Religious Festivals of South America

by on November 6, 2012
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There are various religious events that are celebrated in South America with great enthusiasm. Many events revolve around meeting with dead souls, exorcising evil spirits or simply performing strange acts. Let me tell you about the great religious events and festivals that are commemorated in South America each year. The famous events from Mexico and Guatemala have been briefly highlighted here.

Great Mexican Festivals

Virgen de la Candelaria is a great occasion for wearing masks and clothes in a religious ceremony. The event is celebrated in Mexico and people can be seen dancing with masked faces. Also, there is a variety of costumes here where people engage themselves in spiritual rituals. Another Mexican event that gets enormous religious gathering is Day of the Dead. Here the people mourn over their losses of their loved ones. They tend to connect with the departed souls on this very day. The ceremony is a beautiful spiritual intermixing of souls.

Guatemala’s Religious Festivals

Burning the Devil Fiesta is an important religious ceremony commemorated in Guatemala. It is meant to help people get rid of devils and evil spirits. They do this by burning effigies representing the devils. Semana Santa is another famous religious ceremony that involves taking a procession to various parts of the city from where it began. Fiesta Santo Tomas, another event of Guatemala is considered a death-defying ceremony. The people with rope tied to their bodies and dance around a 100ft pole.

Religious Festivals of September

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Let us have a look on the famous religious festivals that are celebrated in different religions of the world in September.

Hindu festivals

In the month of September, the Hindus commemorate the birth of Lord Ganesh. A huge colorful festival is organized to pay homage to Lord Ganesh. The people gather together to dip the big statue made up of clay representing Lord Ganesh. It is done to ensure that the sins of the mankind are ended as the statue is drowned in water.

Sikh and Christian festivals

The Sikhs celebrate the reading ceremony of Aadh Granth. It is a stone with sculpture that is installed in a temple in India. The festival involves reading the sculptured stone by Sikhs. The Christians commemorate the festivals of Michael and All Angels and Nativity of Virgin Mary during this month.

Jewish festivals

The Jews celebrate their religious festival by the name of Rosh Hashanah. This festival is of special importance because of the fact that the Jews repent for their sins at this time. The people flock together to sincerely ask for forgiveness for all of their bad deeds in the previous year. Another Jewish ceremony that is commemorated in September is Day of Atonement. This day is considered the most holy among Jews. This day also is an event for repentance from sins for all Jews. The people also fast during this day.

Three Reasons to Know More about Religion and Religious Festivals

Three Reasons to Know More about Religion and Religious Festivals

Religion is an abstract form of control over social lifestyle and responsibilities, a belief within oneself which connects the person and God. This is common toall religions. There are many reasons behind one’s religious beliefs and lack of religious beliefs.  At this point in the 21st century, there are reasons as to why people should know more about religion and its festivals. Some of those reasons:
    religion builds the unity among similar people through rules and social festivals
    religious festivals and events are intended for ‘togetherness’
    religious teachings form a basis for social lifestyle
Without actually referring to any religion in particular, the main factor behind the widespread acceptance of all religions was their message. That message is  mainly to build unity among similar people. Islam was formed to unite the people of the Arab lands, likewise Hindu was formed to unite and organize the people of the Indus Valley and northern India. On the other hand, religious festivals and events are mostly intended to bring people from various backgrounds together under the same umbrella. Religious teachingsare taught in elementary schools to cultivate strength in  a good discipline towards every purpose in life.