Seasonal Festivals of May

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The seasonal festivals present adventurous opportunities for people to celebrate the arrivals of new seasons. The month of May signified the arrival of summer and also the going of spring season. Countless interesting seasonal festivals are arranged in May in various parts of the world.

Seasonal Festivals of Portugal and Canada

The Portuguese celebrate the occasion of spring in May by spreading flowers everywhere. The sweets are distributed among people on this event also. Canadian Tulip Festival is celebrated in Canada with enthusiasm to welcome the spring. This festival, characterized by the presence of tulip bulbs, is a major attraction for people all over the world.

Easter and May Day       

Easter is a Christian festival which is rejoiced in the month of May. The people celebrate this occasion by taking blessings from Priest. Likewise, May Day is celebrated on the arrival of this month by dancing and selecting May Queen.

Seasonal Festivals of India

In Indian soil, numerous cultures dwell and celebrate the coming of various seasons. In Rajasthan, Mount Abu Summer Festival is arranged in May which consists of exhibitions of art and culture. Ooty Summer Festival is also of particular importance because of variety of displays. Arranged in Tamil Nadu, this festival includes animals’ show and fruits and vegetable displays. Similarly, Shimla Summer Festival enjoys the status of being an exciting food and music festival.

Food Festivals of May

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The thought of a food festival brings to one’s mind mouthwatering dishes and exquisite cuisines! If you are looking for some good food festivals of May, get ready! The food festivals are constantly and frequently held in United Kingdom and United States. On the whole, the food festivals arranged in various parts of the world are plentiful. Not all can be summed up here so attention will be given to some food festivals from UK and US.

UK Food Festivals

The month of May starts with an exciting festival ‘Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival’. The people flock together at a place to taste various forms of whisky. Then there is Real Street Food Festival which offers Rasoi, Meatwagon and Guerrilla cuisines. Foodies Festival and Blossomtime are also on the lookout. Starting from the mid of May, there are Flavors of 2012, Somerset Chilli Festival and Crooked Ways. The festivals are full of colorful activities, music and artists.

US Food Festivals

The May carries exciting opportunities for people to relish tasty cuisines in United States. World Beer Cup is the unique food festival which arranges competition to select the best beers. Wine Experiencia 2012 is another major attraction for wine-lovers. Here the people get a chance to enjoy themselves of beautiful music as well as food. Taste of the Town, American Food Fair and Fest and BerryFest are also among the famous food festivals in California.