enormous attractions. This festival was actually initiated to showcase the work of daring filmmakers in all genres of films. The filmmakers come and discuss their future movie projects openly with their mates.

Hollywood Film Festival and Tokyo International Film Festival

The Hollywood Film Festival is a bog event with lots of film listings and interesting gossip. The movie discussions are at their best during the event. Plus, the best movies are recognized and awarded prizes. In addition, the Tokyo International movie festival is among the top film festivals. Hundreds of movies are given a chance to include in the festival. Around 80,000 movie-lovers gather to attend the worthy film festival.

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