Seasonal Festivals of March

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As the Month of March nears, we can see people busy themselves in Spring celebrations. Here and there, people commemorate fun-filled events and exciting festivals. At times, we can see them dancing to the happy tunes or having delicious meals. There are many other ways through which the people commemorate their seasonal events. Here, a brief description of some famous March events is given.

Chandler Ostrich Festival

It is one of the unique events in which people include animals as well. The people not only participate in fun events, but organize ostrich race events also. They also have fun by taking part in interesting activities right on the day of this festival. They listen to music while their children busy themselves in zoo and kids’ zone.


Hanami is a great seasonal event of Japan that is also known as Cherry Blossom Festival. The reason of the fame of this event is that the people right amidst spring enjoy this flowery occasion. At this time, the trees are all covered with flowers that create an interesting sight.

Tempe Festival of Art

What to speak of this greatest art event; it is beyond doubt one of the biggest art festivals. It is not only focused on art work, but you can see miscellaneous activities parallel to this occasion as well. These activities include having good time making the most of the music played in the background. To add more vigor to the occasion, the musicians participate in the event and play merry tones.

Religious Festivals of March

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march religious festivals

Religious New Year Celebrations

We all know that our year starts with January and ends with December. Well, the same might not be true for all religions! Many religions have their own religious calendars and they celebrate their new year as per their calendar. So, you might not know that March is new year for Hindus and Sikhs. They commemorate the beginning of their new year with as much vigor as we welcome our very own January.

Famous Hindu and Jewish Religious Events

The Hindus have their colorful event of Holi at this month. They spread colors around each other to share their joys. They also used colored water and spray on each other making their clothes hued in various shades. The Jews, however, do not like to play with colors; rather they dress themselves fancily and eat cakes. They do this on their religious festival, Purim which is meant to pay their gratitude to Queen Esther. She is the legendary figure who helped Jews free themselves thus saving their lives.

Noteworthy Christian Festivals

Interestingly, there are big days for many saints of Christian faith in March. Many of these days are devoted to celebrating the culture of some sorts. For instance, St. David Day is intended to rejoice Welsh culture whereas St. Patrick’s Day celebrated Irish culture. The Christians also spend their day in showing their gratitude to nuns on Mothering Sunday. They do this to show their respect for their religious sisters serving in church.

Food Festivals of March

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March brings with its interesting and unique culinary events. Some of these events are focused on bringing out the best wine whereas others are mainly barbeque events. Let us see how these food events go:

Famous Food and Wine Events

Australians are nonetheless biggest fans of wine! They like to have good tasted wines in huge quantities by arranging food festivals. Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is a good example of Australians’ love for wine. Visit the festival this March to give a treat to your taste buds. You would love to get more and more once you visit this event. Americans are not behind the Australians in their love for wine. You can see it in Charleston Food and Wine Festival. It is beyond doubt one of the not-to-miss occasions. However, the people in New Mexico enjoy the month of March in having their annual barbeque festival. The theme of this food event is serving smoking hot foods to the people.

Bizarre and Charitable Food Events

You would be stunned to know about New Zealand’s weirdest food festival. It has wild animals as the dishes served on tables. You can have snails, earthworms and other insects fried and cooked. You can also have wines and drinks made up of wild flowers. This festival is named Hokitika Wildfoods Festival and is a frequently visited event. In state of Utah, a food event; Red, White and Snow is commemorated as a fund-raiser for special people. Join this event to contribute to a noble cause.

Film Festivals of March

march film festivals

When the calendar of the year reaches the month of March, we see hosts of film festivals coming to us. Some of these are commemorated in Europe whereas most of them are organized in other continents too. The common thing about these film festivals is that all offer the people chance to watch the best movies ever. However, there are variations in the genres of movies showcased in these festivals. Now, let us have a look at these film festivals that catch people’s attractions.

UK and Canadian Famous Film Events

In UK, Bradford Film Festival is one big event that is organized to promote the film industry. UK is also a big place for those interested in making documentaries. International Documentary Festival is rejoiced here with a focus on both new and experienced filmmakers. It also has a famous film festival; London Gay and Lesbian Film Festival that include special movies for gay and lesbian community. Talking about Canadian events, International Festival of Film on Art is big event for art lovers. The genre of art is entertained in this special film festival.

American and German Film Festivals

Annual Television Festival and Santa Barbara Film Festival are the major American attractions for movie fans. However, the Germans relish the event of Prix Futura Berlin to have good time watch movies with their friends. International Animated Film Festival is also there in March to satisfy the urge of people for animated movies. So, which festival are you attending this March?

Date Wise Calendar of Festivals of March

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Festivals from 1-6 March

The important festivals of March include Quebec Carnaval of Canada. The South African’s Capetown Pride Festival also comes in the list. The Americans, at this time have fun with their Spring Break festival. The Italians, however, are pleased with their Venice Carnival. The Spanish commemorate their Viana do Bolo festival with Brazil’s Carnival time event. The Ivrea Carnival is another famous festival of March which includes orange throwing ceremony. What is more; Cherry Blossom Festival, Future Music Festival and Soundwave Festival are good examples of seasonal events of March.

Festivals from 7-13 March

The Caribbeans have their Spring Break in March with Spain’s Festival De Jerez. Also, Argentina has its most famous Tango Festival with Australia’s Future Music Festival. The Brazilians have Carnival Time; Russians have Maslenitsa festival and Americans; Frozen Dead Guy Days.

Festivals from 14-20 March

The Bolivia’s Phujllay Festival, American’s Spring Break, Spain’s Las Fallas and St Patricks Day are commemorated in the mid of March. The famous beer festival; Starkbierzeit is also commemorated in this month with Indian’s religious occasion of Holi.

Festivals from 21-27 March

The Ultra Music Festival of American, Hamburger Dom Beer Fair; German festival and Triangle Beach Festival are famous events of March.

There are much more fun events and seasonal festivals that we get to see in March. You can read about them in details in other pages. So, prepare yourself for visiting the festivals that you feel are close to where you live.

Cultural Festivals of March

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march cultural festivals

What a great idea to enjoy oneself in the exciting festivals of March, the month of spring! Let us share some interesting cultural festivals that are commemorated in this month. Here you go!

Mexican Cultural Festivals

The Mexicans take pride in their very own Night of the Witches festival right in March. It is a home to Mexican witchcraft industry. Also, Mexicans are more than happy to have their Spring Equinox in this month. They enjoy the illusion that is created here on the 21st of March through sun reflections.

Irish and American Cultural Events

The Irish do not hesitate to enjoy their celebrations on St. Patrick Festival. They have their celebrations in Dublin with green beer and garlic dishes. The Americans, however, like to indulge in their great street party in their event known as Eight Street. It is probably one of the greatest street festivals with crowds going crazy on a single occasion.

German and Spanish Cultural Festivals

The Germans can never forget the excitement in a beer festival as grand as Octoberfest. However, Starkbierzeit is here to make them relive their beer celebrations. It is rejoiced right in mid of March in Germany. It is, however, less big than the former event but is worth attending. If you want more fun, go for Spanish Las Fallas event. It is a grand puppet show with interplay of fireworks at its best. You cannot find an interesting puppet show like this anywhere except on this day.