Film Festivals of South America

film festivals in south america

The film festivals are manifestations of healthy cultural activities that occur in one region. The movies teach us many lessons that cannot be learned otherwise. Like a story of a novel, the movie does have a storyline or a script on which it is based. The movies are showcased in cinemas for public viewership or can be accessed via CDs at home. However, sometimes film festivals are arranged that take out the best of movies and showcase them to public. Each country or region has a peculiar style of organizing their famous film festivals. We will briefly mention here some South American film festivals along with brief descriptions of each.

Argentina celebrates its Cordoba International Festival that includes all sorts of animation movies in the event. It is really a great experience being a part of this event with interesting animation movies showcased all the way. There is another film festival of Argentina that is named International Film School Festival. It only receives short movies with a length of hardly fifteen minutes or so. Similarly, Brazil has International Fantastic Film Festival with certain bizarre and humorous movies.

In addition to the events mentioned above, here are some more interesting festivals as well. These events include Columbia’s Cartagina International film festival and International Image festival. Also, the other movie events of interest are Uruguay’s Winter Film Festival, International Film School and Children’s film festival. You can take part in any of these events to make your day!

Film Festivals of September

september film festivals

Toronto International Film Festival

In the month of September, get set for a couple of classic film festivals. Among the best movie festivals, here is Toronto International Film Festival. The festival is considered the most reputed one and second to Cannes film festival. Hosts of famous Hollywood celebrities make their way in Toronto International Film Festival. The timings are convenient for many people to attend the festival. Also, the audiences are highly enthusiastic about visiting this film festival.

New York Film Festival

New York Film Festival is another film festival of its kind featuring great movies. It is a good platform for representing world-class movies. It is competitive in nature because around 28 feature and 12 short movies are given a chance to include in New York Film Festival. Only best movies are included in this festival with no categorical division. The festival is really a good event to have fun with your loved ones.

Jackson Hole Wild Life Film Festival

This festival, recognized as the best film festival of wild life and nature, is going to be held this September. The movies and documentaries made on animal life and nature are selected for display. Over 500 movies are added in the film festival. Among these movies, the best ones are chosen and given rewards. There is another film competition involved with it known as Forests for People. You can submit your short films concerning nature in this festival. So get ready to see your work submitted in the movie festival if movie-making is your passion.

Film Festivals of October on the Roll!

october film festivals

Austin Film Festival

Austin Film Festival along with conference will be held in October. There are lots of interesting events associated with this film festival. You can even submit your own short film or documentary in this film festival. The best thing about the event is the questions and answers session. This session is arranged with celebrities who comment about the movie showcased in the festival. You only need to get an entry pas worth $50 to enjoy the benefits of the respective film festival.

London Film Festival and Chicago Film Festival

In London Film Festival, a host of seventy films are going to be featured from all across the world. Over 100,000 people make their way into the film festival. Chicago Film Festival is also up in October with its enormous attractions. This festival was actually initiated to showcase the work of daring filmmakers in all genres of films. The filmmakers come and discuss their future movie projects openly with their mates.

Hollywood Film Festival and Tokyo International Film Festival

The Hollywood Film Festival is a bog event with lots of film listings and interesting gossip. The movie discussions are at their best during the event. Plus, the best movies are recognized and awarded prizes. In addition, the Tokyo International movie festival is among the top film festivals. Hundreds of movies are given a chance to include in the festival. Around 80,000 movie-lovers gather to attend the worthy film festival.

Film Festivals of November

november film festival

Interfilm and Cork Film Festival

This November, the excitements of films are back with Interfilm Short Film Festival in Berlin. The event consists of around 500 movies with fifty programs. Also, the competitions of seven sorts will be conducted for the most popular movies. The event is a complete entertaining program with the presence of guests from all over the world. Next in line is Cork Film Festival going to be organized in Ireland. It is one of the oldest movie festivals and has strived to maintain its fame up till today since 1956. The festival enjoys an equal interest among movie-makers, fans and general public. It is undoubtedly, a major film festival that is covered by media all over the world at a large scale.

Cairo Film Festival

There is a never ending list of November film festivals for the year 2012. We have Cairo Film Festival with its upcoming film competition. In the film competition, a number of 20 movies are selected from around twenty countries. The winner of the competition becomes a recipient of a sophisticated Golden Pyramid award while the runner-up is endowed with Silver Pyramid prize. There are other prizes for the best actors, directors, script, best artistic contribution and so on.

AFI and Bilbao International Movie Festivals

The other two major notable film festivals are AFI festival, Los Angeles and Bilbao international short film and documentary festival. The former festival features movies of diverse sorts with international documentaries and films. The latter is a major event mostly for fiction, animation and documentary films. So get geared up for having fun at one of these famous film festivals.

Film Festivals of North America

north american film festials

Let us have a look at the famous North American film festivals. Here the festivals which we will describe would be related to documentary movies only. You would like to participate in these film festivals to have a great entertaining day.

Big Sky Film Festival and DOXA Documentary Film Festival

The first one that is the most famous film festival from North America is Big Sky film festival. This documentary festival includes nonfiction movies in it. It is, no doubt, a big venture that is commemorated at an international level. Also, classic and contemporary movie genre gets opportunity to be showcased here. However, DOXA festival is famous for showcasing only the outstanding documentaries out of the lot.

Full Frame Film Festival and Iowa City Film Festival

It is one of the best documentary film festivals of America. It also showcases nonfiction movies in this film event. It receives a multitude of people on annual basis. For a change, you can also opt for Iowa City Film festival. The movies that are showcased in this festivals span less than a hour. There is no charge for getting one’s documentaries displayed here.

Sundance Film Festival and SILVERDOCS

It is undoubtedly one of the most popular film festivals of the world. At Sundance Film Festival, the big Hollywood movies are showcased in the month of January. Another documentary festival of North America is SILVERDOCS. It gives people of all sorts a golden opportunity to showcase their work publicly.

Film Festivals of May; Events and Attractions

may film festivals

Festival de Cannes and Catalina Festival

The month of May brings with it exciting film festivals for people around the world. Cannes festival, initiated decades ago is an international event. The famous films from around the world are given a chance to display in Cannes film festival. The best movies are awarded and celebrities are seen flaunting here and there. Catalina Festival is popular because of the opportunities it presents for filmmakers. Here around seventy-five films are given a chance to include. The celebrities are witnessed in great number while they wait for ‘the best communicator’ award and others.

Santa Cruz Film Festival and Maryland Film Festival

Santa Cruz festival offers local and foreign filmmakers the chance to submit their artworks. The best movies are chosen from the hundreds of submissions. The purpose is to encourage the good works of filmmakers and promote art. Maryland film festival is a unique film festival which allows music videos, experimental films, short films and films of all genres to participate. Not only the people of Maryland are given the chance, but outsiders are also welcomed in the festival.

Reel Shorts Festival and Tupelo Film Festival

As the name indicates, Reel Shorts Festival is arranged to promote short films. The major attraction of this festival is school program. The students are encouraged to submit short films and are thus invited into the festival. Tupelo Film Festival, however, is a great place to have good time. Several workshops and film screenings are arranged to promote films.

Film Festivals of March

march film festivals

When the calendar of the year reaches the month of March, we see hosts of film festivals coming to us. Some of these are commemorated in Europe whereas most of them are organized in other continents too. The common thing about these film festivals is that all offer the people chance to watch the best movies ever. However, there are variations in the genres of movies showcased in these festivals. Now, let us have a look at these film festivals that catch people’s attractions.

UK and Canadian Famous Film Events

In UK, Bradford Film Festival is one big event that is organized to promote the film industry. UK is also a big place for those interested in making documentaries. International Documentary Festival is rejoiced here with a focus on both new and experienced filmmakers. It also has a famous film festival; London Gay and Lesbian Film Festival that include special movies for gay and lesbian community. Talking about Canadian events, International Festival of Film on Art is big event for art lovers. The genre of art is entertained in this special film festival.

American and German Film Festivals

Annual Television Festival and Santa Barbara Film Festival are the major American attractions for movie fans. However, the Germans relish the event of Prix Futura Berlin to have good time watch movies with their friends. International Animated Film Festival is also there in March to satisfy the urge of people for animated movies. So, which festival are you attending this March?

Film Festivals of June

june film festivals

This June, why not go out for a film festival? There are dozens of film festivals that would be occurring near your place this June. So get ready to become a part of one of the best film festivals of June. Let us tell you some really hot film festivals of June here. Make up your mind to attend anyone!

Los Angeles Greek Film Festival

The festival feature Greek movies in this film festival. All the works done by Greek filmmakers is included in this film festival. Famous directors and moviemakers participate in this movie festival. Here you will get to see a friendly environment facilitating communication among Americans and Greeks.

Edinburgh International Film Festival

This film festival is commemorated in UK in Edinburgh. It gives chance to international artworks and movies to display here. It has contributed a lot in becoming a popular film festival for local and international movie-lovers.

Nantucket Film Festival

This film festivals host thousands of excellent movies for public display. You can either become a volunteer for the festival or get your tickets to participate in movie celebrations.

Los Angeles Film Festival

Los Angeles movie festival is rejoiced in June to act as a massive entertainment for millions of people. Get your tickets in advance to enjoy the greatest film festival in Los Angeles. Movies of various sorts would be up for display that you can enjoy greatly along with friends or family!

Film Festivals of July

ventura film festival

Significance of Films

Films represent various circumstances, events, real life happenings and human behaviors. There is so much variety in films like found in human beings. The movies are made for various purposes. Each film has a certain reasons behind it which may range from personal, social to commercial. Most movies are made today for commercial purposes. However, many movies still are made to pay tribute to some legend. Still, some films are made entirely on the basis of some specific human emotion. Nevertheless, there are movies made out of fantasy too! On the whole, the films belong to various categories and serve multiple purposes.

Film Festivals                    

Film festivals are arranged to have a look around what type of films are being made. The actors and actresses of various films are judged and chosen for their best performances! Hence, people are invited in film festivals to have fun and enjoy actor’s performances.

Film Festivals in USA

This July, there are some cool film festivals that would be celebrated in various regions of USA. Be prepared to become a part of Ventura Film Festival this summer. If that is not sufficient, get your tickets to be on da Vinci Film Festival. You can also volunteer for United Film Festival or Comic-con International Independent movie festival this July. La Jolla Fashion festival for films is also going to happen this July! If you still want more excitement and fun, go for Indianapolis International Film Festival. Hence you have plenty of options to make your day in July!

Film Festivals of January

january film festivals

Luckily, people get to see lots of interesting film festivals right in the beginning of the year. These festivals provide them a chance to have good time watching their favorite movies. It also gives a wonderful opportunity to them to enjoy their time with their families. Let us review some of the famous film festivals here.

In Belgium, Brussels Film Festival is commemorated in January to satisfy people’s hunger for watching good movies. It is a popular event in which hosts of people take part to pass good time. Similarly, CINEASIA is organized in USA for providing people unlimited entertainment. However, if you are looking forward to some film festival that brings entertainment for children, we have Kidfilm Festival. This event is commemorated in USA and is a big reason for people to bring their kids along. It features some interesting movies for children ranging from science fiction to fantasy world.

For more serious movie fans, Iran commemorates Fajr Film Festival. It aims to showcase the finest movies under one event. The intention is to bring awareness in people regarding the medium of films as the important representative of one’s culture. International Film Festival of India is another effort by a government to recognize the hard work of Indian filmmakers. Similarly, New York Festival and Tokyo Video Festival are also organized for the same purpose. Thus, you can visit any of these festivals depending on the region where you live. Do not forget to spare many hours before you leave for your favorite film festival.

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