Religious festivals of May; Christian, Jewish and Buddhist events

Religious Festivals of May; Christian, Jewish and Buddhist Events

In the article, few Christian and Jewish and Buddhist festivals will be described that are celebrated in the month of May.

The human beings have been celebrating several festivals since the beginning of mankind. In Middle Ages, the people celebrated the arrival of each month with zeal and zest. On the advent of May, the people used to gather at a place and danced to wish others. The festival consisted of selecting a May Queen by circling around May Pole. This festival, commonly known as May Day is commemorated on the first of May.

Rogation Sunday

On the second of May, a Christian festival named Rogation Sunday is rejoiced. This specific festival is celebrated by walking in form of a procession. The blessings are taken from the Priest for the goodness of animals and crops. On the very same date, a Jewish festival is arranged in the memory of an event. The event was related to a plague that had afflicted people in Roman period. During this period, people get engaged in lots of outdoor activities and wedding ceremonies.

Ascension Day, Pentecost and Shavuot

The May also has few other Christian festivals like Ascension Day and Pentecost. Both of these festivals, celebrated on 13th and 23rd respectively, are concerned with Christ’s resurrection. Likewise, the Jews celebrate Shavuot on 19th to 20th as a reminder of the giving of Ten Commandments.

Vesakha Puja and Trinity Sunday

The 27th of May is spent on Vesakha Puja by Buddhists to rejoice Buddha’s birthday. It is a quite colorful occasion full of flowers and fragrance. The 29th of May is celebrated on Trinity Sunday by Christians to ponder over God’s existence.


Festival of the Crosses

Festival of the Crosses“La Fiesta de las Cruces” (The Festival of the Crosses) also known as “Cruz de Mayo” is celebrated in Spain on 3rd May.

Like some other Christian Festivals, it has pagan roots. During this festival, crosses made of flowers are installed in the city’s main squares and streets. Even the balconies of houses are decorated with floral crosses. These floral crosses are further decorated with other ornaments such as candlesticks and scarves.

Festival of the CrossesAlthough celebrated in many places of Spain, the cities of Granada and Cordoba are specially known for their remarkable display of floral crosses. A competition is held to pick the best floral cross later in the day.

Festival of the CrossesNo festival is complete without some sort of merry making and to complement this festival, temporary bars are set up where the locals gather to enjoy a few glasses of wine and tapas. Every Spanish festival features flamenco dancing and “La Fiesta de Las Cruces” is no exception. Dancing continues till the wee hours of the morning.

Festival of the crosses is a festival that brings a lot of tourists to Spain. It is a reason of visiting Spain for many tourists. Spain has a very deep rooted culture. Any festival of Spain with the colors of its culture becomes popular world wide, and Festival of Crosses is no exception.

3 Important Tips in Celebrating the Christmas Festival with Your Family

3-important-tips-in-celebrating-the-christmas-festival-with-your-family3 Important Tips in Celebrating the Christmas Festival with Your Family
Christmas festival is probably the most important day after Easter. It is celebrated by millions worldwide on the 25th day of December and the 7th day of January by some others. There are many different ways of celebrating Christmas in different societies and cultures, but by and large, some of the basic elements are quite similar. Here are three elements that can make the day memorable.
The most important element of Christmas festival is the sharing of joy during the days of the month that lead up to Christmas itself. It is important to many to ensure that this season, called the Advent, is spent sharing wealth with the needy and poor, and not just your friends and relatives. Bringing  together every member in the family into this good deed is a significant part as well.
Secondly, it’s a day to cherish the birth of Christ, and going to Church for this reason is extremely important. Family gatherings are equally important, and most people prefer to go to church as a family.
Last but not least, Christmas is not just about the gifts and foods. It’s also the time for passing knowledge regarding the religion from one generation to another. It is considered a duty and privilege to enlighten your children on Christ’s birth and its significance to the religion.