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Why Music Festivals are Celebrated?

by on February 2, 2014
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Why Music Festivals are Celebrated?Have you ever wondered why do we commemorate music festivals? Well, the answer to this question might come crystal clear for those who are obsessed with music. They love it, that’s why! So, the main aim of the commemoration of the music festivals is to rejoice in as occasion which provides a fun-filled atmosphere for everyone. You can have a good time in some music festivals provided you are aware of the famous festivals being celebrated in your vicinity.

The music festivals are not restricted to one region, but they are commemorated all over the world. However, the nature of these festivals might differ depending upon the cultural differences that people have. Well, the themes of the music remain the same as they could only be one from the various genres of music. Either you will have a jazz festival or some event with some sort of classic element in it. Likewise, there are some other genres in which music is composed so you can have a variety in the form of music.

Although there are various renowned festivals across the world yet the most popular ones have been mentioned here. There is Bali Intermusic Festival, Indonesian Music Expo, Summer Sonic Festival and Spuntik Springbreak festival. These festivals are commemorated in various continents of the world with great enthusiasm. However, there are some occasions where music concerts are rejoiced in various places. These events are basically the ones where some popular singer arranged a concert where his fans are gathered. Some of these events are commemorated for a cause while others have just entertainment purpose. On the whole, these are the events which receives host of people.  So, be ready to attend the coming music festival right in your region and have loads of fun.

Tamworth Country Music Festival

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Tamworth Country Music Festival

The Tamworth Country Music Festival is held in Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia. It is held in the last days of January and spans over ten days. The festival began almost forty years ago and is very popular with the number of audience swelling to more than 50,000. It was also ranked as one of the World’s Coolest Music Festivals”.

Towards the end of January, the town of Tamworth rings with music. Big names in country music as well as new singers; bands and individuals are there to entertain the crowd with their immense talent. Its ten days of shows and concerts. Classic Country, Country Rock, Urban Country, Alternative Country and Country Rock n Roll are some of the different country music categories which fill the air. The popularity of this event can be judged from the fact that people turn up in large numbers in the sweltering heat to enjoy this annual affair. The accommodation is booked many months prior to the event and many visitors have to do with camps and caravans by the riverside. Fans start coming a week before the festival and there are some pre festival concerts to entertain them. The main venue of the event is the Tamworth Regional Entertainment and Conference Center but halls, theatres and clubs are also turned into temporary stages. Outdoor stages are also set up in parks; music echoes from every corner of Tamworth.

Tamworth Country Music Festival is the second largest country music festival in the world and is widely covered by television as well.  The event has its own Golden Guitar Awards complete with the red carpet events. The awards are in the shape of miniature guitars and are called the Golden Guitar Trophies. These awards are held in high esteem in Australia.  Besides jury based winners, there are also People’s Choice Awards.