Seasonal Festivals of June

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summer festivals

Get ready to know about top seasonal festivals of June. As June accounts for the arrival of summer, this month gets to have many summer festivals. Most of them are commemorated to welcome summer.  Let us have a look at some good festivals!

Summer Solstice

It is one of the most famous seasonal festivals of June. The history of Summer Solstice lies is ancient times when men used to worship sun. This event is celebrated in different parts of the world with zeal and zest. Some come to Stonehenge for religious affiliation while others just come fascinated by this festival. The people flock together on the longest summer day-21st June near Stonehenge. They witness the rising of the sun at the time of dawn. Many rejoice this event among eatables of various sorts. Bonfires are organized and several ancient customs are revitalized on this very day.

Inti Raymi

This festival is a famous attraction for visitors in Peru. The festival is commemorated by staging an ancient ritual. This festival hosts countless spectators who gather at a place to witness the ceremonies. The origin of this festival lies in paying tribute to sun. Many consider it a festival of pagans due to its ancient association with God of Sun.

Regatta of St Ranieri

This festival of Venice is famous because of the unique boat competition. The competitors are made to row in the river and prizes are handed over to the winners. The losers are abused and given goslings while the winners receive roosters or ox.

Religious Festivals Occurring in the Month of June

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midsummer eve festival

Religion is the name of a certain pathway which directs the behavior of human beings. There are various religions in the world which have their own set of beliefs and values. Each religion has a series of religious festivals which are celebrated by the followers of a certain faith. Here you will come to know about the famous religious festivals which occur in the month of June. Check out some popular Muslim, Christian and Hindu festivals occurring in June.

Midsummer Eve Christian Festivals

On the start of June, throughout history, Midsummer Eve has been celebrated. It is an occasion which consists of bonfire to pay tribute to dragon and St George. Christians around the world rejoice Trinity Sunday and Corpus Christi in June. Both of the festivals are of significant importance. The former is rejoiced shortly after Pentecost while the latter is celebrated after the arrival of Easter. The Christians also commemorate the Feast Day of Saints Paul and Peter in the month of June.

Muslim Festivals and Hindu Festivals

In June, Muslims celebrate the ascension of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The event is known as Lailat al Mi’raj. The background of the event consists in the holy journey of the Prophet on ‘Buraq’ creature. Likewise, June is of particular importance to Hindus because of a festival called Ratha Yatra. This festival unites Hindu to pay tribute to Krishna. The people flock on roads taking huge chariots with them.

Food Festivals of June

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june food festivals

Give your taste buds a touch of extreme delight this June! There are enormous food festivals going to happen in this month. You can take your kids and family along and taste oriental and exotic dishes cooked by expert hands!

Cheltenham Food and Drink Festival

This festival is the favorite of many English people who love to taste wine and delicious cuisines. Here a host of chefs come up to bring their best cuisines for people! Not only wines of best quality are presented, but meal is also served while music is played in the background.

Pembrokeshire Fish Week and Grillstock Festival

It is an extremely lovely festival for fish lovers! The fish of all sorts are available here including crab and sea animals! The people enjoy the great taste of jelly fish, sardines, marlin and prawns cooked by expert hands! Grillstock festival is another food event which is characterized by barbeque dishes being served with music!

Dartington Food Fair, Taste of London and Great British Food Festival

Dartington Food Festival is a huge attraction for British people! It drags the people into a place that is full of excitement and fun! Likewise, Taste of London is a unique food festival which is a big venue for restaurant owners. The people come to taste the newly invented dishes and cuisines here. What is more! Great British Food Festival comes in midway to participate in Queen’s birthday celebrations!

Flavors of West, Suffolk Food and Drink Show and few others are also among the major attractions for food-lovers!

Film Festivals of June

june film festivals

This June, why not go out for a film festival? There are dozens of film festivals that would be occurring near your place this June. So get ready to become a part of one of the best film festivals of June. Let us tell you some really hot film festivals of June here. Make up your mind to attend anyone!

Los Angeles Greek Film Festival

The festival feature Greek movies in this film festival. All the works done by Greek filmmakers is included in this film festival. Famous directors and moviemakers participate in this movie festival. Here you will get to see a friendly environment facilitating communication among Americans and Greeks.

Edinburgh International Film Festival

This film festival is commemorated in UK in Edinburgh. It gives chance to international artworks and movies to display here. It has contributed a lot in becoming a popular film festival for local and international movie-lovers.

Nantucket Film Festival

This film festivals host thousands of excellent movies for public display. You can either become a volunteer for the festival or get your tickets to participate in movie celebrations.

Los Angeles Film Festival

Los Angeles movie festival is rejoiced in June to act as a massive entertainment for millions of people. Get your tickets in advance to enjoy the greatest film festival in Los Angeles. Movies of various sorts would be up for display that you can enjoy greatly along with friends or family!

Date Wise Calendar of June Festivals

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calender of june festivals

June is a month full of summer excitement along with cool festivals! Throughout the world, various colorful festivals are organized in June for local and international visitors. Here a date wise calendar of famous festivals occurring in June is given for your information.

Festivals Occurring From 1st to 10th June

  • On 3rd June, Christians celebrate Pentecost in the memory of Holy Spirit and rejoice the Christian church’s birthday.
  • On 7th June, Corpus Christi, a Christian festival is organized shortly after Easter.
  • On 8th June, National Celtic Festival is organized to rejoice Celtic culture in Portarlington.
  • On 9th June, Greek Glenti festival is celebrated in Northern Territory as a big cultural event.

Festivals Occurring From 11th to 20th June

  • On 13th of June, Australians celebrate Queen’s birthday; the festival is as old as year 1788.
  • On 16th of June, a Muslim festival, Lailat al Mi’raj was celebrated to remember Prophet’s ascension. This festival is actually celebrated on the 27th night of Rajab so the date in christian calender changes every year. A Sikh festival is also rejoiced in the memory of the Guru Arjan Dev’s martyrdom for Sikh faith.
  • The 17th of June is significantly popular because of Father’s Day celebrations.

Festivals Occurring From 21st to 30th June

  • On 21st June, Summer Solstice and Ratha Yatra, a Hindu festival to praise Krishna are organized.
  • The 24th June rejoices St John the Baptist Christian festival.
  • On 29th June, Saint Paul and Peter’s Feast Day is rejoiced.

In addition to these festivals, hundreds of varied festivals are arranged in June each year around the world.