Top 3 Global Festivals around the Calendar

Top 3 Global Festivals around the CalendarTop 3 Global Festivals around the Calendar

Global festivals take place almost every month, but not all can attract large numbers of viewers. Such big events are not only costly to market, but also involve a very extensive amount of planning and activity behind the scenes. Three examples of the most famous world festivals in recent years are:The Olympicsthe Global Peace FestivalThe Pangea Day
Of these three, we can see that one event is sport related. The rationale for the Olympics  being listed here is its nature of universal ‘togetherness’ that goes beyond cultural boundaries. It takes place every 4 years in a different country, and beyond this fact, everything goes without saying. The Olympics have always been among the highest rated TV broadcasts.
The Global Peace Festival which takes place when possible, is another of the highest rated live gatherings,. Millions attend on the internet at the same time, watching the launch. Pangea Day is comparatively new. It was introduced last year by an individual seeking to unite the world population via a 4-hour live telecast of cultural short films across the internet. This digital-era campsite festival is anticipated to return this year and into the future, but nothing is confirmed at this point.