Religious Festivals of November

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November is auspicious to have multiple religious occasions for people of different religions. Here some significant religious festivals have been described.

Christian Festivals

Christians celebrate All Saints Day in the month of November to pay homage to all saints. It is recognized that though all of the works of all saints were not known, yet they had a special place. Likewise, All Souls Day is commemorated to make special prayers for the dead. Another Christian festival, St Andrew’s Day is celebrated in this month to pay special tribute to Scottish culture.

Muslim Festivals

The Muslims around the world celebrate the occasion of Holy Pilgrimage in this month. This occasion is commemorated to remember the migration of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to Medina from Mecca. Another religious festival, Ashura is celebrated by Muslims in this month. This day has a big history with Moses getting saved from Egyptions’ grip and Noah’s leaving the Ark. This day, the Muslim sect Shi’ite, mourn over the martyrdom of Hussein with the celebration of a big festival.

Hindu and Buddhist Festivals

The Hindus celebrate Diwali, a colorful festival in this month among their family members and closed ones. The people cherish the story of Sita and Rama during this great Hindu festival. At the same time, the Buddhists commemorate Sangha Day to honor their friendships.

Religious Festivals of North America- Famous Mexican Events

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Religion is a way to live one’s life according to some beliefs and values. It is in fact a spiritual pathway that leads a person toward satisfaction of soul. There are various religious beliefs according to which people from different cultures spend their lives. Festivals are an important element of religion. In various continents of the world, the people celebrate their religious occasions in different ways. Let us shed light on the famous festivals of South Americans. We will briefly describe the religious festivals of Mexico.

Blessing of Animals

It is a unique religious festival of Mexicans. The people take out their cattle and pet animals and bring them to their places of worship. They get blessings for their animals in a church. The priest sprinkle holy water on these animals. The people happily take blessings and take back their pet home.

Lord of Column

It is a great religious occasion with a big procession going from Atotonilco. In the procession, the people are supposed to put their hands beneath shoulders. Everyone passes through the procession in a solemn state. The procession carries along with it a giant statue representing Jesus Christ. The procession travels at the distance of 13 km from the actual venue.

Fiesta de los Locos

This religious ceremony is commemorated in June. The event involves a display of beautiful costumes with people and animals. The festival includes taking a walk with the important political figures. The event is commemorated in the form of a parade that passes through the streets.

Religious Festivals of March

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Religious New Year Celebrations

We all know that our year starts with January and ends with December. Well, the same might not be true for all religions! Many religions have their own religious calendars and they celebrate their new year as per their calendar. So, you might not know that March is new year for Hindus and Sikhs. They commemorate the beginning of their new year with as much vigor as we welcome our very own January.

Famous Hindu and Jewish Religious Events

The Hindus have their colorful event of Holi at this month. They spread colors around each other to share their joys. They also used colored water and spray on each other making their clothes hued in various shades. The Jews, however, do not like to play with colors; rather they dress themselves fancily and eat cakes. They do this on their religious festival, Purim which is meant to pay their gratitude to Queen Esther. She is the legendary figure who helped Jews free themselves thus saving their lives.

Noteworthy Christian Festivals

Interestingly, there are big days for many saints of Christian faith in March. Many of these days are devoted to celebrating the culture of some sorts. For instance, St. David Day is intended to rejoice Welsh culture whereas St. Patrick’s Day celebrated Irish culture. The Christians also spend their day in showing their gratitude to nuns on Mothering Sunday. They do this to show their respect for their religious sisters serving in church.

Religious Festivals Occurring in the Month of June

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Religion is the name of a certain pathway which directs the behavior of human beings. There are various religions in the world which have their own set of beliefs and values. Each religion has a series of religious festivals which are celebrated by the followers of a certain faith. Here you will come to know about the famous religious festivals which occur in the month of June. Check out some popular Muslim, Christian and Hindu festivals occurring in June.

Midsummer Eve Christian Festivals

On the start of June, throughout history, Midsummer Eve has been celebrated. It is an occasion which consists of bonfire to pay tribute to dragon and St George. Christians around the world rejoice Trinity Sunday and Corpus Christi in June. Both of the festivals are of significant importance. The former is rejoiced shortly after Pentecost while the latter is celebrated after the arrival of Easter. The Christians also commemorate the Feast Day of Saints Paul and Peter in the month of June.

Muslim Festivals and Hindu Festivals

In June, Muslims celebrate the ascension of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The event is known as Lailat al Mi’raj. The background of the event consists in the holy journey of the Prophet on ‘Buraq’ creature. Likewise, June is of particular importance to Hindus because of a festival called Ratha Yatra. This festival unites Hindu to pay tribute to Krishna. The people flock on roads taking huge chariots with them.

Religious Festivals Occurring in the Month of July

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July is peculiar to have lots of interesting religious festivals commemorated by various people. The people belonging to different religions rejoice their special festivals in their own ways. Some employ music and dance to pay homage to a certain religious figure while others use solemn prayer. Some famous religious festivals have been described below.

Buddhist Festival and Sikh Festivals

The Buddhists happily welcome the anniversary of the first sermon given by Buddha on Asalha Puja Day. Also known as Dharma Day, this day represents the Buddha’s speech to recognize oneself. The Sikhs has two major religious festivals in July. Both celebrate the birthdays of two famous Sikh gurus; Guru Hargobind and Guru Har Krishen.

Muslim Festivals

The Muslims proudly rejoice the coming of Ramadan; the holy month of fasting. In this month, the Holy Quran was descended upon Prophet (PBUH). Lailat al Barai’ah, another Muslim festival is also rejoiced in July. This festival is of significant importance due to the records of humans being compiled on this very night (Lailat al Barai’ah).

Christian Festivals and Jewish Festivals

St Swithin’s day is rejoiced in July in the memory of this holy saint. The festival originated prior to the occurring of rain for forty days after St Swithin’s bones were made to move. On this festival, the people check the weather as it is believed to prolong for forty days. The Jews commemorate the demolishing of their two temples on Tisha B’av by fasting.

Religious Festivals of January

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The month of January is full of festivals commemorated by people of various faiths. Throughout the world, we see Sikhs, Hindus and Christians commemorating their devoted religious events. Here we have decided to briefly describe some of the important religious festivals of January.

Famous Christian Festivals

Although Christmas is celebrated in December around the world, yet some prefer to follow the orthodox tradition. According to this tradition, the festival of Christmas is rejoiced in January as well. Moreover, St. Paul Day and St. Hilary’s Day are also celebrated in January. Another significant event; St. Dwynwen’s Day is also rejoiced right in this month.

Significant Religious New Year Festivals

The Buddhists celebrate their one of the most important religious festival in January; Mahayana New year. This festival actually is commemorated according to their lunar calendar. However, Chinese too commemorate their New Year day in this month. The festival is marked with a huge celebration full of gifts, dance, fireworks and much fun.

Famous Hindu and Sikh Festivals

The Sikhs rejoiced themselves in the celebration of the birthday of their great religious preacher; Guru Gobind Singh. However, Hindus look forward to their most-cherished Harvest Festival Pongal. In this event, they pay regards to God, earth, sun and cattle through a thanksgiving ceremony. The Hindus also celebrate Lohri festival that marks celebrating the transfer of sun directions.

In addition to these festivals, World Religion Day is also organized in January. It is meant to spread religious harmony and acceptance among various faiths.

Religious Festivals of February

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Are you interested in knowing about the festivals of religious nature commemorated in various parts of the world? Let me tell you briefly about them so you can see which one you can attend in February.

Christian Festivals

The Christians have a lot of interesting festivals that they rejoice in this month. Candlemas is an interesting event in which the people use candles for blessings. They get them blessed from the church and shower blessings on each other. Also, Pancake Day is celebrated by Christians where they get ready for fasting and prepare rich food. Ash Wednesday is another major religious ceremony in which the devotees use ashes to show their love for the religion. This event leads to the Easter ceremony of Christians.

Japanese, Chinese and Buddhist Festivals

The Japanese are more than happy to celebrate their Bean Throwing Festival in February. It is done to drive evil spirits away by throwing away beans in dark edges with loud cries. The Chinese, however, busy themselves with celebrations of new year with their Teng Chieh festival. They lit up lanterns of various colors except white to rejoice their celebrations. However, the Buddhists are pleased to honor their religious leader Gautama Buddha at this birthday.

Muslim and Jewish Festivals

The Muslims happily celebrate the birthday of their beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in this month. The Jews, however, rejoice their New Year of Trees festival by planting trees in their loved ones’ names. They also eat those fruits that are suggested by their religious book Torah.

Religious Festivals of Europe

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In Europe, the majority of people living there belong to Christianity. However, some other religions also exist in Europe as well but in small ratios. One of the biggest religious festivals of Europe is Christmas. It is an event that is commemorated simultaneously at different parts of Europe. However, some other festivals that are celebrated with much vigor in Europe are St. Valentine’s day, St. David Day, St. Piran Day etc.

Baptism and Easter

Several festivals that are commemorated in Europe include Baptism and Easter. The former is celebrated to let somebody become a part of Christian community through a holy water-sprinkling ceremony. However, the latter is more related to offering gratitude to Christ by a series of fasting for forty days. Also, the people in Europe celebrate baby jumping festival that is believed to purge the children of sins. They do this in order to drive the evil spirits out of them through this apparently eccentric act.

Halloween and some others

A European religious festival that is pretty interesting is Halloween. It has a religious basis and is rejoiced by wearing scary dresses and having unique meals. Audience with the Pope is another well-known festival rejoiced in Vatican City. The people gather to pay their salutations to Pope here. Europeans are also good at enjoying themselves with a festival of Virgin of Carmen. The people go on a boat displaying the image of Virgin del Carmen. Procession of Holy Blood is another event that helps people group together to participate in a long religious ceremony.

Religious Festivals of December

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In December, lots of religious festivals are commemorated around the world. The people flock together to celebrate their religious rituals. They take spiritual blessings from their religious mentors. The religious festivals not only provide a chance to people to get spiritual fulfillment, but also to share their joys and sorrows.

Christian Festivals

December starts with an important Christian festival, Advent of Christian New Year of Church. In addition, the Christians also celebrate Feast of Immaculate Conception this month. The significance of this festival lies in the conception of Jesus by Mary without committing Original Sin. Also, Christmas is commemorated to rejoice the birthday of Jesus Christ. Another Christian religious festival, St Stephen’s Day is celebrated by Roman Catholics to memorize the martyrdom of St Stephen.

Buddhist Festival and Jewish Festival

The Buddhists celebrate Bodhi Day in the month of December. This festival is commemorated for attainment of Enlightenment by Gautama near Bodhi Tree in North India. A Jewish festival, Hanukkah is also commemorated in this month. This festival is significant because of the remembrance of a victory of Jews when they persecuted the Holy Land. Also, this festival rejoices the miracle of burning oil.

Pagan Festival

A pagan festival, Yule is commemorated in this month at the occasion of winter solstice. The festival features the rebirth of sun child. Also, it signifies the renewal of life through the depiction of Gods’ love.

Religious Festivals of Australia

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The list of the number of festivals commemorated in Australia is definitely exhaustive. However, we have tried to put together the information of some famous religious festivals of Australia. Being a diverse multicultural society, Australians rejoices religious festivals of various sorts. These festivals include religious festivals for Christians, Jews, Muslims and Hindus.

Christian and Jewish Festivals

One of the major Christian festival celebrated in Australia is Christmas. It is commemorated with great zeal and zest along with other religious events like Nativity of Christ, St. David day, St Patrick’s Day, Good Friday, Easter and so on. Next in line come Jews festivals that include Purim, Pesach, Remembrance day, Shavuot, Day of Atonement etc. All of these festivals plus many others are enthusiastically celebrated in Australia.

Hindus and Sikh Festivals

Not only Christian and Jewish festivals are commemorated in Australia but there are few festivals for Hindus and Sikhs as well. For instance, Hindus commemorate the festival of Holi and Rakhsa Bandhan. The former festival marks the commemoration of the victory of goodness over evil whereas the latter attempts to strengthen the relationship of brother and sister. However, the Sikh community in Australia celebrates the birthday of Guru Nanak and other religious Sikh personalities with great enthusiasm.

Muslim Festivals

The Muslims living in Australia have two major Islamic festivals to celebrate; Eid-ul-Fitar and Eid-ul-Azha. The former is commemorated soon after Ramzan whereas the latter is celebrated after the event of Haj.

On the whole, in Australia the religious festivals of all sorts are rejoiced with great vigor.

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