Easter- Festival that brings life

Easter- Festival that brings life

Easter Eggs

Christmas is the main festival of the Christians but Easter is another one. It is considered to be one of the most pious festivals of the Christians is the Easter. It is celebrated on Sunday just after the arrival of the full moon after the end of spring. It is eve time for the Christians to party and celebrate this day with their relatives and enjoy a lavish dinner. People rejoice this day. People read the Bible and elders tell the legendary story of this festival to the kids.

Most of the people this day exchange gifts with their relatives. The people believe in colouring the eggs in different bright and vibrant colours and distributing it among the relatives. This custom is believed to bring luck and new life to the people. The different churches provide various types of services to its people this day. The people go to the churches, sing prayers, hymns and songs and worship their lord. Read more..


Easter eggsEaster is the most important Christian festival of the year relating to the crucifixion and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter is a movable festival which occurs between 22nd March and 25th April as it is celebrated on the first Sunday that falls after the first full moon following the spring equinox. Easter marks the end of the Lent; a 40 day fasting period.

The Roman Catholics offer special prayers in the church every Friday till Good Friday. As Jesus was crucified on Friday, it is a sad day for the Christians. A special mass is held on Friday at 3 pm sharp as Jesus Christ was crucified at this hour. A Special midnight Mass is also held on Saturday, the eve of Easter. In some churches, all candles are extinguished on Thursday and then on Easter eve, new candles are lit. The main candle called the Paschal candle is white in color with a red cross on it and signifies the presence of the Christ amongst the people. This candle is lit for a whole month and also on special occasions. People light their candles with it as well. Easter Sunday symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus and begins with special prayers in the church. For Christians too, it is a sign of a new beginning.

Easter candleThe day is then spent greeting and visiting friends and family and feasting. Easter eggs and Easter bunnies are some Easter traditions. Easter eggs represent a new life. Brightly colored eggs are hid all around the house and the garden for children to find. The eggs can be of chocolate or they may be an egg shaped container with goodies inside. Other traditional Easter foods are hot cross buns, roast duck or roast lamb.

Christian Festivals in April

christian-festivals-in-aprilApril is an important month to all Christians, with Easter itself being the most important event in the Christian calendar apart from Christmas. Almost every Christian festival in the month of April is celebrated universally across multiple cultures and societies; some of the most famous being:


  • the Easter Week or Holy Week,
  • Palm Sunday,
  • Maundy Thursday or Holy Thursday,
  • Good Friday,
  • Easter Sunday, and
  • St George’s Day

Apart from the sixth festival which is largely celebrated in England and English colonial communities only, every other event is possibly universal, with only dates varying between the Catholics and Orthodoxies. The first celebration leading to the Easter Week would be the Palm Sunday which recalls the last week of Jesus’ life. The Holy Week which comes within is a week of remembering Jesus and his entrance to Jerusalem where he was crucified, something that is celebrated on the coming Friday known as the Good Friday. In between is the Maundy Thursday or Holy Thursday which recalls the last supper in which Jesus had celebrated the Passover meal with his disciples. Then comes the most important day, the Easter Sunday when every Christian celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. St George’s Day is rather culturally inclined, celebrating the holy day of the Patron Saint of England.

The Top Three Festivals in the Christian Religion

top-three-festivals-in-the-christian-religion1The Top Three Festivals in the Christian Religion

Christianity is the largest religion in the world, spreading across almost every continent on earth. In regard to both the religion and the culture there are plenty of festivals based onChristianity. Most of these festivals are celebrated universally as well. The three most famous and important festivals in the Christian calendar would include:
    Lent
    Easter
    Christmas
Of the three, the bottom two are celebrated around the globe. Easter is the season in which Christians all over the world remember the burial and resurrection of Jesus after being crucified. In some places, Easter is a more important festival than Christmas itself. Christmas on the other hand is celebrated to mark the birth of Jesus Christ. Lent isn’t as famous everywhere. It is more widely known among the European, Asian, and American populations. It is a special occasion beginning on the day of Ash Wednesday, the day after Shrove Tuesday; when most Christians (who celebrate) would go to the church and have the cross sign marked on their foreheads in ash. It’s a festival that leads up to the Easter season when rich foods would be eaten prior to the upcoming fasting activity.