Seasonal Festivals Occurring in the Month of October

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seasonal festivals

Indian Festivals

Hindus celebrate the festival of Diwali with zeal and zest in the month of October. The people lit candles and lamps to spread light everywhere. The people wear new clothes and use firecrackers to celebrate this occasion. Also, sweets are distributed among the people to rejoice the festival of Diwali. It is rejoiced at a big scale all over the world. Hindus also commemorate the festival of Navaratri in October. This festival is rejoiced to pay homage to goddess Durga.

German Festivals

Another festival named Oktoberfest is commemorated in this month. The Germans celebrate this occasion among beer and food with a touch of great music. Also, the people enjoy themselves by watching great dance moves by dances. Another festival that is rejoiced in Germany at this time is Art Forum Berlin. It is considered the best art festival by the lovers of art. The artworks from 130 galleries are gathered here for public display. The Festival of Lights is also commemorated in Berlin to illuminate the buildings.

Italian Festivals

You can have good time in Italy during October by attending Alba White Truffle Festival. It is unique in the sense that it incorporates the race of donkeys. Then there is Umbria Fall Food Festival which involves foods of various sorts. The people enjoy chocolate, chestnuts and truffles to tickle their taste buds. International Accordion Festival is also commemorated here that involves workshops and concerts of accordion players.

Religious Festivals of October

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The people belonging to different religions of the world have interesting and auspicious festivals each year. In October, the followers of different religions have following religious festivals:

Muslim festival

The Muslims all over the world celebrate Eid-ul-Azha in the respective Islamic month comparable to October. The people join together to meet each other and pay Eid greetings to each other. They offer sacrifice of an animal like goat, buffalo or camel to Allah at this occasion. The meat of the sacrificed animal is distributed among the poor. Also a portion of the meat is given to one’s relatives.

Jewish festivals

It is a Jewish festival which is marked by the remembrance of an event. The event is related to the time when the Jews were captured in wilderness. The people build temporary huts and cover the roofs of the huts with leaf branches. Another religious festival called Hoshana Rabbah is also organized in this month. This festival is considered important because it cause the people to get their destinies formed. Simchat Torah, another Jewish festival is commemorated to signify the completion of the reading cycle of Torah.

Hindu festivals

Hindus celebrate Navaratri festival to represent the success of goodness over evil. Durgapuja is also arranged to worship Durga goddess. Another festival known as Dasera is organized to act out the triumph of Rama over Ramyan.

Food Festivals of October

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october food festivals

East Midlands Food Festival and Dartmouth Food Festival

If you want to enjoy yourself of the tasty delights in the month of October, do not forget to visit East Midlands Food Festival. This festival not only features local dishes, but is also a famous resort for oriental meals. The people can also have the benefit to taste world’s best beers and wines. There are lots of playful activities for both children and adults. Also, there are up to 200 stalls for food-lovers. Similarly, Dartmouth Food Festival, with free entry is there to treat food fans with over hundred stalls. The food school is also there for people who want to learn cooking.

North West Food Lovers Festival and Flavors of Herefordshire Festival

Another festival of interest to food enthusiasts is North West Food Lovers Festival. You will not be bothered by bad weather even. The venue is all covered up and nothing can be ruined by the prospect of rain. Hundreds of food stalls would be arranged here. Moreover, the expert chefs would be there to show their excellent cooking skills. However, if you are looking for more fun and excitement, go for Flavors of Herefordshire Festival. This will be one of the greatest food events this October. Amazing food demonstrations, children activities, mouth-watering meals and much more can be enjoyed here. The meat of hog and ox can also be eaten with lots of interesting competitions in the way. On the whole, the festival is going to be at its best.

Film Festivals of October on the Roll!

october film festivals

Austin Film Festival

Austin Film Festival along with conference will be held in October. There are lots of interesting events associated with this film festival. You can even submit your own short film or documentary in this film festival. The best thing about the event is the questions and answers session. This session is arranged with celebrities who comment about the movie showcased in the festival. You only need to get an entry pas worth $50 to enjoy the benefits of the respective film festival.

London Film Festival and Chicago Film Festival

In London Film Festival, a host of seventy films are going to be featured from all across the world. Over 100,000 people make their way into the film festival. Chicago Film Festival is also up in October with its enormous attractions. This festival was actually initiated to showcase the work of daring filmmakers in all genres of films. The filmmakers come and discuss their future movie projects openly with their mates.

Hollywood Film Festival and Tokyo International Film Festival

The Hollywood Film Festival is a bog event with lots of film listings and interesting gossip. The movie discussions are at their best during the event. Plus, the best movies are recognized and awarded prizes. In addition, the Tokyo International movie festival is among the top film festivals. Hundreds of movies are given a chance to include in the festival. Around 80,000 movie-lovers gather to attend the worthy film festival.