Seasonal Festivals of December

Seasonal Festivals of December

Enjoy the delights of December among fun festivals in various parts of the world. The festivals vary in their nature and purpose but the overall aim is similar; to bring unlimited entertainment. So, get ready to have a tour in the region of your choice to participate in amazing December seasonal festivals.

Christmas Festivals

As you know, December is the month in which the birthday of Jesus Christ is celebrated. Therefore, you will find lots of festivals related to Christmas in December. In Germany, around sixty markets are organized especially for this occasion. The markets are full of food, music, stalls and full time excitement. Likewise, the markets for the celebration of Christmas are also set up in Paris. Special delights are arranged for rejoicing the occasion of Christmas. Above all, the festivals are celebrated in all the major parts of the world.

Harvest and Autumn Festivals

As December arrives, the Australians have a big event to celebrate. The festival is National Cherry Festival which is of peculiar importance especially to farmers. The reason is that this time this occasion will be commemorated another festival titled Australian Year of Farmer. So, it will be a huge attraction for the farmers’ community in Australia. At the same time, French celebrate Autumn festival to welcome the coming of a new season. Another festival of interest for the Germans is ChocolART Festival. It is a great delight for the chocolate lovers who can taste chocolates of various sorts here.

Religious Festivals of December

december's religious festivals

In December, lots of religious festivals are commemorated around the world. The people flock together to celebrate their religious rituals. They take spiritual blessings from their religious mentors. The religious festivals not only provide a chance to people to get spiritual fulfillment, but also to share their joys and sorrows.

Christian Festivals

December starts with an important Christian festival, Advent of Christian New Year of Church. In addition, the Christians also celebrate Feast of Immaculate Conception this month. The significance of this festival lies in the conception of Jesus by Mary without committing Original Sin. Also, Christmas is commemorated to rejoice the birthday of Jesus Christ. Another Christian religious festival, St Stephen’s Day is celebrated by Roman Catholics to memorize the martyrdom of St Stephen.

Buddhist Festival and Jewish Festival

The Buddhists celebrate Bodhi Day in the month of December. This festival is commemorated for attainment of Enlightenment by Gautama near Bodhi Tree in North India. A Jewish festival, Hanukkah is also commemorated in this month. This festival is significant because of the remembrance of a victory of Jews when they persecuted the Holy Land. Also, this festival rejoices the miracle of burning oil.

Pagan Festival

A pagan festival, Yule is commemorated in this month at the occasion of winter solstice. The festival features the rebirth of sun child. Also, it signifies the renewal of life through the depiction of Gods’ love.

Food Festivals of December

december  food festivals

December, the last month of the year is full of exciting food festival for you. The famous interesting food festivals going to be organized in the end of year 2012 have been enlisted below:

Holiday Ale Festival, commemorated in Portland, is a major food event for those obsessed with delicious meals. The great thing about this food festival is the warm environment created by the festival organizers. Although the temperature here is quite chilly, yet the presence of a large tent keeps the venue cozy and warm. Also, the festival is a colorful event full of lights and great sights of the city.

For wine-lovers, New Paltz brings a huge festival, Wreath and Fineries on Shawangunk Wine Trail. The participants of the festival get a chance to enjoy wines of delicious flavors. They are welcomed with a souvenir and a wreath on reaching at the first winery. When the person visits the other wineries, he is endowed with ornaments for decorating their wreath. Virginia Wine Showcase is another great food festival for wine-tasters especially. You will get a change to taste international wines here free of cost.

December is proud to have an exciting food festival by Boulder County’s Markets of Farmers. It has special cuisines made for winter season. Not only this festival has a good collection of gourmet foods, but it is abundant with exciting art and crafts’ pieces. The interesting thing about this particular event is that farmers of Boulder and Longmont take part in it to relish tasty cuisines.

Film Festivals of December

december film festivals

Dubai Film Festival and International Film Festival

Though, there has been only seven years since this festival came into scene yet it is considered one of the greatest film festivals. The most significant thing about this festival is its extremely big budget. It is an exciting venue for movie lovers and famous celebrities. The festival is famous because of its appreciation of the local talent to a great level. On the whole, the festival helps promote the films of diverse cultures to get international fame. Another film festival of interest for you is International Film Festival Summit. This festival teaches you a lot of things like working machinery of films and ways to sponsor movies. It is an interesting event for those concerned with movie-making as a prospective career.

Latin America Film Festival and Santa Fe Film Festival

Latin America Film festival is a great occasion commemorated in London for the featuring of the best film across the world. The festival promotes the famous movies and talent of Latin America here in London. The majority of movies in this festival are showcased in the cinemas of Central London. Then there is Santa Fe Film festival which is devoted to the promotion of cinema art at national and international level. The festival assists Mexico in getting its culture promoted across the world.

Despite the film festivals mentioned above, December has few others great events to present also. So be ready to get the most of the exciting film festivals occurring around the globe.

Date Wise Calendar of December Festivals

festival calender of december

December 1-15

  • On 2nd December, First Sunday of Advent is commemorated by Christian community. The festival is full of wreaths, candles and exclusive rituals.
  • On 8th, Immaculate Conception is observed by Christians to honor the chastity of Virgin Mary.
  • On 9th, Jewish celebrate Festival of Lights; Chanokah. This festival reminds them of the recapturing of Jerusalem temple. The number of candles lit for this festival is increased by the coming of each year.

December 16-31

  • 24th of December has an interesting festival for children; Carols by Candlelight. The event encompassed special rituals of sitting by a candle on a rug and singing carols. The carols signify spreading the message of goodwill and peace everywhere.
  • The 25th of December is really important event for Christians. Christmas is celebrated on this day to rejoice the birthday of Jesus Christ. The festival includes coming of Santa Claus, decoration of Christmas tree, spreading gifts among children and so on.
  • On 26th December, Australians cherish the exciting boxing match on Boxing Day. On the same day, a yacht race is also organized.
  • The 27th December has a colorful festival for multi-cultures. The Woodford Folk Festival is the name given to this event that is full of amazing stalls, art and crafts, music, food and theatre.
  • On the last day of December, New Year Eve is celebrated across the world. The celebrations include fireworks, lightings and drinking in various cultures.

Cultural Festivals of South America

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south american festivals

The culture of South America is rich with exciting rituals and interesting festivals. At times, you get to see people celebrating their traditional dance with music. You may also see the people fighting evil spirits at a huge festival. Thus, there are various sorts of events that South Americans rejoice as an evidence of their lively hearts and spirits. Let us discuss the some of the most frequently visited South American festivals here.

The most famous cultural festival of South America is Carvanal. This unique event is celebrated in four countries in South America. It is considered the hottest event ever commemorated in the continent of South America. You would see people dancing in beautiful costumes everywhere. So take out your favorite dress and visit the Carnaval festival this year.

For your excitement, Mexico has got an interesting festival for you too. This festival is known as Feria San Marcos and is a treat for music lovers. It is a great event for Mexicans to showcase their traditional dances and cultural displays through a magnificent festival.

If you are looking for more exciting festivals in South America, look for Reveillon and Manca Feista. Both of these festivals are extremely entertaining events full of music and dance. In the House of Negrillos is another amazing cultural festival. It has so much to make your day while you smile and laugh at the interesting events there. So, get ready to become part of one of these amazing South American events now.

Cultural Festivals of December

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cultural events in december

New Year Eve

December is the month that marks the termination of the year. The biggest festival that is commemorated in the last month of the year is the New Year Eve. This festival marks the beginning of a new year that is welcomed with an open heart by various communities of the world. The people gather together with their families to rejoice this festival. They lit lights and crack the firecrackers to celebrate the coming of the new year.

Christmas Festival

The second greatest festival of December is Christmas Day. It is meant to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ. Besides being a religious event, this festival is a great cultural event too. Santa Claus, a bearded old man, distributes gifts among children and sings Christmas songs with them. Also, the priests lit up churches with candles and bless people with special prayers. This festival is celebrated on the 25th of December each year by the Christian community with great zeal and zest.

Miscellaneous Festivals

There are three other fun cultural festivals namely Boxing Day and Woodford Folk Festival. The former is a sports event with interesting boxing match while latter is a celebration of culture. The Woodford Folk Festival is a diverse cultural event with theatre, art, food and music. Junkanoo is another cultural festival which is similar to Woodford Folk Festival in many respects. It has dance, music, art as well as colorful costumes along with a parade. It is commemorated in Bahamas while Woodford Folk is an Australian cultural festival.