Seasonal Festivals of February

february seasonal festivals

Seasonal New Year Events

While talking about the seasonal events of the month of February, we cannot forget to mention Chinese New Year. This event marks the excellent celebrations in view of the beginning of the moon year. Festival of First Day is another big seasonal event that is celebrated by Vietnamese. It also is commemorated to cherish new year celebrations. The color of spring can be felt from the very nature of these new year festivals.

Winter Festivals

What is the best way to enjoy coldest weather? Chinese seem to know that by having their International Snow and Ice Festival. They create houses made up of snow and savor in icy accessories. The Canadians, however, busy themselves with their Winter Carnival. It is an attempt to keep them warm in the face of chilly blows. Venice Carnival is another example of dealing with winter beautifully by commemorating a festival.

Harvest and Other Festivals

Pasola is Indonesian harvest festival that employs the use of spears by opposite teams. They have a fierce competition with each other causing chills to run down the spine! Argungu Fishing expedition is also here to give Nigerians a chance to enjoy seafood. Another festival of great repute is St. Valentine’s Day. It is a day when the lover express their love for each other by sending each other cards, wishes etc. However, the Bolivians pride themselves in Oruro Carnival which is a way to showcase costumes and dances to cherish the season.

Religious Festivals of February

christian religious festivals

Are you interested in knowing about the festivals of religious nature commemorated in various parts of the world? Let me tell you briefly about them so you can see which one you can attend in February.

Christian Festivals

The Christians have a lot of interesting festivals that they rejoice in this month. Candlemas is an interesting event in which the people use candles for blessings. They get them blessed from the church and shower blessings on each other. Also, Pancake Day is celebrated by Christians where they get ready for fasting and prepare rich food. Ash Wednesday is another major religious ceremony in which the devotees use ashes to show their love for the religion. This event leads to the Easter ceremony of Christians.

Japanese, Chinese and Buddhist Festivals

The Japanese are more than happy to celebrate their Bean Throwing Festival in February. It is done to drive evil spirits away by throwing away beans in dark edges with loud cries. The Chinese, however, busy themselves with celebrations of new year with their Teng Chieh festival. They lit up lanterns of various colors except white to rejoice their celebrations. However, the Buddhists are pleased to honor their religious leader Gautama Buddha at this birthday.

Muslim and Jewish Festivals

The Muslims happily celebrate the birthday of their beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in this month. The Jews, however, rejoice their New Year of Trees festival by planting trees in their loved ones’ names. They also eat those fruits that are suggested by their religious book Torah.

Film Festivals of February

film festivals in february

Film festivals have become a trend these days all across the world. Where cinema industry is, film festivals crop up by themselves. They provide an opportunity for the people to get the best of the film displayed at a place. Let us mention some noteworthy film festivals of the world.

American Film Festivals

In California State, the Academy Award Nominations are held in February. They give honor to those whose work in film industry seems to stand out. Also, American Film Market Festival is arranged in Los Angeles. It is a home to films from various genres that get a chance to be showcased here. Aspen Shortfest, a short film festival is another major event for the Americans. It is organized in the state of Colorodo among thousands spectators.

German Film Festivals

German film festivals are not less of an entertainment for the movie-lovers. With Berlin International Film Festival, you get an international exposure into movie industry. Also, Berlin has another film festival for you right in February. It is Berlin Video Festival that is slightly varied from the former.  Nonetheless, it is a must visit occasion. If you still want to go for another German festival, European Film Market is right here for you too.

UK Film Festivals

UK has got a couple of film festivals reserved for you for this month. One is Southampton Film Festival and the other is Edinburgh Fringe Movie Festival. Both of these events offer great chances of having a day or night out in grand movie festivals like these.

Date Wise Calendar of Festivals of February

Date Wise Calendar of Festivals of February

There is countless number of festivals that get a chance to be celebrated in February. We cannot sum up all these famous events here. However, we can highlight some of the important festivals commemorated in February. Here a date wise calendar of festivals is given that includes only the significant events. Let us have a look at them.

Festivals from 1-13 February

We have a big round of interesting festivals this month. Starting from Shopping Festival of Dubai, we have events like New Zealand’s Laneway Festival and Italy’s Valentines Festival. Besides, an Ice and Snow Festival is arranged in China to celebrate the coming of new season. Also, they have their new year festival in February. Other noteworthy events of February are Gaspiralla Pirate Festival and Groundhog Day Festival. However, the Italians like to have their Viareggio Carnaval in this month. The Australians, somehow, commemorate their festival called Good Vibrations.

Festivals from 14-29 February

The people in Thailand commemorate their Full Moon Party here. It is a big festival with lots of fun and entertainment. Tropfest, an Australian event is organized in the latter half of February too. Tango Festival, a festival from Argentina; Sydney Mardi Gras, an Australian festival and Ireland’s Father Ted Festival are also noteworthy festivals. The Canadian festival Quebec Carnaval is another good example of February festivals.

So, now you have taken a look at the important festivals’ list for the month of February. Visit any festival that you like to have fun.

Cultural Festivals of February

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Spanish Carnivals

Every cultural group cherishes its specific cultural norms and values. They do so in the form of festivals that showcases their cultural heritage. The best way to show one’s culture is organizing a cultural event. Trinidad Carnival is one such occasion that gives Spanish a chance to manifest their culture in fancy costumes. They wear costumes to take part in King and Queen dress competitions. Also, they play music and celebrate this event with light and dance. Tenerife Carnaval is another Spanish event that gives people a chance to celebrate their culture.

Brazilian Carnival and Saudi Arabian Cultural Festival

The Brazilians are happy to rejoice their carnival with a public musical band and dance displays. The festival allows people to participate in it by dancing to the tunes played. The event is named Rio de Janeiro Carnaval. If you are not content with carnival celebrations feel free to visit Saudi Arabia. It has Jenadriyah National Festival that showcases cultural art displays. It has an interesting camel race at the start of the festival to arouse your interest too.

Italian and Russian Cultural Celebrations

Viareggio Carnevale, the famous Italian cultural event is considered one of the best European carnivals. It is commemorated at a place where Shelly, the renowned poet got drowned. Another famous Italian event is Battle of the Oranges that includes rituals like throwing oranges at others. Maslenitsa is a Russian festival that has pancakes as its special treat of the event. It is commemorated with great enthusiasm throughout Russia.

Orange Throwing Festival

Orange Throwing FestivalThe orange throwing festival takes place in Ivrea, a town in North Italy. The origins of the festival are unclear but it is said that it symbolizes the revolt against the tyrannous Count Ranieri of Biandrate. Among his many vices was lust for young women and he allegedly deflowered the young brides on their wedding night. Ones young bride Violetta however decided that the Count had had enough and when taken to his castle after her wedding, cut his head off with a dagger she had hidden in her dress. She then displayed the head to the crowd outside the castle who then attacked and burned the castle.

The orange throwing festival is celebrated to commemorate the revolution brought about by the courageous Violetta. It is also said that in the middle 1800s, the girls used to throw oranges from the balconies at young men participating in annual carriage parade to get their attention. The young men responded by throwing oranges back at them. After World War-2, the orange throwing festival became an official celebration.

Orange Throwing FestivalEvery year three thousands participants are divided into nine teams to celebrate the orange throwing festival. The teams on foot are the revolutionaries and those on carriages symbolize the Count’s guards. The commencement of the festival is signaled by holding a child in the air. Oranges are thrown at each other with considerable force and can actually hit one hard as during the cold February days the oranges become as tough as a ball.

The Fascinating Pingxi Lantern Festival

Fascinating Pingxi Lantern FestivalPingxi Lantern Festival is a unique and an amazing festival of Taiwan. Pingxi is a remote village in Taiwan located in a mountainous area. The rocky terrain made it quite difficult to reach the village in olden days. The inhabitants of the area were also a frequent victim of loot and plunder. To let everyone know that they were safe, the people came up with the novel idea of releasing paper lanterns in the sky. Over the years this practice took the form of an annual cultural festival.

Now with various modes of transportation and with wide media coverage, the festival has gained popularity and draws huge crowds every year.

The fascinating Pingxi Lantern festival in Taiwan takes place on the 15th day of the Chinese New Year which is somewhere in late February. Thousands of lanterns made out of bamboo and rice paper are lit and released in the sky at dusk. The lanterns are tastefully decorated with colorful pictures and inscribed with the wishes for prosperous New Year. These lanterns are the messengers which carry the people’s hopes and aspirations to the skies. The sight is truly amazing and lingers in your mind for a long time to come.

Valentine’s Day

valentine's dayValentine’s Day falls on the 14th of February, it is a day associated with love. It gives people an opportunity to express their feelings and to let the special person in their life know how much he or she is loved.

Among the various stories which circulate regarding its origin, the most popular one is about a priest named Valentine who lived during the reign of the Roman Emperor Claudius II. The Emperor was of the opinion that married men did not make good soldiers so he ordered all the soldiers in his army to remain single. The good priest Valentine however did not agree with the Emperor and performed secret marriages of the soldiers. He was discovered and thrown in the prison by the Emperor. On the eve of his execution, he supposedly wrote the first valentine to his beloved (the jailer’s daughter whom he had befriended while in jail); the letter read”from your valentine”.

From that day onwards people sharing an intimate relationship present each other flowers, chocolates and valentine greeting cards to express their love. Till the 20th century, it was popular among the westerners only but now it is widely celebrated by lovers all over the world.