Mother’s Day Special-Tribute to all Moms of the world!

by on May 10, 2009
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happy mother's day

Mother’s Day Special-Tribute to all Moms of the world!

May 10, 2009 is being celebrated as Mothers Day. Well, we are a bit unfair to our mothers. The woman who dedicates her life to you without asking for anything in return deserves every day of the year; Not just one day! I believe all of us love our mothers unconditionally, and so, in fact, every day is Mother’s day. Today I take this opportunity to salute all mothers of this world.
Imagine the courage of that woman who bears unbearable pain, only to bring you into the world, and still loves you! Imagine the depth of her love. She stays awake most of the night with you as an infant so that you could sleep well. What a will power for a woman to work harder than us, to make us learn the first alphabets as kids, to bear our tantrums and still love us. Most of us find ourselves too busy to reciprocate this love fully. But the least we could do is,  get up right now, go to her and give her a tight bear hug and tell her…Ma, I love you!
To me, my Mom is the most special person in my life. Whatever I am today is all because of her. She taught me how to face the worst of circumstances and still smile. She taught me to do good to others, even if they are not so good to me. Her faith in Allah introduced me to my Allah, my Almighty. She made me learn how to handle situations that are not easy to handle and most importantly, how to keep your family together and enjoy whatever life brings you in the roughest of times.
I take this opportunity to thank my mom for everything from my learning of ABCD…, to my interest in sports, to my confidence, to the wonderful breakfasts she served me with all her love, to my dreams, to her unconditional love and care…and to tell her that, Ami…I love you and I always will. I owe everything to you. And on this mother’s day, I wish and pray that I never see a day in my life without you. May Allah Bless you with the best of health.
This wish is for Mrs. Nargis Sarfraz, my mother. Do you feel the very same way for your own mother? If that is the case, leave a comment with the name of your mother in it, share with us how you feel about her.


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  1. Anastasia says:

    What a beautiful thing to write. Yes, a mother’s value cannot be estimated. Nothing in the world can replace your mother. Whatever I am today is also because of my mother. No other relationship can actually match the selfless love of your mother. Even the most romantic and true love will ultimately want something in return. Very well said that one day is not enough to salute our mothers. I think the best way is to love her unconditionally all your life and make her life most beautiful when she is old and needs to be looked after. I have tried to give my mother everything possible and do whatever I can to make her proud of me. I send a prayer to all people of the world and all mothers of the world. If everyone were just to close their eyes and visualize the faces of their mother, there would be no crime in the world. You cannot cheat or kill or do anything wrong if you remember your mother’s eyes. It is just not possible. Such is the power of a mother’s love.

  2. Pleasant thoughts on this Mothers’ day! Well done!
    Mothers of the world keep it renewed every thirty years or so.They bear the labor Pain and all the other agonies that go with bringing up of a child , and also back up the children as they grow into adults and shape their own life and destiny. If you look around in nature, you will find that the whole of Nature’s scheme is in line with the Mothers’ work.Irrespective of whether it is a tiny ant or the giant elephants and Whales, the scheme of breeding and upbringing is alligned to and in tune with the Mothers’ rhythms.

    I join you in saluting all mothers, human and others!

  3. Roma says:

    Mother is next to God, she is the most divine blessing on earth. Its just impossible to describe a “Mother” in simple words. She is the most valuable and priceless person God ever created. Her love is unconditional. The respect and appreciation what I get today is all because of the pains she took to nurture me. I am a proud content writer for several websites and all my published work reminds me of her, she is solely responsible for my immense success. I pray God that she should be in this world forever. God couldn’t reach everywhere so he created MOTHER. She is so pure, gentle and Godly, fulfills all my needs, prays for me and my family. I just can’t describe howmuch I love her, she is more than a world to me…If heaven is somewhere on this earth, it is her lovely arms that she spreads to embrace me. I truly respect her and love her more than anybody else in this world. My sincere regards and well wishes for her, Happy Mother’s Day, My Dear “MOM”, may you lead a healthy and happy life..

  4. Let me add: My mother the Late Mrs.Thankamma was a school teacher and a very liked one.We were eight children and she had an exhausting job managing the tribe, without ever compromising with her duties as a teacher.

  5. armchairtraveler says:

    Yes, mothers are very special people. Even though my mother is no longer with us on Earth, her legacy still lives on through us, her children, and grandchild. I am also blessed to have several mother figures in my life. Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Moms out there!

  6. Shaikat says:

    Mom is my best friend in my world! But the bitter true is that we always forget or dont feel the pain what she conveyed to look after us in our most ramarkable moments.. when we were helpless.. I can remember my childhood days even now.. Most of my memorable moments are with my mom.. Sometimes she was my friend, some times she was my teacher even some times she was my doctor!
    I cant forget those days or i should not too.. In this mothers day i would like to present her only 3 words.. love you mom..Hope you will be always like as i saw you in my childhood!

  7. SumBuL khan says:

    Nice comments to express the feelings for ur mother! 🙂
    Ammi ji is the FIRST lov of my life. I can’t remember a single day or a single moment, when I didnt appreciated Ammi ji. even now em 22 years, n still my mother woke me for Prayerz n Breakfast, she had never did breakfast or any meal widout me. sometimes I started feeling as she worries a lot for me but even then, I tell her A-Z, alif se yey, each n every second I spent widout her outside my home. Mrs. Naheed Aziz, my mother, is my first best frend of life too; I never lied to her n she Trust me like her mate too. we’ve soooo much in common dat Abbu sayz U BOTH R FRIENDZ THAN MOTHER N DAUGHTER.:)nothing more to say, just:
    I LOV U, Ammi ji!

    I dont wanna see a single morning widout the wake-up call of my mother! may Allah bless her n she lived a thousand years, Amen! even I want Ammi ji to live after me to pray for me, as em nothing widout her! LoV U, Mom!

  8. SumBuL khan says:

    I m a muslim bcz my mother taught me to be like whatever I m. the confidence n success in education life, distinctions in Debates n writing competitions, etc……… em in debt to my mother for all this. if she wasnt there, I may not be able to achieved so much in life! Thanks Ammi, for all! I cant thank u in words…

    n I wish my mother the 25 Wedding Aniversary on May 11, 09. may Allah bless u thousand happy years to come, Amen..!

  9. Qurrat-ul-ain says:

    Ya you are right. Mother is whole world for a child,nothing in this world can take the place of {MAA}.A lovely word full of Love,simplicity,emotions. Countless words are less to Express the personality of My MAA.Whenever i come back home my eyes search every place of home to see my MAA. whenever i gave a hug to my MAA, i feels unlimited happiness at that moment. I am incomplete without my Mother.She fulfilled all my needs even at that time when i was nothing, just a clot and can not move.
    Meri MAA hai tu main Hon.
    I salute to my Mother, and also all Mothers in the World.
    Happy Mother’s Day 2All Mothers.
    I Love u MAA So much.

  10. Zubair says:

    Maan Ka Anchal
    Dhoop Main Badal

    Maan Ki baahain
    Neend ki raahain

    Maan ka daman
    Hansta sawan

    Maan ka ghussa
    pyar ka hisa

    Maan khud kya hai
    Eik Dua hai


  11. Zubair says:

    Happy Mothers Day

    May All Mother’s lives a Healthful, Happy & Long Life.

    I Love U Nargis

  12. Anjali says:

    The word mother is an epitome of most beautiful form of love. The way she nurtures you and inculcate values makes us what we are today. I am very thankful to my mom for making me what I am today.
    Probably the confidence that oozes from my personality is nothing but her gift and efforts, I did inherit some of her qualities and the way she build our characters in our gowing days is commendable. Mom I love you and you mean the world to me:)
    Thank god I have you.. mom…!!

  13. Suman says:

    Mother’s Day is an occasion to reflect on the incalculable debt we owe to our mothers. As weak, distracted, and often discouraged individuals, human beings would be nowhere without someone to help them when they are down, remind them of their goals and their value as good human beings, and bolster them in moments of doubt. That invaluable someone is their mother. Where else would they find someone who would put up with their faults, berate them and yet continue to love them, and always remember their likes and dislikes? And all this doesn’t even include the most amazing gift of all _ the gift of life. Thank you, Amma. I love you more than words can say.

  14. It is so difficult to express what I feel or what I want to say to all three women I owe as my mothers, one who gave birth to me, taught me everything and took all the pains for me, I call her Ami, other who trusted in my abilities and supported me in all I did– Amma its you and my Nani Maa (grand mother) for bringing my mother to this world and for all the wonderful words you said to me which in my course of learning taught me to be a better human being.
    I really feel barren of words today …just wanted to tell all three of you that I love you more than this word ‘love’ holds. NANI get well soon, Amma don’t worry about me I am okay and Ami my happiness lies in your smile. May all of you live long and healthy life and please forgive for all those words and deeds that bring tears to your eyes or hurt you, truly.

    I want to thank you the person who some 17 years back said these words to me ‘Maa to Maa hoti hai chahay wo kisi ki bhi ho’ it is the echo of these words that made me respectful towards all mothers what to speak of my own. And that person is you ‘Maira’ thank you for letting me know what a mother is and teaching me to honour her for all she did.
    With this I salute the courage and fortitude of all mothers around the globe and wish them health and happiness.

  15. Saira says:

    All mothers are same! They all are great!
    I salute them all!
    Amma I love you sooooo much!

  16. NortResehoro says:

    Hi, courteous posts there 🙂 express’s for the interesting word

  17. MairaS says:

    Great emotions! Keep visiting us!

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