Date Wise Calendar of Festivals of March

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calender of march festivals

Festivals from 1-6 March

The important festivals of March include Quebec Carnaval of Canada. The South African’s Capetown Pride Festival also comes in the list. The Americans, at this time have fun with their Spring Break festival. The Italians, however, are pleased with their Venice Carnival. The Spanish commemorate their Viana do Bolo festival with Brazil’s Carnival time event. The Ivrea Carnival is another famous festival of March which includes orange throwing ceremony. What is more; Cherry Blossom Festival, Future Music Festival and Soundwave Festival are good examples of seasonal events of March.

Festivals from 7-13 March

The Caribbeans have their Spring Break in March with Spain’s Festival De Jerez. Also, Argentina has its most famous Tango Festival with Australia’s Future Music Festival. The Brazilians have Carnival Time; Russians have Maslenitsa festival and Americans; Frozen Dead Guy Days.

Festivals from 14-20 March

The Bolivia’s Phujllay Festival, American’s Spring Break, Spain’s Las Fallas and St Patricks Day are commemorated in the mid of March. The famous beer festival; Starkbierzeit is also commemorated in this month with Indian’s religious occasion of Holi.

Festivals from 21-27 March

The Ultra Music Festival of American, Hamburger Dom Beer Fair; German festival and Triangle Beach Festival are famous events of March.

There are much more fun events and seasonal festivals that we get to see in March. You can read about them in details in other pages. So, prepare yourself for visiting the festivals that you feel are close to where you live.

Date Wise Calendar of Festivals of February

Date Wise Calendar of Festivals of February

There is countless number of festivals that get a chance to be celebrated in February. We cannot sum up all these famous events here. However, we can highlight some of the important festivals commemorated in February. Here a date wise calendar of festivals is given that includes only the significant events. Let us have a look at them.

Festivals from 1-13 February

We have a big round of interesting festivals this month. Starting from Shopping Festival of Dubai, we have events like New Zealand’s Laneway Festival and Italy’s Valentines Festival. Besides, an Ice and Snow Festival is arranged in China to celebrate the coming of new season. Also, they have their new year festival in February. Other noteworthy events of February are Gaspiralla Pirate Festival and Groundhog Day Festival. However, the Italians like to have their Viareggio Carnaval in this month. The Australians, somehow, commemorate their festival called Good Vibrations.

Festivals from 14-29 February

The people in Thailand commemorate their Full Moon Party here. It is a big festival with lots of fun and entertainment. Tropfest, an Australian event is organized in the latter half of February too. Tango Festival, a festival from Argentina; Sydney Mardi Gras, an Australian festival and Ireland’s Father Ted Festival are also noteworthy festivals. The Canadian festival Quebec Carnaval is another good example of February festivals.

So, now you have taken a look at the important festivals’ list for the month of February. Visit any festival that you like to have fun.

Date Wise Calendar of Festivals of Europe

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calender of european festivals

European Festivals from January till April

In January, few Europeans celebrate Battle of Oranges in Italy while the rest of them busy themselves in France’s World Cuisine Contest. Spanish have great time enjoying their Bread and Butter Barcelona event as well. In February, we Greeks pride themselves in Athens Wine Festival whereas Germans are busy in Fastnacht Carnival. In March, the noteworthy events are Korea film festival, London Australian film festival and Madrid Night of Theatres. The month of April brings feasts and events like OneFest, Oxford Cambridge Boat Race and Photoforum.

Festivals from May till August

May starts with a mouth-watering Cheese Rolling event in England with Spanish Baby Jumping Festival, Birmingham Pride and few others. The famous June festivals in Europe are Calcio Storico, Glastonbury Festival and Battle of Wine. Love Parade in Germany, Running of Bulls in Spain and Tour de France are famous events of July. However, in August the Europeans relish La Tomatina in Spain, Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland and Notting Hill Carnival in England.

Festivals from September till December

Art Moscow (Russia), Athens Fashion Week (Greece), Beethovenfest Bunn (Germany) and Bestival (England) are famous September European events. However, the most famous event of October is the German festival Oktoberfest. Well, Art November, Berlin Jazz Festival are reputed events of November. The last month of the year brings festivals like Hogmanay, Burning the Clocks and Christmas.

Date Wise Calendar of Festivals of April

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german festival dom

Have a look at the list of calendar of famous festivals that are organized in April. They have been arranged date wise so you can easily see which event belong to which date. Now, you can easily get an idea of what types of events are going to be commemorated in this month.

Festivals from 1-8 April

The Germans have their Hamburger Dom Festival, Spanish; Patum Corpus Christic and Australians have Melbourne Comedy Festival. The people of Thailand, however, have Full Moon Party in April with Japanese Hana Matsuri and Sonar Festival events. In America, a bizarre event; St Stupids Day is arranged along with South African Splashy Fen Music Festival.

Festivals from 9-16 April

The Mexico has Feria De San Marcos festival with Water Drawing Festival commemorated by Japanese. The people of Burma, however, have Thingyan Water Throwing Festival. Similar events are to be seen in other countries as well. Melbourne Comedy Festival and Japanese Float Festival are also significant events.

Festivals from 17-23 April

Coachella Music Festival, Fiesta San Antonio, River Spires Festival and Moringhem Scarecrow Festival are important events of April.

Festivals from 24-30 April

Stagecoach Music Festival is organized in America in April. The other American events are New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival and Fiesta San Antonio. However, Mexico has its special Feria De San Marcos festival while Japanese have their Golden Week. Similarly, Queens Day; Holland, Seville April Fair; Spain and Vappu Student Festival; Finland are the eye-catching events of April.

Date Wise Calendar of Festivals of Africa

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Date Wise Calendar of Festivals of Africa


The famous festivals include Cairo International Book Fair, Cape Town Minstrel Carnival, Flora Egypt Fair, Marrakech Marathon, Moroccan Travel Market, South African Cheese Festivals etc.


The Africans commemorate Sahara Marathon, Egypt International Boat Show and Jaisalmer Desert Festival.


The food and varied festivals like Wellington Wine Harvest Festival, Marrakech International Magic Festival and Cape Town Festivals are rejoiced in the advent of spring.


Fashion Week Tunis, Environmental Film Festival of Accra, Maun Festival and Taste of Cape Town are rejoiced in April.


Egypt Yoga Festival, Bushfire Festival and Friendship Fest are all celebrated in Africa in May.


Big Five Marathon in South Africa, Festival of Scared Music in Morocco, FIFA World Cup and Wacky Wine Event are major African attractions for June.


South African National Arts Festival, Luanda Jazz Festival, Knysna Oyster Festival, International Carthage Festival and Farnborough International Air Show are important July events.


International Camel Derby Festival and Mwakakogwa Festivals are important African events of August.


Abuja International Film Festival, Cape Town Comedy Festival,


Solstice at Abu Simbel, Pharaohs Rally, Nairobi Marathon, Kenya International Film Festival and Cape Town International Kite Festival are noteworthy events.


Cairo International Film Festival is a significant event of November.


Marrakech International Film Festival is important African festival of December.

Date Wise Calendar of Festivals in Australia

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Date Wise Calendar of Festivals in Australia


Get ready for exciting comedy, art and cycling festivals in January. Hobart Comedy Festival, Sydney Festival and Tour Down Under are the recognized Australian festivals.


The month of February is full of adventurous festivals of diverse sorts. Somewhere in Australia you find camps showcasing multicultural art works, cuisines and interesting acts. Not only that, you will also find some horse-racing event, interesting film festival or a golf championship. All these fun activities and much more can be enjoyed respectively at Adelaide film festival, Perth Festival, Tropfest, National Multicultural Festival and so on.


March is proud to offer interesting events for fashion designers and general public both. It has Melbourne Fashion Festival and Sydney Royal Easter Show as significant events.


Many buskers can be found roaming around Melbourne International Comedy Festival and street art festivals.


The month is especially important because of the abundance of music, food and wine festivals. Canberra, Hunter Valley and Settlers Cove Noosa festivals are famous ones.


Sydney film festival and Melbourne film festival are significant names in this month.


Brisbane International Film festival is celebrated.


Darwin Festival, Melbourne Writer’s Festival, Bangalow Music Festival are important festivals.


Numerous art festivals are arranged like Brisbane festival and Valley Fiesta.


Several racing events are commemorated like Bathurst 1000, Melbourne’s Spring Carnival and AFL Masters Carnival.


An interesting fish festival and art and craft event is on its way.


The year ends with few sports festivals and a major cultural festival namely Woodford Folk Festival.

Date Wise Calendar of December Festivals

festival calender of december

December 1-15

  • On 2nd December, First Sunday of Advent is commemorated by Christian community. The festival is full of wreaths, candles and exclusive rituals.
  • On 8th, Immaculate Conception is observed by Christians to honor the chastity of Virgin Mary.
  • On 9th, Jewish celebrate Festival of Lights; Chanokah. This festival reminds them of the recapturing of Jerusalem temple. The number of candles lit for this festival is increased by the coming of each year.

December 16-31

  • 24th of December has an interesting festival for children; Carols by Candlelight. The event encompassed special rituals of sitting by a candle on a rug and singing carols. The carols signify spreading the message of goodwill and peace everywhere.
  • The 25th of December is really important event for Christians. Christmas is celebrated on this day to rejoice the birthday of Jesus Christ. The festival includes coming of Santa Claus, decoration of Christmas tree, spreading gifts among children and so on.
  • On 26th December, Australians cherish the exciting boxing match on Boxing Day. On the same day, a yacht race is also organized.
  • The 27th December has a colorful festival for multi-cultures. The Woodford Folk Festival is the name given to this event that is full of amazing stalls, art and crafts, music, food and theatre.
  • On the last day of December, New Year Eve is celebrated across the world. The celebrations include fireworks, lightings and drinking in various cultures.

Date Wise Calendar of Asian Festivals

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asian cultural festivals

January Festivals

Chennai Music Festival and Ice Festival are commemorated in India and China respectively. In Thailand, Full Moon Party is thrown while Indians commemorate Bangalore Habba. In Philippines, Ati Atihan festival is rejoiced.

February Festivals

Lantern Festival, Naked Festival and Singapore Fringe Fest are celebrated in Taiwan, Japan and Singapore respectively.

March Festivals

Indians celebrate Holi Festival, Japanese; Cherry Blossom Festival and Iranians and Turks rejoiced the event of Novruz Bayram.

April Festivals

The festivals of interest for Asian in April are Full Moon Party (Thailand), Sonar Festival (Janan), Thingyan Water throwing fest (Burma) and several others.

May Festivals

In May, Japanese rejoice Golden Week while Koreans and celebrate Hi Seoul Festival. Pulilan Carabao is rejoiced in Philippines.

June Festivals

In the month of June, Dragon Boat Festival is commemorated in China and Full Moon Party is Thailand.

July Festivals

The Mongolians rejoiced Naadam Traditional Festival in July. Japanese rejoice Float Festival and Fuji Rock Festival, and Boryeong Mud Festival is arranged by South Koreans.

August Festivals

In China, two interesting festivals are commemorated; Hungry Ghost Festival and Seven Sisters Festival. The Muslims in Asia cherish the festival of Eid-ul-Fitar.

September Festivals

In September, the arrival of Autumn urges the people of China to rejoice Mid Autumn Festival.

October Festivals

In October, Takayamas Float Festival and Ages Festival are celebrated in Japan. However, an art festival is rejoiced in Malaysia.

November Festivals

Surin Elephant Festival and Monkey Worshipping Festivals are commemorated in Thailand.

December Festivals

The year ends with the celebration of Float Festival and Samurai Ronin Festival in Japan, and Chennai Music Festival in India.

Cultural Festivals of South America

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south american festivals

The culture of South America is rich with exciting rituals and interesting festivals. At times, you get to see people celebrating their traditional dance with music. You may also see the people fighting evil spirits at a huge festival. Thus, there are various sorts of events that South Americans rejoice as an evidence of their lively hearts and spirits. Let us discuss the some of the most frequently visited South American festivals here.

The most famous cultural festival of South America is Carvanal. This unique event is celebrated in four countries in South America. It is considered the hottest event ever commemorated in the continent of South America. You would see people dancing in beautiful costumes everywhere. So take out your favorite dress and visit the Carnaval festival this year.

For your excitement, Mexico has got an interesting festival for you too. This festival is known as Feria San Marcos and is a treat for music lovers. It is a great event for Mexicans to showcase their traditional dances and cultural displays through a magnificent festival.

If you are looking for more exciting festivals in South America, look for Reveillon and Manca Feista. Both of these festivals are extremely entertaining events full of music and dance. In the House of Negrillos is another amazing cultural festival. It has so much to make your day while you smile and laugh at the interesting events there. So, get ready to become part of one of these amazing South American events now.

Cultural Festivals of November

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november cultural festivals

Cultural festivals represent the culture and heritage of a region. These festivals provide a good opportunity to people to fully explore their culture. The November is the month in which diverse festivals are commemorated. Some festivals might be associated with some fun activity whereas others are cause-oriented. Here a brief description of few famous cultural festivals has been given.

Prosperity Fest, Melbourne Cup and Remembrance Day

In Mandaean culture, Prosperity Feast is celebrated in the month of November. This festival is the celebration of the fusion of cultures of Iran and Iraq. Another festival, Melbourne Cup is commemorated in this month to rejoice a racing event of horses. People gather together to enjoy the horse race here. In addition to these festivals, an event, Remembrance Day is commemorated too. This festival is celebrated in the remembrance of armistice’s anniversary. The people are bound to maintain utmost silence for duration of one minute. The people solemnly remember the deaths and sacrifices of people in World War-I.

International Tolerance Day and White Ribbon Day

Not only November is the month for remembrance festivals, but it also commemorates the tolerance day. This day is celebrated by United Nations to encourage the value of tolerance in people. Also, another humanitarian festival, White Ribbon Day is celebrated in November. This festival is significant because of its role in spreading the message of violence against women. The people wear ribbons of white color to show their affiliation with the cause.

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