Festivals Which are Not Celebrated Anymore

Celebrations bring lots of happiness whether it is of any festival or a specific event. It gives us opportunities to meet friends and family in the get-together. There are some festivals that don’t exist anymore in the world. Take a look at them.

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Chester Food, Drink and Lifestyle Festival

Chester Food, Drink and Lifestyle FestivalThe Chester Food, Drink and Lifestyle Festival is celebrated in Chester UK to promote the regional and local cuisine. The event lasts for three days and takes place on the Easter weekend at the Chester Racecourse. The top chefs prepare dishes and share their recipes. For the kids, the Academy of Culinary Arts holds free cooking classes and also gives useful cooking tips besides cooking lessons. For the kids’ enjoyment, there are rides at the fun area park. There are around 120 food stalls from where you can sample and purchase various food products. Only the best are put up for sale; you can find from home grown vegetables and prize winning sausages to other food products. At the beer marquee and champagne tent you can sample the delicious beverage. Read more..

Cultural Festivals of April

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the cultural festivals in april

Interesting Cultural Events

You all might have enjoyed playing marbles when you were young. Would not it be fun if you are given a chance to play marbles while you are an adult? So, we have World Marbles Championships commemorated in England. In April, this grand festival will make you a champion of this unique game provided you show excellent performance. However, the Germans instead like to be in the company of witches this April! They celebrate their festival, Witches’ Night to while reaching on the top of mountain at Brocken.

Devoted Cultural Celebrations

Kumbh Mela is a great Indian festival in which the Hindu devotees gather at a place to perform pilgrimage. They intend to dive in their holy river of Ganga and perform religious rituals. Similar festival, Songkran Water Festival, is commemorated in Thailand in which people give bath to Buddha’s images. Also, water is sprinkled on people to bless them. The Chinese, however, enjoy themselves in the joys of Sister’s Meal Festival. It is intended to bring men and women close to each other to form courtship.

Aspiring Cultural Extravaganza

The Americans appear to be crazy after jazz music as they come to attend New Orleans’s cultural festival. They display their heritage and play jazz music to entertain the participants of the festival. However, the residents of Netherlands are pleased to celebrate their Queen’s birthday on the Queen’s Day. It is a colorful occasion rejoiced in Amsterdam and involves thousands of queen lovers in it. The Russians’ Golden Mask Festival is another unique cultural event involving music, dance and costumes.

Cultural Festivals of Countries in Africa

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Cultural Festivals of Countries in Africa

Festivals of Ghana and Ivory Coast

It is named Homowo festival meaning mocking hunger. It started to rejoice the end of a prolonged famine in Accra Plains. Hogbetsotso Festival is another unique cultural event. The onlookers beat drums and dance together to honor a historical event. This festival is cherished for the escape of Anlo Ewes from Agokoli of Togo’s rule. Akwasidee Festival is another festival in which people pay tribute to King Otumfuo for 42 days. Panafest is another cultural event, commemorated in Ghana which fosters performing arts. It especially includes all the Africans and people related to African continent to enhance development in Africa. In Ivory Coast, the festival of fame is Bouake Carnival attracting a multitude of spectators.

Festivals of Mali, Kenya and Uganda

To name a few important Malian events, Festival of Desert and Crossing of Cattle cannot be ignored. The former is an exciting cultural event full of music, dance and fun. However, the latter is a treat for cattle owners who migrate to reach to the other side of the river. They meet their families and participate in competition related to cattle. In Kenya, International Camel Derby festival is worth mentioning. It includes camel races inviting people from all over the world. Mombasa Carnival is another event full of interesting floats and parades. However, Ugandans meet at an arts and music platform to cherish Bayimba International Festival.

Other important festivals are Egyptian Marathon, Sahara Marathon, Moroccan Sacred Music Festival and so on.

Cultural Festivals in the Month of September

Cultural festivals in September: riverfire-brisbane-festival

September is abundant with interesting cultural festivals throughout. You can have good time with your friends and family by participating in exciting cultural festivals. The most famous festivals that are commemorated in the month of September have been listed here.

Colorful Cultural Festivals

Australians celebrate National Wattle Day to rejoice the coming of September. This festival consists of bringing wattles of diverse nature and spending time among them cherishing their beauty. Fairfield festival is also celebrated by Australians after the month of Ramadan. The Muslims fast during Ramadan and celebrate the festival of Eid shortly after it. In Fairfield festival, the people from various cultures flock together to have good time. Another festival with the name Brisbane Festival is also organized to entertain people through art displays, music, dance performances, circus and so on.

Unique and Diverse Cultural Festivals

Coptic New Year is a cultural festival which is commemorated to celebrate New Year. Another festival with the name Turning Wave Festival is rejoiced in September among art and music. Likewise, OzAsia Festival is commemorated in September in order to cherish Asian and Australian culture. The people dance and enjoy music along with nice food in this festival. The Germans celebrate Oktoberfest, a cultural festival which consists of food, dance and music. Children Festival is also organized in Australia which is a major attraction for children from various cultural backgrounds. Mid-Autumn Festival, an East Asian festival is also commemorated in September. 

Cultural Festivals of October-Diwali and Halloween Festivals

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Cultural festivals in October: Balloon Fiesta

October has lots of amazing festivals on its way. Let us shed light on some of the most colorful and famous festivals that are going to happen in October this year.

Fantasy Fest and Balloon Fiesta

Fantasy Fest is going to be celebrated in October in Florida. In this festival, the people take part in a colorful parade. The parties are organized in the area of Key West. At the time people are busy in the celebrations of Fantasy Fest in Florida, International Balloon Fiesta is commemorated in New Mexico. This festival is marked by 750 balloons that are flown into the air. The balloons included in the balloon fiesta are colorful and unique in design. Some of the balloons are meant for illumination purposes and look beautiful at night spreading light everywhere.

Cultural festivals in October: Diwali

Festival of Diwali and Halloween Festival

Another cultural festival of religious significance for Hindus is also organized in October. The festival of Diwali is commemorated among light, color, food and firecrackers. At the same time, Halloween is celebrated to create an interesting and terrific atmosphere. The people gather at a place wearing scary costumes and dresses. There are several things associated with Halloween festival like candy apples, pumpkin and various rituals. Another festival is arranged in October which includes pumpkins. This festival known as Keene Pumpkin Festival is a great fun experience for lots of people. Among firecrackers, lanterns and music, this festival takes excitement to great heights. On the whole, the month of October is a great time of the year for colorful cultural events. 

Cultural Festivals Starting in May

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Cultural festivals in May- Celtic festival in Australia

May brings enormous opportunities to celebrate cultural occasions for people around the world. Australia, being the big hub of multicultural activities fosters various cultural festivals. The most popular and widely recognized cultural festivals of May are listed below:

Australian Celtic Festival

Australian festivals are quite famous due to their vigor and colorful approach. The Celtic Festival in Australia presents a great opportunity for visitors across the world to enjoy dance and music. Embedded in deep culture, this festival is a good event to have fun and experience unlimited entertainment. The festival continues for four days providing glimpses of street parade, bands and stalls.

Buddha Birthday Festival

Buddha Birthday Festival held in Queensland is celebrated as the biggest festival among Buddhists’ festivals. It attracts over 150,000 people around the world and showcase Australia’s multicultural heritage. The most popular activities during this festival include having vegetarian food and witnessing various cultural customs. Here the people from various religious and cultural backgrounds are welcomed open-heartedly.

Paniyiri Greek Festival

This festival is rejoiced to pay homage to Greek culture and is the biggest cultural festival in Queensland. Here people get a chance to enjoy food of Greece and experience Greek’s culture to the maximum. The huge opportunities to sing and dance are here for the visitors.

All these cultural events offer great cultural experiences! Visit them to participate in excitement of multicultural settings. 

Cultural Festivals of June- Colorful and Interesting

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Cultural festival of June: Baby jumping

Whether it is the question of drenching oneself out of joy through beverages or tapping one’s feet in a club, June is full of exciting festivals! Let us have a look at some very interesting festivals out of thousands many!

Dragon Boat Festival and Baby-Jumping Festival

Chinese rejoice the month of June in the memory of a historical event. The festival is arranged which incorporates specially designed ‘dragons’. These dragons are floated in rivers and remind people of the tragedy caused by the death of Qu Yuan. Now talking about Spanish, a festival is arranged in Spain in which grown up people throw babies in the air. It is done to cleanse the babies’ soul of evil spirits.

Some Musical Festivals!

In England, Isle of Weight is celebrated in June to give a treat to music-lovers! On the other hand, Sonar spread joy and excitement in Spain by its music. Both of these music festivals are a major attraction for international music fans. Likewise, National Celtic Festival is rejoiced internationally to pay homage to Celtic culture.

Few English Festivals!

Riding of the Marches is commemorated in June to in memory of ancient history. Summer Solstice, another festival of considerable importance, is rejoiced in Stonehenge. The reason of the commemoration of this festival is that the sun is at the Northern Hemisphere at this time.

What is more! June has Bloomsday, Battle of the Wines, Glastonbury Festival, Feast of St Anthony and some other exciting events! 

Cultural Festivals of July-Eye-Catching and Novel

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July is the month when summer is at its peak in most parts of the world. A majority of people organize plenty of festivals to beat the summer! Various cultural festivals are rejoiced in July which has been briefly described here.


Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling, Running of the Bulls and Rath Yatra

This festival, originated in Ottoman Empire era, is an interesting cultural festival of Turkey. The people put oil on their bodies and wrestle with each other. The key is not letting oneself get into the grip of other person included in the wrestling game. While Turkish participates in oil wrestling, Spanish take part in bull running! The people take bulls in a ground and let them run after them! At the same time, Indians are busy making preparations to celebrate the occasion of Rath Yatra.

Australian Italian festival

Camel Cup, Tartan Day and Australian-Italian Festival

In the midst of the heat, Australians celebrate Camel cup in July. The people ride on camels and take part in camel race. Likewise, Scottish rejoices Tartan Day to remember the time of banning of wearing tartans by English law once. What is more! Italian culture is celebrated on Australian land in the form of cultural displays.

Near death experience festival

World Bodypainting Festival and Near-Death Experience Festival

In Austria, art is paid homage in the month of July in the form of bodypainting festival! Likewise, in Spain, a festival is commemorated bringing few people together to jump into coffins and mimic death!

There are dozens more novel festivals like Gilroy Garlic Festival, Heiva, Womad and so on!

Cultural Festivals of August- Diverse and Colorful

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Ambifair cultural festival in Brisbane

Ambifair Festival and Townsville Cultural Festival

Among various cultures of the world, lots of celebrations occur to spread happiness everywhere. The festivals are of particular importance because of the fun-filled atmosphere they create. In Brisbane, Ambifair festival is arranged in the month of August. This festival includes organizing stalls in market that features good food and multitude of entertainment. There are groups in the community that offer displays of arts and craft to others. Overall, the festival creates massive entertainment for all people. Likewise, Townsville cultural festival employs fusion of food, music, art, sports and dance to create excitement among Townsville natives.

Garma Festival of Arnhem land

Garma Festival, Darwin Festival and Mareeba Multicultural Festival

Garma festival is a local cultural event that is of cultural importance. The people from Arnhem Land rejoices multiple cultural in this particular festival. Darwin festival is another cultural festival that manifests Northern Territory’s peculiar stories and culture. Mareeba Festival is significant because of the diverse cultural displays in the respective festival.

henley-on-todd-regatta cultural festival

Henley-On-Todd Regatta and Tropical Wave Festival

Henley-On-Todd Regatta is a marvelous cultural festival that features rowing of boats. On Todd River bed, various rowers can be seen taking their boats to create sporting sight. The unique thing about this cultural festival is that the money received through this festival is sent to charity. Tropical Wave Festival is another cultural event that involves manifestations of art and various cultural performances to treat people’s eyes. On the whole, these cultural festivals present interesting and enjoyable events for lots of people.