Seasonal Festivals of Australia

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seasonal festivals of the world

The seasonal festivals are enjoyed all over the world. The people cherish the advent of new season or rejoice some seasonal event in Australia too. Some festivals are full of art works and invite great artists from the country. However, there are some festivals rich in music and dance as well. Also, there is nothing short of events like food festivals here too. The lovers of movies are also here in abundance. There are various seasonal events that are commemorated in Australia every year. The famous festivals include Whaleshark Festival, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Strawberry Fields, Eclipse Festival and Subsonic festivals.

Let me describe each event one by one. The whaleshark festival, as the name indicates is about shark displays in big aquariums. The people, especially crazy about sharks, spend time here to see sharks. It has an important role in the protection of marine life. The Rainbow Serpent Festival is a celebration of multiple art displays under one roof. This event is also full of musical events that keep you humming throughout. Another interesting and unique festival of Australia is Eclipse Festival. The people gather to witness the event of eclipse with their loved ones.

The festivals mentioned above and much more are commemorated with zeal and zest in Australia each year. You only need to pack your bags and get ready for the event that interests you most. You can also get yourself registered beforehand for the participation in the festival too.

Religious Festivals of Australia

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shavuot celebration

The list of the number of festivals commemorated in Australia is definitely exhaustive. However, we have tried to put together the information of some famous religious festivals of Australia. Being a diverse multicultural society, Australians rejoices religious festivals of various sorts. These festivals include religious festivals for Christians, Jews, Muslims and Hindus.

Christian and Jewish Festivals

One of the major Christian festival celebrated in Australia is Christmas. It is commemorated with great zeal and zest along with other religious events like Nativity of Christ, St. David day, St Patrick’s Day, Good Friday, Easter and so on. Next in line come Jews festivals that include Purim, Pesach, Remembrance day, Shavuot, Day of Atonement etc. All of these festivals plus many others are enthusiastically celebrated in Australia.

Hindus and Sikh Festivals

Not only Christian and Jewish festivals are commemorated in Australia but there are few festivals for Hindus and Sikhs as well. For instance, Hindus commemorate the festival of Holi and Rakhsa Bandhan. The former festival marks the commemoration of the victory of goodness over evil whereas the latter attempts to strengthen the relationship of brother and sister. However, the Sikh community in Australia celebrates the birthday of Guru Nanak and other religious Sikh personalities with great enthusiasm.

Muslim Festivals

The Muslims living in Australia have two major Islamic festivals to celebrate; Eid-ul-Fitar and Eid-ul-Azha. The former is commemorated soon after Ramzan whereas the latter is celebrated after the event of Haj.

On the whole, in Australia the religious festivals of all sorts are rejoiced with great vigor.

Food Festivals of Australia

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australian wine tasting festivals

Everyone loves to have good food. For many people, it acts as an entertainment. After going through continuous times of regular food, you need a change. You would like to have tasty and delicious meals that are fun to eat. What can be better than a full fledged festival full of exciting meals? So, food festivals are definitely wanted all over the world.

Australia’s food and wine events

Keeping in view the demand of food events, Australians too cherish such festivals. One such festival is Australia food and wine event. Here, you will be free to have food of every sort to your fill. What is more, you will be treated with best-tasted wines as well. Tasting Australia Festival is another of its kind. It features specifically indigenous food items that speak of Australian cuisines itself.

Tasmania Food Festival and Margaret River Wine Event

For summer, Aussies have other plans. They have Tasmania Food Festival to relish great food stuff with a touch of art. The magnificent artistic works are displayed here along with cuisines. The event continues till week and more than seventy stalls are set up. What else you want? If you are looking for having good tasted meals by the riverside, go to Margaret River Wine Festival. Enjoy wine while the sweet music is enchanted in your ear in the background.

Orange Food Week

For orange lovers, Orange Food Week is a blessing. This event lasts for a period of ten days with a total of sixty exciting events. Lastly, enjoy the rich celebration of Australian cuisines in Food and Wine festival. The expert chefs are going to make your day by offering you heavenly meals.

Film Festivals of Australia

australian film festivals

Australia has lots of unique and exciting film festivals. One of the most famous Australian festivals is Flickerfest. In this festival, the people submit their short films for display. Those films are preferred that are getting showcased for the first time. Good news for movie lovers is that the world’s biggest short film event is arranged in Australia. Tropfest is one such event that is also organized in other countries other than Australia. The basic aim behind the initiation of this festival is the promotion of film art across the world.

Australians have a flair for really short films spanning few minutes too. Short + sweet is the name of the festival that features short movies. These movies are chosen due to their uniqueness and interesting content. Most of the movies you are going to watch in this festival will leave a smile on your face. Then there is another famous festival for its contribution in the promotion of Australian culture. It gets to collect significant movies from all over the world and showcase them in the event.

Sydney Film Festival is another event of its kind that includes around hundred movies from across the world. The movies belonging to all categories are showcased here. Due to this, this festival has been recognized as the one that has stood the test of time well. Revelation Perth Film Festival is another event with the inclusion of over hundred movies. There are few other Australian film festivals too that you would love to visit.

Date Wise Calendar of Festivals in Australia

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Date Wise Calendar of Festivals in Australia


Get ready for exciting comedy, art and cycling festivals in January. Hobart Comedy Festival, Sydney Festival and Tour Down Under are the recognized Australian festivals.


The month of February is full of adventurous festivals of diverse sorts. Somewhere in Australia you find camps showcasing multicultural art works, cuisines and interesting acts. Not only that, you will also find some horse-racing event, interesting film festival or a golf championship. All these fun activities and much more can be enjoyed respectively at Adelaide film festival, Perth Festival, Tropfest, National Multicultural Festival and so on.


March is proud to offer interesting events for fashion designers and general public both. It has Melbourne Fashion Festival and Sydney Royal Easter Show as significant events.


Many buskers can be found roaming around Melbourne International Comedy Festival and street art festivals.


The month is especially important because of the abundance of music, food and wine festivals. Canberra, Hunter Valley and Settlers Cove Noosa festivals are famous ones.


Sydney film festival and Melbourne film festival are significant names in this month.


Brisbane International Film festival is celebrated.


Darwin Festival, Melbourne Writer’s Festival, Bangalow Music Festival are important festivals.


Numerous art festivals are arranged like Brisbane festival and Valley Fiesta.


Several racing events are commemorated like Bathurst 1000, Melbourne’s Spring Carnival and AFL Masters Carnival.


An interesting fish festival and art and craft event is on its way.


The year ends with few sports festivals and a major cultural festival namely Woodford Folk Festival.

Cultural Festivals of Australia

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Australia is influenced largely by multiple cultures making it a colorful society. The most of the festivals promote the art and crafts of the indigenous people. The general pattern in Australian cultural festivals is the inclusion of music, art and dance. Let us talk about few significant cultural festivals of Australia in the next passages.

Australian cultural festivals of January till March

Starting from January, Australians commemorate Sydney Festival that last for three weeks. The festival is includes a series of eighty events that have around 500 artists. They make this festival a huge entertainment with film, music, theatre etc. In February, National Multicultural Festival is rejoiced in Australia. Spanning over two weeks, this festival fosters the fusion of best creative arts. Then, there is Perth International Arts Festival that is the oldest annual Australian festival. The artists from all over the country come to present dramas, acts and their art. In March, Aussies celebrate Adelaide Festival of Arts to showcase various art masterpieces.

Festivals of Australia from April till December

For the celebrations of multicultural activities, Darwin Festival plays a big role. This festival is full of indigenous art displays with a focus on visual arts. Darwin Festival is celebrated in August. Later in September, Brisbane Festival is commemorated to boost communities to participate in cultural activities. Then, Melbourne International Arts Festival is rejoiced in October. It is a beautiful intermixing of multimedia, visual arts, dance, music and theatre.

ANZAC DAY: A Day to Honor the Fallen Heroes

ANZAC DAY: A Day to Honor the Fallen HeroesThe ANZAC Day is celebrated in Australia and New Zealand to honor those who lost their lives in the Gallipoli expedition during World War 1.

ANZAC is the acronym for Australia and New Zealand. The two countries were a part of the allied forces and had sent their soldiers to capture the Gallipoli Peninsula and then ultimately Constantinople the capital of the Turkish Ottoman Empire; an ally of the Germans.

The forces landed on Gallipoli on 25th April; the allies’ plan which seemed simple backfired and the ANZAC forces faced stiff resistance from the Turks. Eight months later the expedition was called off and the forces were evacuated. There was a heavy loss of life on both sides. An estimate of 8,000 Australian soldiers and 2,700 New Zealand soldiers were killed.

ANZAC DAY: A Day to Honor the Fallen HeroesAlthough the expedition failed miserably, it ignited a sense of pride among the two nations and the whole world appreciated their bravery, commitment and loyalty. In 1916, 25th April was officially recognized as the ANZAC Day.

In Australia, commemorative services are held at dawn and are mostly attended by war veterans and the family members of the soldiers. Later in the day, a ceremony takes place at the Australian War Memorial which is attended by the Prime Minister and other government dignitaries. Main features of the memorial services are lying of wreath, prayers, a recitation, a few minutes silence. The service usually ends with Reveille, the bugler’s call to wake up and the national anthem.

A_view_of_Anzac_Cove_TurkeyIn New Zealand Dawn Parades and other memorial services in which the New Zealand Defence Forces, New Zealand Police, Scouting New Zealand and Girl guiding New Zealand and other uniformed service men participate. Red paper poppies are distributed and worn as a symbol of remembrance.

Boxing Day

Boxing DayIn Britain, Boxing Day is the day after Christmas that is 26th December. In some countries it is the first week day after Christmas. It is the day the Christmas box is opened and its contents shared among the poor.

In olden days, a clay or a wooden box was a container in which people placed their gifts and alms. There are many stories associated with the origins of Boxing Day. One of them is that on Christmas day, a box was placed in the church for collecting money. This box was opened the next day and the money collected was distributed among the poor. Read more..