Festivals Which are Not Celebrated Anymore

by on February 8, 2016
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Celebrations bring lots of happiness whether it is of any festival or a specific event. It gives us opportunities to meet friends and family in the get-togethers. There are some festivals that don’t exist anymore in the world. Take a look at them.

Baby Jumping Festival, Spain:


In Spain, the ceremony of jumping over the babies were celebrated among the natives. It was their belief that babies stay blessed and all the evils can be thrown out from their surroundings. Nowadays, this ritual is not celebrated anymore.


An ancient festival that was common am
ong Zoroastrians is Mihragan. An event were organized to enjoy traditional feast with the people. Mithra is a leading Angel in Zoroastrianism who has ten thousand eyes and thousand ears. According to their belief, Mithra comes to people’s home on the sixteenth day of seventh month.



Another famous festival in Zoroastrianism was Sadeh. It was celebrated by followers before 50 days of Nowruz. Preparation of large bonfire was necessary to celebrate this festival. It was celebrated with magnificence and Grandeur in the Mid-winter Season.

All of these festivals aren’t celebrating anymore by the followers of their respective religions. There are different reasons of not celebrating these festivals.

Cultural Festivals of June- Colorful and Interesting

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Cultural festival of June: Baby jumping

Whether it is the question of drenching oneself out of joy through beverages or tapping one’s feet in a club, June is full of exciting festivals! Let us have a look at some very interesting festivals out of thousands many!

Dragon Boat Festival and Baby-Jumping Festival

Chinese rejoice the month of June in the memory of a historical event. The festival is arranged which incorporates specially designed ‘dragons’. These dragons are floated in rivers and remind people of the tragedy caused by the death of Qu Yuan. Now talking about Spanish, a festival is arranged in Spain in which grown up people throw babies in the air. It is done to cleanse the babies’ soul of evil spirits.

Some Musical Festivals!

In England, Isle of Weight is celebrated in June to give a treat to music-lovers! On the other hand, Sonar spread joy and excitement in Spain by its music. Both of these music festivals are a major attraction for international music fans. Likewise, National Celtic Festival is rejoiced internationally to pay homage to Celtic culture.

Few English Festivals!

Riding of the Marches is commemorated in June to in memory of ancient history. Summer Solstice, another festival of considerable importance, is rejoiced in Stonehenge. The reason of the commemoration of this festival is that the sun is at the Northern Hemisphere at this time.

What is more! June has Bloomsday, Battle of the Wines, Glastonbury Festival, Feast of St Anthony and some other exciting events!