The Fascinating Pingxi Lantern Festival

Fascinating Pingxi Lantern FestivalPingxi Lantern Festival is a unique and an amazing festival of Taiwan. Pingxi is a remote village in Taiwan located in a mountainous area. The rocky terrain made it quite difficult to reach the village in olden days. The inhabitants of the area were also a frequent victim of loot and plunder. To let everyone know that they were safe, the people came up with the novel idea of releasing paper lanterns in the sky. Over the years this practice took the form of an annual cultural festival.

Now with various modes of transportation and with wide media coverage, the festival has gained popularity and draws huge crowds every year.

The fascinating Pingxi Lantern festival in Taiwan takes place on the 15th day of the Chinese New Year which is somewhere in late February. Thousands of lanterns made out of bamboo and rice paper are lit and released in the sky at dusk. The lanterns are tastefully decorated with colorful pictures and inscribed with the wishes for prosperous New Year. These lanterns are the messengers which carry the people’s hopes and aspirations to the skies. The sight is truly amazing and lingers in your mind for a long time to come.

Top 3 Festivals in the Chinese Religion


Top 3 Festivals in the Chinese Religion

The Chinese religions, not to be limited to Buddhism, is a very complex set of beliefs. Unlike many other religions and beliefs, the Chinese has a rather unified creed that is largely derived from three different religions (Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism). As such, there is an obvious potential for many festivals all year round, the top three being:
    Chinese New Year
    The Lantern Festival in ChinaThe Mid-Autumn Festival
Two of the above three are celebrated by almost every Chinese clan around the globe, although the names used to reference the festivals may vary. Chinese New Year, as the name suggests, marks the beginning of the New Year according to the traditional Chinese  calendar. It’s probably the most important and colourful festival and is also known as the Lunar New Year in some Chinese societies. The Lantern Festival is largely celebrated in China alone and by Chinese people who have originated in China. The celebration of this festival is singular to those that celebrate it, and  it has different names around the world. This Mid-Autumn Festival is a global Chinese religion festival greatly celebrated in China along the lines of a Thanksgiving Day.

5 Most Famous Asian Carnivals and Festivals

5-most-famous-asian-carnivals-and-festivals15 Most Famous Asian Carnivals and Festivals
Asia is the largest continent in the world with hundreds of different cultures and societies living on it. It may seem obvious that there would be hundreds of carnivals and festivals all year round. Let’s look at the top five carnivals and events:The Holi Festival in India
•    The Songkhran Festival in Thailand
•    The Thaipusam Festival in Malaysia
•    The Chinese New Year festival in ChinaThe Tet Nguyen Dan Festival in Vietnam
These five are just merely a drop in the ocean of festivals throughout the continent, chosen by focusing on the crowd gathering as the main determinant factor. The Holi Festival in India is widely celebrated around the country as well as in other Hindu-associated societies. It’s also known as the festival of colors. The Songkhran Festival in Thailand is one of the largest in the region. It marks the New Year according to the Thai traditional calendar. The Thaipusam Festival in Malaysia is a Hindu Festival celebrating the birth ofLord Muruga There is a large focus on the Batu Caves temple. The festivities in that area are attended by almost 1.5 million devotees annually. The Chinese New Year in China gets extremely colorful towards the final few days. The the lantern procession and lion dancing occur during that time. Finally, the Tet Nguyen Dan Festival in Vietnam marks the New Year according to the Vietnamese calendar.

Top 3 Cultural Festivals around the World

top-3-cultural-festivals-around-the-world1Top 3 Cultural Festivals around the World

Cultural festivals are way of life in many countries where multiracial populations live, despite the fact that race and culture are not necessarily related. Some cultural festivals are so exciting they spread to every corner of the globe on their own, while some others are less popular. There are plenty of popular ones that we could talk about. The top three are:
    St. Patrick’s DayThe Sydney Mardi Gras festivalThe Chinese New Year festival
St. Patrick’s Day originated inIreland, but in the past century or so, this “green” Irish culture festival has traveled to all corners of the world from San Francisco in the US to Borneo Island in Malaysia. It’s a day of celebration in many states in the US in fact. The Sydney Mardi Gras festival is uniquely Australian on the other hand. It’s held every February and is also the largest gay and lesbian Mardi Gras in the world. It attracts thousands of people from around the world and in recent years has become popular among the gay and lesbian group. The Chinese New Year is a stereotypical cultural festival that is celebrated by both the Chinese and non-Chinese all around the world around January-February.