Father’s Day

Father’s Day

Father’s Day is celebrated by the children in 60 countries of the world to show love and respect for their fathers. It is celebrated on different days; the third Sunday of June is the most common day. Father’s Day was initiated by a lady Sonora Dodd whose father, a civil war veteran, brought up his children after the death of his wife. Father’s Day is a way of showing appreciation for the troubles and toils a father goes through to provide his children the best in life.

Fathers are providers; the bread winners of the family. Their word is considered the final authority in all matters. They are a pillar of support for their children and “I will tell my dad” scares away the biggest bullies. A child is seen to be more attached to his mother than father as a father’s job keeps him away from home for a long time. Plus fathers are at times strict but that does not mean that they are cold hearted. Even a father’s heart cries out when his child is hurt. A smile from his little one cheers up dad. Although fathers do not show their emotions easily, they too are hungry for the words “I Love you Dad”.

So go ahead and tell him how much you love him on this father’s day.

To all Fathers on this Father’s day

by on June 8, 2009
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fathers_day_sunsetTo all Fathers on this Father’s day

Fathers are such wonderful people who are not always appreciated. Often the praises usually go to the mothers. Though we do not spend much time with our fathers as they struggle through the day to provide all the possible luxuries and comfort and protect us from all cruelties of the world, for us he is always a hero of the scrimmage. For these and other reasons, he is too little understood. Fathers are always an inspiration and guide us in our every step of life. Those who have lost their fathers know the importance of their existence.
In order to celebrate their importance in life, Father’s day is celebrated the third week of June in many countries worldwide. Some countries celebrate this day according to their rituals and religious calendars. The widely accepted father’s day falls in the third week of June though. This year it will be celebrated on June 21, 2009. Though fathers cannot be honored just by celebrating a day as ‘father’s day’, it’s essential to understand their importance in our life. They are silent, but deep down inside their heart they love just as much as our mothers and are not less than our mothers en masse.