Seasonal Festivals of Asia

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asian seasonal festivals

Seasonal Festivals in Thailand and Burma

As the new season arrives, the people living in various regions of Asia organize various interesting seasonal festivals. One of the most famous seasonal festivals is Songkran Water Fight festival that is rejoiced in Thailand. Here, the people throw water party and welcome the arrival of New Year. Another festival to welcome the arrival of new year is Thingyan. It is celebrated in Burma and consists of a water fight that continues for a period of four days.

Seasonal Festivals in China

Similarly, another seasonal festival is Ice and Snow festival that is commemorated in China. It is rejoiced when snow comes in a part of China converting the town into an Iceland. The Chinese are not only content with celebration of an ice festival, but they also rejoice Mid Autumn Festival. It is celebrated at the arrival of autumn season with music and dance. Also, tasty delights are prepared to cherish the autumn season.

Few Other Seasonal Festivals

The list of seasonal festivals of Asia does not end here. There are some other seasonal festivals of interest for Asians too. For instance, A Full Moon Party is thrown in Thailand where around 30,000 people gather to commemorate the event. Boryeong Festival in Korea, Festival of Ages in Japan and few others Asian festivals are also of great interest to thousands of people. Do enjoy yourself of these exciting festivals to get a refreshing taste of the new season.

Religious Festivals of Asia

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asian religious festivals

Asia is a home to almost all of the major religions of the world. Due to this religious variability and diversity, lots of big religious festivals are commemorated here each year. Some of the most important religious festivals of Asia have been enlisted here:

Holi Festival

Indians celebrate their most famous religious festival; Holi in beginning of the year. This festival is significant because of its special ritual of spreading colors on others. People participate in a color fight and spread color on each other’s clothes and face.

Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha

Muslims in Asia celebrate two big religious festivals of Eid. Eid-ul-Fitr Festival is rejoiced after the end of the month of Ramzan. The people relish sweet dishes to enjoy the occasion of Eid among their friends and relatives. The festival of Eid-ul-Azha, however, is commemorated after the occasion of Haj in Islamic month of Zil-Haj. In this religious festival, Muslims offer sacrifice of animals and distribute the meat among others. The animals like goat, cow, buffalo, camel etc are sacrificed on this holy event. The meat is given among poor and one’s relatives.


The festival of Christmas is also one of the famous Asian religious festivals. Christians celebrate this festival by decorating Christmas trees and passing time with Santa Claus. Santa is an old bearded man who comes to distribute gifts among children. The people sing Christmas songs on this occasion to commemorate this colorful festival.

In addition to these festivals, lots of other religious events are also organized in Asia.

Food Festivals of Asia

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Moon festival

Who among us does not like to have good food? Of course, no one minds having a delicious meal. Sometimes, it is not enough to go about an ordinary routine meal. You need a day or a night out with your friends to savor tasty cuisines. The food festivals give you a golden chance to make it possible. In Asia, several types of food festivals are organized to give visitors delicious meals. Moreover, some also provide useful and interesting information about food.

Moon Festival is one such festival that is rejoiced at the advent of Autumn. The Chinese people cook moon cakes, a special dish for the occasion to celebrate Moon Festival. Another food festival of interest is commemorated in Singapore with the name Singapore Food Festival. It is a special type of seafood festival with abundance of fish meals. Up to fifty seafood stalls are set up for you to relish the savory dishes.

For wine and beer lovers, there are some really interesting drink festivals as well. Marco Polo German Bierfest is an important beer festival of Hong Kong. India International Wine and Food Festival is another treat for wine lovers. Here several wine experts give information about best tasted wines and food. This festival is also a big opportunity for food manufacturers to market their food products and services nationwide. Malaysian International Gourmet Festival is another interesting food festival with extraordinary appeal for food-lovers across the world. Catch up with this festival in Malaysia to relish outstanding meals.

Film Festivals of Asia

indian film festitval

If you are highly interested in watching movies, you can enjoy film festivals that occur each year. In Asia, there is no dearth of movie lovers and as such film festivals are organized in abundance as well. Let us talk about some famous Asian film festivals one by one along with a brief description of each.

Indian Film Festivals

India is a home to millions of movie lovers who worship their film actors like idols. Chennai International Film Festival is one such festival that is commemorated in India keeping in view the public’s interest in movies. The people are given a chance to participate in a festival that showcases movies from 45 countries of the world. These movies are presented for display and the best among them are chosen and rewarded. Likewise, Kolkata Film Festival is celebrated in India to satisfy the thirst of those obsessed with movies.

Nepali and Bangkok Film Festivals

This festival is a great event for fans of movies in Nepal. It is commemorated in the month of December and the focus is on mountain culture. The movies are manifested to bring the lifestyle and habits of mountain people for public display. Bangkok Film Festival is another famous Asian film festival that arranges a competition among different movies. The purpose of this festival is to highlight the role of movies for the people of Bangkok.

Besides these festivals mentioned above, there are Kuala Lumpur Co Film Festival, Cinemanila International Film Festival and few others too.

Date Wise Calendar of Asian Festivals

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asian cultural festivals

January Festivals

Chennai Music Festival and Ice Festival are commemorated in India and China respectively. In Thailand, Full Moon Party is thrown while Indians commemorate Bangalore Habba. In Philippines, Ati Atihan festival is rejoiced.

February Festivals

Lantern Festival, Naked Festival and Singapore Fringe Fest are celebrated in Taiwan, Japan and Singapore respectively.

March Festivals

Indians celebrate Holi Festival, Japanese; Cherry Blossom Festival and Iranians and Turks rejoiced the event of Novruz Bayram.

April Festivals

The festivals of interest for Asian in April are Full Moon Party (Thailand), Sonar Festival (Janan), Thingyan Water throwing fest (Burma) and several others.

May Festivals

In May, Japanese rejoice Golden Week while Koreans and celebrate Hi Seoul Festival. Pulilan Carabao is rejoiced in Philippines.

June Festivals

In the month of June, Dragon Boat Festival is commemorated in China and Full Moon Party is Thailand.

July Festivals

The Mongolians rejoiced Naadam Traditional Festival in July. Japanese rejoice Float Festival and Fuji Rock Festival, and Boryeong Mud Festival is arranged by South Koreans.

August Festivals

In China, two interesting festivals are commemorated; Hungry Ghost Festival and Seven Sisters Festival. The Muslims in Asia cherish the festival of Eid-ul-Fitar.

September Festivals

In September, the arrival of Autumn urges the people of China to rejoice Mid Autumn Festival.

October Festivals

In October, Takayamas Float Festival and Ages Festival are celebrated in Japan. However, an art festival is rejoiced in Malaysia.

November Festivals

Surin Elephant Festival and Monkey Worshipping Festivals are commemorated in Thailand.

December Festivals

The year ends with the celebration of Float Festival and Samurai Ronin Festival in Japan, and Chennai Music Festival in India.

Cultural Festivals of Asia

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asian cultural festivals

The cultural festivals of Asia include a host of interesting events with numerous cultural demonstrations. The number of famous festivals occurring in Asia throughout the year includes New Year Festival, Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid Autumn Festival and many others.

Happy New Year Fest and Lantern Festival

The New Year Eve is the one such festival that is celebrated with zeal and zest all through Asia. The activities that are included in this festival are lighting fireworks that create awesome atmosphere. Especially in China, this festival consists of dragon shows that are strongly affiliated with their culture. Then there is Lantern festival in which people in Taiwan use Chinese lanterns to rejoice this event. The lanterns are discharged while music is played in the scene.

Dragon Boat Festival and Seven Sisters Festival

The dragon boat festival is a highly interesting festival and a treat for boat lovers. It is a purely Chinese traditional event where race is organized among dragon boats. Seven Sisters Festival is another festival which is commemorated in Honk Kong. The festival is named so because it is rejoiced on the seventh of the 7th lunar month. This event is quite similar to Valentine’s Day because of the young people’s hunt for the prospective suitors.

Mid Autumn Festival

Mid Autumn festival is rejoiced in the month of spring. It is a highly entertaining event with musical nights and dancing displays. Also, lots of feasts are cooked to welcome the advent of Spring season. However, in Thailand Monkey Festival is rejoiced where monkeys are included in a feast.