Cultural Festivals Starting in May

by on October 20, 2012
in Festivals in May

Cultural festivals in May- Celtic festival in Australia

May brings enormous opportunities to celebrate cultural occasions for people around the world. Australia, being the big hub of multicultural activities fosters various cultural festivals. The most popular and widely recognized cultural festivals of May are listed below:

Australian Celtic Festival

Australian festivals are quite famous due to their vigor and colorful approach. The Celtic Festival in Australia presents a great opportunity for visitors across the world to enjoy dance and music. Embedded in deep culture, this festival is a good event to have fun and experience unlimited entertainment. The festival continues for four days providing glimpses of street parade, bands and stalls.

Buddha Birthday Festival

Buddha Birthday Festival held in Queensland is celebrated as the biggest festival among Buddhists’ festivals. It attracts over 150,000 people around the world and showcase Australia’s multicultural heritage. The most popular activities during this festival include having vegetarian food and witnessing various cultural customs. Here the people from various religious and cultural backgrounds are welcomed open-heartedly.

Paniyiri Greek Festival

This festival is rejoiced to pay homage to Greek culture and is the biggest cultural festival in Queensland. Here people get a chance to enjoy food of Greece and experience Greek’s culture to the maximum. The huge opportunities to sing and dance are here for the visitors.

All these cultural events offer great cultural experiences! Visit them to participate in excitement of multicultural settings.