Food Festivals of September

september food festivals

The food lovers from all parts of the world are welcomed this September to tickle their taste buds. Here lots of food festivals are going to be held which have been briefly described below.

Liverpool Food and Drink Festival and Cheshire Food Festival

The Liverpool festival is famous for the high-quality food and excellent drinks. The food festival is particularly important due to the modern food it has in it. Another great thing about Liverpool food festival is that lots of Celebrity Chefs visit the venue. There is a good place for getting meals of diverse sorts. Also, there is theatre which appeals to food-lovers for the interesting demonstrations about food. In addition to Liverpool Food Festival, there is Cheshire Food Festival for those obsessed with eating good food. All kind of exotic food dishes are taken together at this one occasion. Excellent cooking demonstrations are also here for people interested in learning.

Sheffield Food Festival and Fishstock Brixham

Sheffield food festival is one of the best food festivals with excellent food productions. Along with food, there are various fun activities for people as well. For fish-lovers, there is Fishstock Brixham festival. This festival has everything that a fish lover can ask for. All kinds of fish are available here as well as various sea animals. There is a place for offering drinks of various sorts also. There are crab boats and few other exciting things for people’s enjoyment too.

Food Festivals of October

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october food festivals

East Midlands Food Festival and Dartmouth Food Festival

If you want to enjoy yourself of the tasty delights in the month of October, do not forget to visit East Midlands Food Festival. This festival not only features local dishes, but is also a famous resort for oriental meals. The people can also have the benefit to taste world’s best beers and wines. There are lots of playful activities for both children and adults. Also, there are up to 200 stalls for food-lovers. Similarly, Dartmouth Food Festival, with free entry is there to treat food fans with over hundred stalls. The food school is also there for people who want to learn cooking.

North West Food Lovers Festival and Flavors of Herefordshire Festival

Another festival of interest to food enthusiasts is North West Food Lovers Festival. You will not be bothered by bad weather even. The venue is all covered up and nothing can be ruined by the prospect of rain. Hundreds of food stalls would be arranged here. Moreover, the expert chefs would be there to show their excellent cooking skills. However, if you are looking for more fun and excitement, go for Flavors of Herefordshire Festival. This will be one of the greatest food events this October. Amazing food demonstrations, children activities, mouth-watering meals and much more can be enjoyed here. The meat of hog and ox can also be eaten with lots of interesting competitions in the way. On the whole, the festival is going to be at its best.

Food Festivals of November

november festivals of food

Day of Dead Food Festival

The unique food festival, Day of the Dead, is commemorated around the world in November. The people of United States and Mexico rejoice this occasion in the memory of their departed loved ones. The event consists of distributing candies, tasty pastries and other food items among the attendants. Right in US, another food festival, New York Taste is celebrated as a major charity event. The chefs from New York are invited over for presenting best taste cocktails and dishes.

Coffee and Cheese Food Festivals

For coffee-lovers, November presents Kona Coffee Festival for the citizens of Hawaii. Here, lots of exciting coffee contests are arranged along with interesting workshops for the visitors. For cheese-lovers too, this month brings an exciting event. Wisconsin Cheese Originals Festival is a food festival full of delicious meals containing world-class cheese in them. The event is commemorated in Madison and is largely adored by most of the people of the world.

Food Festivals for Apple and Wine-Lovers

The list of interesting food festivals of November does not end here. There are few more festivals with excellent cuisines and drinks on the roll too. There is an Apple Festival that is rejoiced in Pennsylvania. Here apple tastings are done by the participants and yummy apple dishes are presented. Then there are exciting food festivals like Portsmouth Restaurant Week, Zoofari and Brunswick Stew Festival. For wine-lovers, Conrnucopia is a delight with an abundance of international wines.

Food Festivals of North America- Famous Food Events

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North American Food FestivalsNorth America is famous for its exquisite food and drink events that catch the attention of millions of people. Here and there you will see people enjoying themselves of tasty meals and delicious wines. The North American festivals in the lead have been briefly reviewed here. You can make the decision of attending some of these important events this year.

Gilroy Garlic Festival and Niagara Icewine Festival

For garlic-lovers, North America has got an amazing festival; Gilroy Garlic Festival. In this event, the people are given the opportunity to have all the meals cooked with garlic as the main ingredient. You can have not only garlic snacks and fried items, but ice creams made with pure garlic too. If you want to have great wine instead of having a yummy garlic snack, here is good news for you. At Niagara Icewine festival, you get a chance to taste the world’s best tasted wines.

Taste of Chicago and National Buffalo Wing Festival

If you are going to Chicago this year, think of attending Taste of Chicago Festival. This event brings together all the elements of delicious food to create awesome dishes. If, however, you are looking for more excitement and fun, think about National Buffalo Wing Festival. This event not only is a great event of offering you good-tasted meals, but a competition is also held here. One person is made the winner of the festival who gets to eat the most dishes.

Food Festivals of May

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may food festivals

The thought of a food festival brings to one’s mind mouthwatering dishes and exquisite cuisines! If you are looking for some good food festivals of May, get ready! The food festivals are constantly and frequently held in United Kingdom and United States. On the whole, the food festivals arranged in various parts of the world are plentiful. Not all can be summed up here so attention will be given to some food festivals from UK and US.

UK Food Festivals

The month of May starts with an exciting festival ‘Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival’. The people flock together at a place to taste various forms of whisky. Then there is Real Street Food Festival which offers Rasoi, Meatwagon and Guerrilla cuisines. Foodies Festival and Blossomtime are also on the lookout. Starting from the mid of May, there are Flavors of 2012, Somerset Chilli Festival and Crooked Ways. The festivals are full of colorful activities, music and artists.

US Food Festivals

The May carries exciting opportunities for people to relish tasty cuisines in United States. World Beer Cup is the unique food festival which arranges competition to select the best beers. Wine Experiencia 2012 is another major attraction for wine-lovers. Here the people get a chance to enjoy themselves of beautiful music as well as food. Taste of the Town, American Food Fair and Fest and BerryFest are also among the famous food festivals in California.

Food Festivals of March

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march food festivals

March brings with its interesting and unique culinary events. Some of these events are focused on bringing out the best wine whereas others are mainly barbeque events. Let us see how these food events go:

Famous Food and Wine Events

Australians are nonetheless biggest fans of wine! They like to have good tasted wines in huge quantities by arranging food festivals. Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is a good example of Australians’ love for wine. Visit the festival this March to give a treat to your taste buds. You would love to get more and more once you visit this event. Americans are not behind the Australians in their love for wine. You can see it in Charleston Food and Wine Festival. It is beyond doubt one of the not-to-miss occasions. However, the people in New Mexico enjoy the month of March in having their annual barbeque festival. The theme of this food event is serving smoking hot foods to the people.

Bizarre and Charitable Food Events

You would be stunned to know about New Zealand’s weirdest food festival. It has wild animals as the dishes served on tables. You can have snails, earthworms and other insects fried and cooked. You can also have wines and drinks made up of wild flowers. This festival is named Hokitika Wildfoods Festival and is a frequently visited event. In state of Utah, a food event; Red, White and Snow is commemorated as a fund-raiser for special people. Join this event to contribute to a noble cause.

Food Festivals of June

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june food festivals

Give your taste buds a touch of extreme delight this June! There are enormous food festivals going to happen in this month. You can take your kids and family along and taste oriental and exotic dishes cooked by expert hands!

Cheltenham Food and Drink Festival

This festival is the favorite of many English people who love to taste wine and delicious cuisines. Here a host of chefs come up to bring their best cuisines for people! Not only wines of best quality are presented, but meal is also served while music is played in the background.

Pembrokeshire Fish Week and Grillstock Festival

It is an extremely lovely festival for fish lovers! The fish of all sorts are available here including crab and sea animals! The people enjoy the great taste of jelly fish, sardines, marlin and prawns cooked by expert hands! Grillstock festival is another food event which is characterized by barbeque dishes being served with music!

Dartington Food Fair, Taste of London and Great British Food Festival

Dartington Food Festival is a huge attraction for British people! It drags the people into a place that is full of excitement and fun! Likewise, Taste of London is a unique food festival which is a big venue for restaurant owners. The people come to taste the newly invented dishes and cuisines here. What is more! Great British Food Festival comes in midway to participate in Queen’s birthday celebrations!

Flavors of West, Suffolk Food and Drink Show and few others are also among the major attractions for food-lovers!

Food Festivals of July

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hempshire food festival

This July, be prepared to take a dive in to adventurous food festivals! There are multiple amazing food events which are rejoiced every July all over the world. The most of these festivals focus on bringing out the best food ever made by a chef! We are going to take you to some brief descriptions of famous food festivals.

Hampshire Food Festival

The food festival is unique not only because of the variety of food it presents, but also because of several artistic manifestations here. Here expert chefs are available to teach some really good cooking tips to the interested many! The focus is brought on teaching butchery lessons, giving brewer sessions and letting people taste exotic wines!

Taste of Edinburgh

In this food festival, the chefs give excellent demos of great dishes to the people! The unique thing about this event is the cookery lessons. Here the experienced chef teaches ways to write a great cookbook too!

Dorset Seafood Festival

It has been seen that many fish festivals do not have much variety! Some do not provide amazing dishes having uniqueness in them! For those people seeking something new and more of variety, this event is perfect! A fresh fish auction is also organized here where the people are invited to eat raw fish for charity purposes!

International Cheese Awards

It is an extremely exciting food festival bringing cheesemakers together. They are invited to show the best they can do and the winner is announced in the end!

Food Festivals of January

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january food festivals

As the year begins with its first month of January, the people start preparing for their favorite meals. They cherish their joy with other people in the form of food festivals. It is done universally and you can see people of each country busy in some form of food activity. Let us talk about few significant food events that are commemorated in various parts of the world.

Famous US Food Festivals

The fans of beer can have a hell of fun in January with Big Beers Festival and Yaga’s Chili Quest and Beer Festival. These festivals provide irresistible reasons to take part and rejoice in them. However, if you want extra spice in your meals along with your beer, you have Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival as well. For seafood lovers, US has got an extremely lovely festival too; Oyster Cook-Off. For those with a sweet tooth, Napa Truffle Festival and Great Fruitcake Toss are also for their rescue.

Canadian, French and South African Food Festivals

As January brings chills with it, you can see Canadians taking refuge in Winter Icewine Festival and Niagara Icewine Festival. However, the people of New Zealand pride themselves in their very own Eco River Festival. Somehow, South African Cheese Festival comes in between for cheese lovers in South Africa. The French are, however, seeking for a big international food event with their World Cuisine Contest. All these events have an intermingling of music as well as interesting food contests.

Food Festivals of February- Famous Events in USA

american food festivals

Everyone wants to have a good meal each day. Well, it becomes quite boring to have a regular meal on same day. To end this boredom and add spice to your life, people organize food events. In the month of February, the most of the food festivals are commemorated in US. It seems that the people from USA have much to do in February. Let us review these mouth-watering food events quickly.

Beer and Wine Festivals

Get ready for the excellent beer events all of the beer-lovers! USA has got amazing festivals which make sure you do not miss out on anything. Bands, Brew and BBQ is an exciting event in Florida. The people get to taste fine beers along with yummy BBQ dishes. Same goes for the wine events that keep you stick to refined wines. Naples Winter Wine Festival is an event of interest that brings the finest wines at one place.

Festivals for Sweet Teeth Lot

Carolina Chocolate Festival, Chocolate Lovers Festival and Florida Strawberry Festivals are all treats for sweet-lovers. They make you love the delicious sweet dishes while you have them in your mouth. You just cannot stop yourself from putting that yummy chocolate pie in your mouth!

Seafood Events

For seafood lovers, we have got interesting events like Everglades Seafood Festival and Ice Fishing Derby Festival. They make sure you have the best of dishes cooked with great fish and sea animals. So, what are you waiting for?

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