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Critics are the back bone for ensuring work quality in various fields and film industry is no exception. Several critics are attached to various film hubs and in various countries working for the betterment of industry and they scrutinize the work and announce Significant Critics’ Awards for good jobs done. Several organizations and associations arrange these Significant Critics’ Awards with specific terms and conditions while following set criteria. Interestingly some Significant Critics’ Awards have been famous with their nick names or names which are not really official. Example is that “Hollywood’s Academy Awards” are usually called “Oscar”. In certain cases awards are named after the organization or forum arranging the award. These are however in three major categories namely:

  1. Critics’ Awards are periodically announced by a group of critics.
  2. Festival Awards are from amongst the films shown in a specific film festival.
  3. Industry Awards are given to selected professionals who contributed significantly to some branch of industry.
  1. The “International Federation of Film Critics” is abbreviated as FIPRESCI because of its French name “Fédération Internationale de la Presse Cinématographique”. This is a critics’ association of national organizations of film critics as well as journalists. It is a global set up for the development and promotion of film cultures and for looking after the interests of film as a profession. This Significant Critics’ Awards were first initiated in 1930 from Belgium and expanded worldwide to fifty countries by now. Various famous film festivals and the films shown therein are the selection base for this forum like “Cannes Film Festival” or very popular “Venice Film Festival”. The selected films need to be innovatively made. There are minimum 15 Significant Critics’ Awards given out so far to various personalities from film industry.  Interestingly the award recipients, sometimes do not  agree to decision regarding the Industry Awards as Robert Bresson did this in Cannes Film Festival in1974 having differed with the decision that he deserved some other award category. That is of course, part of the selection process as well as individual choices within a human nature.
  2. “The Argentine Academy of Cinematography Arts and Sciences” gives out its Significant Critics’ Awards for recognizing outstanding film makers from Argentina. These Industry Awards are known as “Premios Sur” presented each year by the Academy to various industry workers including technicians, producers, directors and actors etc. The Academy comprises of 220 voting members for the films released in Argentine.
  3. Formed in 1996 for Significant Critics’ Awards, AFCA began as the Melbourne Film Critics’ Forum, expanding to a national organization in 2004. In the same year, AFCA became an Australian representative of the International Federation of Film Critics(FIPRESCI), which comprises the national organizations of professional film critics and film journalists from around the world. FIPRESCI has members in more than 50 countries worldwide. AFCA helped to establish the first FIPRESCI jury at the Adelaide Film Festival.

4.      Australian Film Critics Association (AFCA) is a group of famous professional critics in Australia comprising film journalists, film reviewers etc providing deliberations, discussions, technical analysis and discussing various aspects of word cinema. This is the Significant Critics’ Awards forum that focuses on mainstream cinema and independent cinema to take care of various films that were challenging. The forum started in 2008 taking 2007 films into consideration like The Best Australian Film, Best film from overseas and then addressing documentary which includes even the films not yet released.

  1. Bangladesh government sponsors film Significant Critics’ Awards known as “National Film Awards” which is the premium film award ceremony in Bangladesh. Bangladesh got independence in 1971 and these Significant Critics’ Awards were initiated in 1975. Industry Awards are given each year through a government selected panel. These are around 24 award categories that include best actor, best producer, best playback singer, best child artist and even best makeup etc.
  2. The Belgian Film Critics Association is the name of Belgian film critics organization usually known as UCC for the French name “Union de la Critique de Cinéma”. The association for Significant Critics’ Awards was founded in 1950s and the members are newspaper reviewers, weeklies and various magazines. The festival or event is held in December for the past one year activity. Selection is done through polls by academicians, students, filmmakers and others having significant knowledge about films. Most important Significant Critics’ Awards are given to “film that contributed the most to the enrichment and influence ofcinema” known as “Grand Prix”. There are few sub-categories too for honoring working people in different areas of film industry.
  3. The famous Indian Significant Critics’ Awards named IIFA Awards (known as International Indian Film Academy Awards) were initiated in year 2000 at the majestic place in UK “The Millennium Dome”. This ceremony continues in various important locations to prove worth of the award and its global recognition. It started with one night event to now three day celebration that also includes various events and activities related to Indian Film Industry. These Significant Critics’ Awards are now globally awaited and recognized awards presented each year to grant recognition to technical as well as artistic excellence in Indian film industry professionals. The forum finalizes awards for the films released in previous year. To add an innovation IIFA added unusual categories in 2009 like Director of the Decade, Star of the Decade (Male/Female) Music of the Decade and Movie of the Decade. These Significant Critics’ Awards are a kind of reminder of achievements and like revisiting history.

There are several like 30 other award giving forms in India too but IIFA is the most prestigious and just international. Other forums are either regional or specific to certain aspects and do not cover such a large spectrum.

  1. TFCA stands for “Toronto Film Critics Association” is the Toronto based organization comprising film reviewers and publications. Since 1999, TFCA is member famous FIPRESCI that allows giving of Significant Critics’ Awards. A large number of broadcasters and journalists who keep critiquing and commenting on films are also part of it. These members are from significant electronic and print hubs in Toronto. They manage juried festivals throughout the world – Venice to Berlin and from Cannes to Toronto. TFCA started its working to present /announce awards since 1998. TFCA first meeting was held in 1997 and the awards announced are fat and pompous respected globally, like they give away $100,000 to the director of a film from Canada. TFCA is not the only awarding forum, there are others like VFCC (Vancouver Film Critics Circle), Genie Award and CFA (Canadian Film Awards) too who have their own respect and recognition in film industry.
  1. Pakistan though does not has a global prominent presence in film industry but the industry is always struggling for survival against neighboring film giant India. Among the Significant Critics’ Awards, Pakistan has Lux Style Awards, Nigar Awards, Bolan Academy Awards, National Film Award and now recently announced ARY Film Awards. TheLux Style Awards are presented annually since year 2002 addressing the “style” of film industry in Pakistan. These are around 30 awards and address Pakistani film, television, fashion and sometimes theater industry too. There is a committee of experts and polls from public that makes decision for the award winning. This is one of the local premier and respected award and known as “Pakistani Oscar” too.  Pakistan film industry is very much prone to imported film content mainly from India of which dialect is very much close to Urdu and now lately from Turkey after dubbing for local market. Turkish dramas are quite welcomed in Pakistan bring in in new style and trend as well as challenge for the industry where Significant Critics’ Awards are applicable.
  2. Russia though remained behind an iron curtain for a long time but has a glaring history in film industry as well as Significant Critics’ Awards. MIFF is “Moscow International Film Festival” is another film festival since 1935 but it takes place regularly since 1959 on alternate years till 1995 and later on till now it is held each year. MIFF top prize depicts a statue in shape of Saint Georgewhile attacking a dragon with reference to “Coat of Arms of Moscow”. Lately since year 2000 Nikita Sergeyevich Mikhalkov who is a famous Russian actor, filmmaker and Head of Cinematographers’ Union has been president of MIFF. Since 2012 the film director from Brazil is heading the jury for Significant Critics’ Awards. His name is Hector Babenco.  Usual member of this jury are famous film directors, critics from various countries.
  3. Film industry remains incomplete without Hollywood that has history as well as the trend setting role in film industry and the Significant Critics’ Awards. AFI or “The American Film Institute” is an organization for education in film industry aimed for filmmakers. American President Lyndon B. Johnson founded it through a presidential mandate in 1965 announced from The White House, Rose Garden. Purpose was to establish and organization at national level for preserving film heritage legacy, its education and to develop next generation of film makers as well as honoring the work of film industry as a whole and grant of Significant Critics’ Awards. AFI honors the beautiful heritage of the moving picture arts. Public membership and private funding support AFI. It constitutes film industry leaders like academic communities, leaders from the film, stalwarts from entertainment and film business tycoons. AFI has also established a wonderful training program to support filmmakers named as “Center for Advanced Film Studies”. The institute also created repertory film exhibition platform at a famous place known as “The Kennedy Center” in the early years for Performing Artsand then a Feature Films Catalogue  which a research source for American films and its history. Later AFI moved to film hub in Hollywood in 1981 and that really worked for the support and wellbeing of American film industry and now grants Significant Critics’ Awards for excellence in film industry.

There are several different factors to motivate workers, contributors and individuals who work for an industry. These are financial, power, achievement, advancement and the ability to contribute, etc.  People who feel good are surer of their abilities and their contribution to a specific area and make them satisfied and happy for what they do. These Significant Critics’ Awards also bring forth the importance of good workers, sponsors and contributors of the industry. This also brings better opportunities within the industrial sector and makes it more popular among masses.

Film Industry awards

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People usually dislike criticism but expert consider this as a positive and healthy activity as it takes one to correct path by pointing out errors and omissions. It also helps in improving quality of work too. Critics are therefore, back bone for ensuring work quality and make progress by doing “better next time”. Those who listened to critics have reached stars and enjoying peak of profession collecting film industry awards. These critics mainly, and other professionals formed various forum for appreciating quality work in film industry too. They review the films with keen interest and with a professional eye. These forums have become popular by becoming authority in film industry too. Their awards are prestigious and give strength and recognition to recipients. They developed certain standards and levels for achieving awards and those standards need to be met religiously without a slip.

There is a large list from various countries and organizations that arrange review of film industry on various levels and then announce awards as per certain criteria for each award. Recognition of good work is done by giving away an award through their work recognition. There are nick names for awards too and surprisingly those nick names are more known and have more popularity.

These Film Industry Awards are of three categories. One is announced by critics who vote on film work on annual basis. Others are festival awards which are given to the best of the film presented during the festival and lastly the industry awards given to all who contribute for betterment if film industry, given to all field workers and directors. This may include cameramen, lighting boys and recordists too. It is basically recognition of good work to boost film industry. Every person, from writer to composer and from stage designer to sound recordist is a team to work in harmony and make the task a success. Here are few of the famous Film Industry awards.

  1. Among the famous film industry awards, NSFC stands for “The National Society of Film Critics” is an organization formed by film critics for American films. This forum is most prestigious organization and is known for their authority and respect in American film industry. There is a large number of critics, as much as 60, associated with NSFC who are regular contributors to newspapers, TV Channels, periodicals and magazines round the year. They are the people whose comments are considered as authority in film industry and respected as such. The forum was found back in 1966 (New York City) by a group of critics of that time. The annual awards given by NSFC are known for its prestige and approved by film critics of USA. The NSFC is also representative for America for “International Federation of Film Critics” that comprises the forum for all national organizations comprising professional film critics together with the film journalists from all around the world. Interestingly FIPRESCI has worldwide memberships in 50+

NSFC announces awards for Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting, Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Foreign Language Film and Best Non-Fiction Film

2.      About The National Board of Review (NBR) is an old set up in USA for Film Industry Awards, started working more than a century ago and focused its efforts for supporting local and foreign film from art as well as entertainment point of view. This is a non-profit set up honors any distinctive artist in film industry and recognizes excellence of work in films to support freedom of expression depicted in film and responsible for Film Industry Awards. NBR main activities include supporting comments on all areas and angles of any film, patronage of educational films and caring for the film students and learners. NBR has also been helping and involved in philanthropic commitments to support film schools, students and Children Aid Society etc.

  1. IIFA Awards (International Indian Film Academy Awards), the famous event in India for Film Industry Awards started in 2000 at the beautiful place in England called “The Millennium Dome”. The venue shifted to various places internationally ensuring easy access to participants and invitees. This shifting of venue granted the event a global recognition and prestige. It used to be one-night event at the starting point but now stretched as three full days’ event. The celebrations also include numerous activities concerned with Indian film industry. Now the recognition is such that film industry people eagerly wait for the event. The event is now an authority on Indian film because of recognition of awards has become famous. The awards recognize excellence of various aspects in Indian film industry. A well respected forum finalizes previous year released and un-released films. Not only the annual release, the forum also considers working on basis of full decade like Male Star of the Decade, Female Star of the Decade, Director of the Decade, Music of the Decade or Movie of the Decade. These awards show a long affiliation and commitment with film industry and remind the audience about the immediate past too. Perhaps the forum will also consider life achievement awards for legends in different industry sectors.

India has become film industry hub and that is why the industry has more than 25 other awards announced by different forums in India. Some are global, some being national and some being regional but each has its own recognition.

  1. BAFTA is “The British Academy of Film and Television Arts”, is a self-governing charity to support, promote and develop the art practices of the moving image – that includes video games, film and television together with granting Film Industry Awards. In addition to its annual awards ceremonies, BAFTA has an international, year-round program for film industry development and coaching new entrants by conducting workshops and lectures so the talent could directly have access to expertise. BAFTA also started “the British Film Academy” in 1947 for this purpose. In 1953, the academy started another venture named ”The Guild of Television Producers and Directors” to recognize the talent by giving This was merged with “Society of Film and Television Arts” in 1958 under the royal patron-ship at Buckingham Palace. This further advanced and British Academy of Film and Television Arts(BAFTA) was officially opened in 1976 at famous Piccadilly, London for its work on Film Industry Awards.
  2. The most recognizable UK film trophies are bronze masks presented at its annual ceremonies for arts, TV Craft, Film, television, Video Games etc. that an American named Mitzi Cunliffe designed for the event. This is known as symbol of excellence globally. Later in 1955 the mask took other shapes depicting concept of the theatrical tragicomic mask with more complex design with certain modifications. Now BAFTA ward, including the bronze mask Film Industry Awards are presented to recognize excellence of work in film industry.
  3. The French film industry has a typical system for recognizing excellence in various areas of film making. Traditionally French film is criticized and reviewed by various forums namely César Awards, Lumières Award, Prix Jean Vigo, Prix Lumière, Prix Romy Schneider, Prix Suzanne Bianchetti and famous René Clair Award. Out of these The César Award is designated as the highest value film honor national film award of the country; delivered since 1976 in the Nuit des César ceremony. There is are 12 categories of filmmaking professionals having support from the French Ministry of Culture. Each February, the event is formally telecasted from Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris. Victoires de la Musique for music and Molière Award is also given for theatre. Comparing these with American Academy Award, it is the mere French equivalent. The first “Night of Caesar”, another name for César Awards started in 1976, Jean Gabin being the chairman. Étoile de cristal (fr) was awarded from 1955 till 1975 and that was later replaced by The César Awards. The period from 1934 to 1986 had been great as one prominent films used to get the Grand prix du cinéma français (fr). Another award was initiated in 1950s, named the Victoire du cinéma français (fr), Film Industry Awards given in each June. This was however discontinued in 1964 as it lacked enthusiasm. The César Awards started as 13 awards and now these are twenty two awards dedicated to nine subcategories. Besides the main ceremony, there is a sister ceremony named the Prix Daniel Toscan du Plantier (fr) that carries some additional Film Industry Awards for recognizing the new comers who show talent.
  4. Germany has a long history in film industry but just three Film Industry Awards granting events. These are Berlin International Film Festival followed by Golden Bear (best picture) and then Silver Bear (jury grand prize, director, actor and actress). The Berlin International Film Festival translated in German as “Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin”, is known as “The Berlinale”. The Berlinale is among the world’s prominent film festivals and among the most respected and awaited media events. It started in Berlin in 1951 but since  1978 it is held annually attracting sale of around 0.3 million tickets sold and half million people attending the event. This makes this event and event with largest public attendance festival where around 400 films are viewed divided in various sections. Not all but just around 20 of them reach the status of Silver and golden Bears. In parallel 20,000 professionals attend the satellite events from over 130 countries. There are more than 4,000 journalists who are responsible to expose the event to 110 countries. Red carpet is made available to all movie stars, celebrities and high-profile feature film premieres. The Film Industry Awards event, no doubt has attained global media attention, cosmopolitan character integrating art; commerce and glamour in one go.

These multiple events are a source of motivating good work and bring the doers at red carpet and recognize good work and top performance to surface. Film industry related people keep waiting for the events to make their place and exhibit the best of work done by them. The events are a source of strength and togetherness of film industry where best of the best can meet and seek public opinion what they have done in such events for Film Industry Awards.