Religious Festivals of North America- Famous Mexican Events

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north american religious festivals

Religion is a way to live one’s life according to some beliefs and values. It is in fact a spiritual pathway that leads a person toward satisfaction of soul. There are various religious beliefs according to which people from different cultures spend their lives. Festivals are an important element of religion. In various continents of the world, the people celebrate their religious occasions in different ways. Let us shed light on the famous festivals of South Americans. We will briefly describe the religious festivals of Mexico.

Blessing of Animals

It is a unique religious festival of Mexicans. The people take out their cattle and pet animals and bring them to their places of worship. They get blessings for their animals in a church. The priest sprinkle holy water on these animals. The people happily take blessings and take back their pet home.

Lord of Column

It is a great religious occasion with a big procession going from Atotonilco. In the procession, the people are supposed to put their hands beneath shoulders. Everyone passes through the procession in a solemn state. The procession carries along with it a giant statue representing Jesus Christ. The procession travels at the distance of 13 km from the actual venue.

Fiesta de los Locos

This religious ceremony is commemorated in June. The event involves a display of beautiful costumes with people and animals. The festival includes taking a walk with the important political figures. The event is commemorated in the form of a parade that passes through the streets.

Food Festivals of North America- Famous Food Events

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North American Food FestivalsNorth America is famous for its exquisite food and drink events that catch the attention of millions of people. Here and there you will see people enjoying themselves of tasty meals and delicious wines. The North American festivals in the lead have been briefly reviewed here. You can make the decision of attending some of these important events this year.

Gilroy Garlic Festival and Niagara Icewine Festival

For garlic-lovers, North America has got an amazing festival; Gilroy Garlic Festival. In this event, the people are given the opportunity to have all the meals cooked with garlic as the main ingredient. You can have not only garlic snacks and fried items, but ice creams made with pure garlic too. If you want to have great wine instead of having a yummy garlic snack, here is good news for you. At Niagara Icewine festival, you get a chance to taste the world’s best tasted wines.

Taste of Chicago and National Buffalo Wing Festival

If you are going to Chicago this year, think of attending Taste of Chicago Festival. This event brings together all the elements of delicious food to create awesome dishes. If, however, you are looking for more excitement and fun, think about National Buffalo Wing Festival. This event not only is a great event of offering you good-tasted meals, but a competition is also held here. One person is made the winner of the festival who gets to eat the most dishes.

Film Festivals of North America

north american film festials

Let us have a look at the famous North American film festivals. Here the festivals which we will describe would be related to documentary movies only. You would like to participate in these film festivals to have a great entertaining day.

Big Sky Film Festival and DOXA Documentary Film Festival

The first one that is the most famous film festival from North America is Big Sky film festival. This documentary festival includes nonfiction movies in it. It is, no doubt, a big venture that is commemorated at an international level. Also, classic and contemporary movie genre gets opportunity to be showcased here. However, DOXA festival is famous for showcasing only the outstanding documentaries out of the lot.

Full Frame Film Festival and Iowa City Film Festival

It is one of the best documentary film festivals of America. It also showcases nonfiction movies in this film event. It receives a multitude of people on annual basis. For a change, you can also opt for Iowa City Film festival. The movies that are showcased in this festivals span less than a hour. There is no charge for getting one’s documentaries displayed here.

Sundance Film Festival and SILVERDOCS

It is undoubtedly one of the most popular film festivals of the world. At Sundance Film Festival, the big Hollywood movies are showcased in the month of January. Another documentary festival of North America is SILVERDOCS. It gives people of all sorts a golden opportunity to showcase their work publicly.

Date Wise Calendar of Festivals of North America

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pirate festival

Here the most important North American festivals have been listed down. The most of them have origin in United States of America.


In the month of January, the famous North American festivals that are rejoiced are East Coast Surfing Championship, Fellsmere Frogleg Festival and Gasparilla Pirate Fest. For February, we have International Pancake Day Races, International Water Tasting Contest and Seattle Tattoo Expo. However, the March events of North America are Smithsonian Kite Festival, Sonora Celtic Faire, Spring Break and Tattofest.


For April, we have Texas Sandfest, The Masters Golf, Tribeca Film Festival and Trinity International Hip Hop Festival. However, May brings the festivals like Vive Latino Rock Festival, World Pillow Fighter’s Championship and Crawfish Music and Food Festival. Reno Film Festival, Platform International Animation Festival and Pasadena Chalk Festival are significant June festivals.


The North Americans celebrate festivals like Paducah Summer Festival, Ottawa Bluefest, Oregon Country Fair and North Atlantic Blues Festival in July. The famous events of August, however, are Newport Jazz Festival, National Lentil Festival and MusicFest Vancouver. For September, we have Monterey Jazz Festival, Miami Carnival, Mayberry Days and Lobster Fest.


Ironman Triathlon, Irvine Global Village Festival, International Cervantino Festival and Hollywood Film Festivals are commemorated in October. In November, Giant Omelette Celebration, Festival of the Masters and Chitlin’ Strut are cherished in North America. The last month of the year has Christmas, Christmas Boat Parade, Honolulu Marathon, Marblehead Christmas Walk and Wild Game Cookoff.

Cultural Festivals of North America

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festivals of north america

North America is famous because of its interesting festivals and cultural events. The people are lively and want to cherish the coming of various festivals at different times of the year. The famous North American festivals that are representative of their culture have been described below:

Fiesta- San Antonio

It is a great celebration of culture of San Antonio in North American region. The people gather together to become a part of a grand Fiesta that lasts for eleven days. The festival has a big role to play for the community of San Antonio. The Fiesta is a complete package of fun events like food competitions, parades and other inspiring acts. The people also pay homage to veterans through this festival.

Atlanta Jazz Music Festival

For music lovers, Atlanta is definitely a great place to visit. This year, Atlanta is going to have Atlanta Jazz Festival for millions of jazz music fans. It is probably the oldest jazz festival of North America. The music is absolutely mind-blowing and entry is entirely free of cost.

Montreal International Jazz Festival

Another major attraction for people coming to North America is Montreal’s music festival. This event is the largest jazz musical event in North America. It gets to receive visitors from over thirty countries of the world. Thousands of entertainers visit the place to make the festival rock.

So, these were the most visited North American cultural festivals. You can become a part of any one of these by taking a tour around North America.

Academy Awards

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Academy Awards

The Academy Awards are popularly known as the Oscars and are held every year in North America to honor the efforts and hard work of those who have entertained the audience with their brilliant work.    How Academy Awards got the name Oscars is a mystery which has not been solved to date. The award is extremely prestigious and is considered to be the ultimate recognition of talent in the world of cinema. Winning an Academy award is supposed to be the best thing that can happen to an actor/actress. Even a nomination is a big honor itself.

The Academy Awards were first held in 1929 amongst 270 guests and from a small dinner time award have over the years emerged as the most awaited event of the year televised live in many countries and watched buy millions of people round the globe. The first Academy Award ceremony was aired on the radio and after 1953; it was broadcasted on the television. Now the awards ceremony is watched in 200 countries. The ceremony lasts for four hours.  In the first ceremony, only 15 awards were given out and now the list of categories is pretty long and at a guess 34 awards are given out in various categories including science and technology, foreign films etc. The voting process is fair and foolproof and only two employees know the result prior to the ceremony.

The statuette awarded at the Oscars is 13 ½ inches tall and weighs 3.85 kg. It is in the shape of a gold covered britannium knight standing on a black metal base shaped as a reel of film. The statuette is the property of the academy and not of the recipient; this rule was formed in 1950 and so those who have won this award or inherited it, cannot sell it.  The event is glamour personified and stars try to out do each other in costumes.

Winterlude Festival, Canada

winterlude festivalWinterlude is the Canadian way of honoring the cold winter season. This family event is held in Ottawa annually on three consecutive weekends from 5th February to 21st February and shows that even freezing winter can be fun.

Festival of Winterlude began in 1979 and is the brain child of the National Capital Commission. It attracts millions of visitors every year as winter sets in and the entire area is covered with snow. The Rideau Canal is the major crowd puller. This 202km long canal freezes to form the world’s largest skating rink. Its 8 km stretch from downtown Ottawa to Carleton University provides a perfect venue for figure skating, skate races and relays. Skis and sleighs are available on rent from the venue. Rest areas, changing shacks, and food stalls are other facilities provided to the visitors along the canal.

winterlude festivalBesides skating activities, snow sculpture competition is also a part of this winter festival. 13 Teams from all over Canada participate in this competition and are given 43 hours to create amazing snow structures. The Confederation’s Park is the venue of this competition.

Children can enjoy themselves at the Snowflake Kingdom in the Jacques-Cartier Park. It is the largest snow playground in North America and offers activities like the enormous snow slide, snow maze, tobogganing, dogsled and horse sleigh rides, and the Ice Hog Theatre. Ice Hogs are the official mascots of the festival.

winterlude festivalLive music and fireworks are other features of the Winterlude. Except for the Snowflake Kingdom, the rest of the venues are open for public on weekdays as well.