Seasonal Festivals of November

seasonal festivals

Day of Dead Festival

In November, Day of the Dead is rejoiced with great excitement in Mexico. This festival is celebrated to cherish the memories of one’s departed loved ones. It is an excellent food festival too in which delicious meals are served. At the same time, in India, Pushkar Camel Festival is commemorated. It is an exciting event with the inclusion of music and songs. Also, it manifests the culture of India through amazing stall displays.

Thanksgiving Day Parade

The third major seasonal festival is organized in United States. It is named Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and it is a really interesting event. The festival is a huge entertainment for both children and adults due to its giant floats. The floats have amazing big characters that roam about the New York City. The bands also follow where the floats go making this festival a success.

Monkey Buffet Festival

Another major attraction of November is a unique Monkey Buffet Festival. This event is celebrated in Thailand to attract thousands of animal-lovers. The interesting thing about this festival consists of distributing vegetables and fruits to monkeys. This seasonal festival is also a good occasion to attract tourist from all over the world.

Besides, there are few more seasonal festivals that are organized in the month of November. An important festival among November’s seasonal festivals is Disney’s Halloween festival, Disney’s Dream, Disney’s Enchanted Christmas and few other magical Disney events. Be prepared to get the most of the coming November and enjoy with your loved ones.

Seasonal Festivals of North America

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flower festivals

North America is never short of adventurous events and festivals. The people love to party around and festivals are must-visit events. You can have hell lot of fun by simply visiting the following three famous seasonal events of North America. The description is given below for your information:

Portland Rose Festival

This festival is literally a beautiful place to enjoy yourself of a scented atmosphere. The roses of various sorts can be seen and smelled here. Not only can you find roses of different varieties here, but also you can have good food here. The festival is follweod by grand parades and a long fair is commemorated too.

Summerfest Milwaukee

The advent of summer is met with a beautiful event known as Summerfest. It is basically a musical event with over 700 musical bands participating in the festival. It is also considered one of the largest music festivals of the world. It prolongs for a period of eleven days full of excitement and fun.

Calgary Stampede

It is a grand celebration of the cultural heritage of Calgary, Alberta. An annual stampede is commemorated here with various colorful events. The intermingling of fireworks, musical events and food festivals make this event a desirable one. For music lovers, it is definitely a must-visit occasion because of the arrival of various music icons.

On the whole, the North American festivals are full of entertainment. You can gain a lot through visiting anyone of your interest. So, do not forget to come along with your family there.

Seasonal Festivals of May

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may festivals

The seasonal festivals present adventurous opportunities for people to celebrate the arrivals of new seasons. The month of May signified the arrival of summer and also the going of spring season. Countless interesting seasonal festivals are arranged in May in various parts of the world.

Seasonal Festivals of Portugal and Canada

The Portuguese celebrate the occasion of spring in May by spreading flowers everywhere. The sweets are distributed among people on this event also. Canadian Tulip Festival is celebrated in Canada with enthusiasm to welcome the spring. This festival, characterized by the presence of tulip bulbs, is a major attraction for people all over the world.

Easter and May Day       

Easter is a Christian festival which is rejoiced in the month of May. The people celebrate this occasion by taking blessings from Priest. Likewise, May Day is celebrated on the arrival of this month by dancing and selecting May Queen.

Seasonal Festivals of India

In Indian soil, numerous cultures dwell and celebrate the coming of various seasons. In Rajasthan, Mount Abu Summer Festival is arranged in May which consists of exhibitions of art and culture. Ooty Summer Festival is also of particular importance because of variety of displays. Arranged in Tamil Nadu, this festival includes animals’ show and fruits and vegetable displays. Similarly, Shimla Summer Festival enjoys the status of being an exciting food and music festival.

Seasonal Festivals of March

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spring festivals

As the Month of March nears, we can see people busy themselves in Spring celebrations. Here and there, people commemorate fun-filled events and exciting festivals. At times, we can see them dancing to the happy tunes or having delicious meals. There are many other ways through which the people commemorate their seasonal events. Here, a brief description of some famous March events is given.

Chandler Ostrich Festival

It is one of the unique events in which people include animals as well. The people not only participate in fun events, but organize ostrich race events also. They also have fun by taking part in interesting activities right on the day of this festival. They listen to music while their children busy themselves in zoo and kids’ zone.


Hanami is a great seasonal event of Japan that is also known as Cherry Blossom Festival. The reason of the fame of this event is that the people right amidst spring enjoy this flowery occasion. At this time, the trees are all covered with flowers that create an interesting sight.

Tempe Festival of Art

What to speak of this greatest art event; it is beyond doubt one of the biggest art festivals. It is not only focused on art work, but you can see miscellaneous activities parallel to this occasion as well. These activities include having good time making the most of the music played in the background. To add more vigor to the occasion, the musicians participate in the event and play merry tones.

Seasonal Festivals of June

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summer festivals

Get ready to know about top seasonal festivals of June. As June accounts for the arrival of summer, this month gets to have many summer festivals. Most of them are commemorated to welcome summer.  Let us have a look at some good festivals!

Summer Solstice

It is one of the most famous seasonal festivals of June. The history of Summer Solstice lies is ancient times when men used to worship sun. This event is celebrated in different parts of the world with zeal and zest. Some come to Stonehenge for religious affiliation while others just come fascinated by this festival. The people flock together on the longest summer day-21st June near Stonehenge. They witness the rising of the sun at the time of dawn. Many rejoice this event among eatables of various sorts. Bonfires are organized and several ancient customs are revitalized on this very day.

Inti Raymi

This festival is a famous attraction for visitors in Peru. The festival is commemorated by staging an ancient ritual. This festival hosts countless spectators who gather at a place to witness the ceremonies. The origin of this festival lies in paying tribute to sun. Many consider it a festival of pagans due to its ancient association with God of Sun.

Regatta of St Ranieri

This festival of Venice is famous because of the unique boat competition. The competitors are made to row in the river and prizes are handed over to the winners. The losers are abused and given goslings while the winners receive roosters or ox.

Seasonal Festivals of July

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summer festivals

July is a season that marks the peak of summer in various regions. Especially in Eastern countries, summer is at the top in the month of July. The seasonal festivals of July are full of excitement and adventure! Let us take you to highlights about some famous seasonal festivals of July! These are some of the hot festivals that are rejoiced in various parts of the world.

Wife-Carrying Championships

This festival is unique in nature and involves carrying one’s wife to participate in this festival. There are some rules which are applicable on participants. The man can only carry the woman that is actually his wife. The woman must not be less than seventeen in age and must weigh at least 49 kilograms.

Nadaam and Calgary Stampede

This Mangolian festival is commemorated to arrange various manly sports. The men participate in wrestling, horse racing and similar other sports. Some drinking rituals are also included in this festival. Calgary Stampede is another popular festival of unique nature. This Canadian festival consists of cowboys taking part in horse race.

Marrakesh Art Festival and Gion Matsuri

This festival is Morocco’s famous art festival. The snake-charmers, musicians and artists come up to make this festival great. Likewise, Japanese commemorate Gion Matsuri and arrange a parade. The festival involves float parades and various Japanese traditions are manifested. The floats have people who represent various Japanese provinces.

So be prepared to join any of these exciting seasonal festivals in July!

Seasonal Festivals of January

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january seasonal festivals

Winter Leaps In!

The month of January accompanies chilly winds as a souvenir of winter with people preparing for multi-purpose festivals. The icy cold wind of this month leads Japanese to come out in the open and prepare for bonfire. This seasonal event is termed Yamayaki and attracts multitudes of people here. Some people look at the moon calendar to celebrate their occasion of Mid Autumn Moon Festival. They have a huge gathering in Taiwan where families gather around at a site and enjoy their celebrations.

The Flowery Occasions

January is not short of the beautiful flowery festivals like Cherry Blossom Festival, Spring Festival, Flora Egypt Fair and Southeastern Flower Show. These events are commemorated in Japan, China, Egypt and America respectively. The people move out of their houses to view beautiful flower beds and bouquets arranged in sophisticated forms. It gives them a pleasure to look at these amazingly organized floral events.

Few Harvest Festivals

The Italians are never happy till they celebrate their very own Battle of the Oranges festival. They throw oranges at each other to share their joys at this season of oranges. However, Indians pride themselves in Pongal Festival to cherish the harvest season. They are happy to sit at one place and have good meals, and sing and dance at the new harvest cutting. It represents their culture as well catching the eyes of people from various cultures. It is a big religious as well as traditional festival for the Indians as well.

Seasonal Festivals of February

february seasonal festivals

Seasonal New Year Events

While talking about the seasonal events of the month of February, we cannot forget to mention Chinese New Year. This event marks the excellent celebrations in view of the beginning of the moon year. Festival of First Day is another big seasonal event that is celebrated by Vietnamese. It also is commemorated to cherish new year celebrations. The color of spring can be felt from the very nature of these new year festivals.

Winter Festivals

What is the best way to enjoy coldest weather? Chinese seem to know that by having their International Snow and Ice Festival. They create houses made up of snow and savor in icy accessories. The Canadians, however, busy themselves with their Winter Carnival. It is an attempt to keep them warm in the face of chilly blows. Venice Carnival is another example of dealing with winter beautifully by commemorating a festival.

Harvest and Other Festivals

Pasola is Indonesian harvest festival that employs the use of spears by opposite teams. They have a fierce competition with each other causing chills to run down the spine! Argungu Fishing expedition is also here to give Nigerians a chance to enjoy seafood. Another festival of great repute is St. Valentine’s Day. It is a day when the lover express their love for each other by sending each other cards, wishes etc. However, the Bolivians pride themselves in Oruro Carnival which is a way to showcase costumes and dances to cherish the season.

Seasonal Festivals of Europe

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european seasonal festivals

The continent of Europe is full of interesting sights and sounds. You can have everything you want in Europe, not to name means of entertainment. In entertainment, the festivals come at the first that have a big role to play there. Let us talk about some of the most interesting and famous European festivals. I hope you will find many of them eye-openers as well.

Throwing Festivals

Let me tell you about some of the festivals that involve throwing objects at people. Don’t get scared; the objects are simple eatables like oranges and tomatoes. I am talking about two separate festivals here. One is Spanish festival La Tomatina that involves throwing loads of tomatoes on the participants. Well, another festival is related to throwing oranges to people. It is commemorated in Italy and the event is named Battle of Oranges.

Racing Events

Europe is not short of extreme sport events that include animals in the festivals. One such event is Running of Bulls, a Spanish festival that gets thousands of visitors annually. It is extremely exciting as well as risky event too. The people run while they are chased away by roaring bulls. Well, another such event is Italian festival Palio that includes horses in the race. The horse riders come along with their horses and take lead in the event.

The festivals described above are the ones that represent the culture of few European countries. You can visit these festivals and enjoy the taste of excitement at its peak there.

Seasonal Festivals of December

Seasonal Festivals of December

Enjoy the delights of December among fun festivals in various parts of the world. The festivals vary in their nature and purpose but the overall aim is similar; to bring unlimited entertainment. So, get ready to have a tour in the region of your choice to participate in amazing December seasonal festivals.

Christmas Festivals

As you know, December is the month in which the birthday of Jesus Christ is celebrated. Therefore, you will find lots of festivals related to Christmas in December. In Germany, around sixty markets are organized especially for this occasion. The markets are full of food, music, stalls and full time excitement. Likewise, the markets for the celebration of Christmas are also set up in Paris. Special delights are arranged for rejoicing the occasion of Christmas. Above all, the festivals are celebrated in all the major parts of the world.

Harvest and Autumn Festivals

As December arrives, the Australians have a big event to celebrate. The festival is National Cherry Festival which is of peculiar importance especially to farmers. The reason is that this time this occasion will be commemorated another festival titled Australian Year of Farmer. So, it will be a huge attraction for the farmers’ community in Australia. At the same time, French celebrate Autumn festival to welcome the coming of a new season. Another festival of interest for the Germans is ChocolART Festival. It is a great delight for the chocolate lovers who can taste chocolates of various sorts here.

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