Seasonal Festivals of July

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summer festivals

July is a season that marks the peak of summer in various regions. Especially in Eastern countries, summer is at the top in the month of July. The seasonal festivals of July are full of excitement and adventure! Let us take you to highlights about some famous seasonal festivals of July! These are some of the hot festivals that are rejoiced in various parts of the world.

Wife-Carrying Championships

This festival is unique in nature and involves carrying one’s wife to participate in this festival. There are some rules which are applicable on participants. The man can only carry the woman that is actually his wife. The woman must not be less than seventeen in age and must weigh at least 49 kilograms.

Nadaam and Calgary Stampede

This Mangolian festival is commemorated to arrange various manly sports. The men participate in wrestling, horse racing and similar other sports. Some drinking rituals are also included in this festival. Calgary Stampede is another popular festival of unique nature. This Canadian festival consists of cowboys taking part in horse race.

Marrakesh Art Festival and Gion Matsuri

This festival is Morocco’s famous art festival. The snake-charmers, musicians and artists come up to make this festival great. Likewise, Japanese commemorate Gion Matsuri and arrange a parade. The festival involves float parades and various Japanese traditions are manifested. The floats have people who represent various Japanese provinces.

So be prepared to join any of these exciting seasonal festivals in July!

Religious Festivals Occurring in the Month of July

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buddhism religious festivals

July is peculiar to have lots of interesting religious festivals commemorated by various people. The people belonging to different religions rejoice their special festivals in their own ways. Some employ music and dance to pay homage to a certain religious figure while others use solemn prayer. Some famous religious festivals have been described below.

Buddhist Festival and Sikh Festivals

The Buddhists happily welcome the anniversary of the first sermon given by Buddha on Asalha Puja Day. Also known as Dharma Day, this day represents the Buddha’s speech to recognize oneself. The Sikhs has two major religious festivals in July. Both celebrate the birthdays of two famous Sikh gurus; Guru Hargobind and Guru Har Krishen.

Muslim Festivals

The Muslims proudly rejoice the coming of Ramadan; the holy month of fasting. In this month, the Holy Quran was descended upon Prophet (PBUH). Lailat al Barai’ah, another Muslim festival is also rejoiced in July. This festival is of significant importance due to the records of humans being compiled on this very night (Lailat al Barai’ah).

Christian Festivals and Jewish Festivals

St Swithin’s day is rejoiced in July in the memory of this holy saint. The festival originated prior to the occurring of rain for forty days after St Swithin’s bones were made to move. On this festival, the people check the weather as it is believed to prolong for forty days. The Jews commemorate the demolishing of their two temples on Tisha B’av by fasting.

Food Festivals of July

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hempshire food festival

This July, be prepared to take a dive in to adventurous food festivals! There are multiple amazing food events which are rejoiced every July all over the world. The most of these festivals focus on bringing out the best food ever made by a chef! We are going to take you to some brief descriptions of famous food festivals.

Hampshire Food Festival

The food festival is unique not only because of the variety of food it presents, but also because of several artistic manifestations here. Here expert chefs are available to teach some really good cooking tips to the interested many! The focus is brought on teaching butchery lessons, giving brewer sessions and letting people taste exotic wines!

Taste of Edinburgh

In this food festival, the chefs give excellent demos of great dishes to the people! The unique thing about this event is the cookery lessons. Here the experienced chef teaches ways to write a great cookbook too!

Dorset Seafood Festival

It has been seen that many fish festivals do not have much variety! Some do not provide amazing dishes having uniqueness in them! For those people seeking something new and more of variety, this event is perfect! A fresh fish auction is also organized here where the people are invited to eat raw fish for charity purposes!

International Cheese Awards

It is an extremely exciting food festival bringing cheesemakers together. They are invited to show the best they can do and the winner is announced in the end!

Film Festivals of July

ventura film festival

Significance of Films

Films represent various circumstances, events, real life happenings and human behaviors. There is so much variety in films like found in human beings. The movies are made for various purposes. Each film has a certain reasons behind it which may range from personal, social to commercial. Most movies are made today for commercial purposes. However, many movies still are made to pay tribute to some legend. Still, some films are made entirely on the basis of some specific human emotion. Nevertheless, there are movies made out of fantasy too! On the whole, the films belong to various categories and serve multiple purposes.

Film Festivals                    

Film festivals are arranged to have a look around what type of films are being made. The actors and actresses of various films are judged and chosen for their best performances! Hence, people are invited in film festivals to have fun and enjoy actor’s performances.

Film Festivals in USA

This July, there are some cool film festivals that would be celebrated in various regions of USA. Be prepared to become a part of Ventura Film Festival this summer. If that is not sufficient, get your tickets to be on da Vinci Film Festival. You can also volunteer for United Film Festival or Comic-con International Independent movie festival this July. La Jolla Fashion festival for films is also going to happen this July! If you still want more excitement and fun, go for Indianapolis International Film Festival. Hence you have plenty of options to make your day in July!

Date Wise Calendar of July Festivals

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july festivals

In the month of July, various colorful festivals are happily organized around the world. Some are religious festivals while most of them are arranged to pay tribute to some culture. Here a date wise list of some famous festivals has been provided:

Festivals from 1 to 15 July

  • On 3rd July, Asalha Puja, or Dharma Day is rejoiced by Buddhist community in memory of Buddha’s first sermon.
  • On 4th July, Muslims rejoice Lailat al Barai’ah to ask for forgiveness from Allah Almighty.
  • On 5th July, Sikhs celebrate Guru Hargobind’s Birthday.
  • On 7th July, Tartan Day is celebrated, a festival of Scottish origin.
  • On 15th, St Swithin’s Day is rejoiced to monitor the weather due to a tradition.

Festivals from 16 to 31 July

  • On 20th July, Muslims celebrate their holy month of Ramadan. The festival lasts for thirty days with each day comprised of fasting from dawn till dusk.
  • On 23rd July, Guru Har Krishen’s birthday is celebrated.
  • The 25th July is St James Great Day for Christians.
  • The 28th July is famous due to Australian-Italian festival full of Italian cuisines and cultural displays. On the same date, Brisbane Valley’s Multicultural festival is arranged among art, food, music and dance.
  • The 29th July is an auspicious day for Jewish. A fasting ceremony is rejoiced with the name of Tisha B’av.

A lot more festivals occur in the month of July which are celebrated on domestic and international scale.