Seville’s April Fair: Relive the Spanish Past

Seville’s April Fair: Relive the Spanish PastLa Feria de Abril or Seville’s April Fair is held in the city of Seville. Seville is more popular for its oranges and Islamic architecture. The Fair commences on a Tuesday at midnight two weeks after Easter and continues till the midnight of the following Sunday. The fair started off in 1847 as a cattle market and is now a colorful extravaganza attracting over a million visitors both local and foreign. This festival is mainly about ongoing flamenco performances, bull fights and a free supply of Tapas.

The main event takes place at Real de La Feria where a thousand marquees known as “casetes” in Spanish are setup. The “casetes” are tastefully decorated with multi colored paper lantern which present a pretty picture when lit up at night.

Seville’s April Fair: Relive the Spanish PastMost of the casetes are owned by local families, businesses, clubs, and societies and admission is strictly on invitation only. Here guests are entertained with food, Flamenco performances and free flowing “tapas” as Spanish drink. There are some public casetes as well set up by the city council. The ladies of Seville dressed in pretty flamenco outfits roam around the town and the men in their riding gear strut about on horses. Every day at noon, a procession, “Paseo de Caballos”, is taken out in which girls dressed as Flamenco dancers ride through the city in beautiful carriages. The bull fights take place later in the evening at Plaza de Toros de Masetranza. Other amusements, like rides and games for families, are also arranged in a ground adjacent to the main venue of the fair.

If you happen to be in Spain in April, do visit Seville and feel the real spirit of Spain.

Top Three April Festivals in Europe

top-three-april-festivals-in-europeTop Three April Festivals in Europe
Europe is not a place especially known for large scale festivals in April, apart from public celebrations of the Holy Week and the Crucifixion leading to Easter. There are plenty of national events in some countriesthough. Among them are:The Gloucestershire Cheltenham International Jazz Festival in EnglandThe La Feria de Abril in SpainThe Amsterdam Orange Festival in Holland
Most of such events are very traditional and conventional, although visitors from all around the world are welcomed at the larger scale ones. The Gloucestershire Cheltenham International Jazz Festival, held annually around 28 April to 4 May in Cotswold location, is UK’s top jazz festival. The La Feria de Abril in Spain is another annual festival. It is held in Seville. This festival is among the largest in the country and the best in Seville. It offers traditional dress parades, dancing and lively day and night parties throughout the final week of April and the first week of May. The Amsterdam Orange Festival in Holland is one of the most unique festivals in Europe. It is shaped for the fans of the color Orange, beer and dope. Among the scores of other events in the country, it’s  a very large festival spanning almost a week with a massive street and canal-boat dance party.