Seasonal Festivals of September

seasonal festivals

Boat Festivals

Get ready for a boat ride this September to enjoy yourself of the bounties of the season. In Italy, Historic Regatta, rowing race festival, is commemorated to welcome Cyprus King’s wife. A parade of rowers can be seen among the Grand Canal of Venice. In the same season, Australians celebrate Henley-on-Todd Regatta, another rowing festival. The competition of boats is arranged among barefoot crews. It is particularly an interesting and enjoyable event for boat-fans.

Dancing Festivals

Swaziland is going to cherish its people by a Reed Festival this September. The average of 30,000 participants makes their way through the festival. The peculiar thing about this festival is that only women take part in it while dancing with reeds. The purpose of the festival is to search for potential partner for each woman. While Swazis dance among reeds, English take part in Horn Dance. It is a festival which has its roots in an ancient rite. The horns of 7 to 11 kilograms are worn on heads while dancers show off their artistic skills.

Food Festivals                       

Chinese welcome the month of autumn with their unique festival. The people enjoy various delights to satisfy their sweet tooth. This festival is also known as Moon Cake Festival due to special treats offered by it. At the same time, Irish busy themselves with taste of oysters through Galway Oyster Festival. It is a pleasant event for lovers of sea-food who can have oysters up to their fill.

Religious Festivals of September

jewish religious festivals-judiasm

Let us have a look on the famous religious festivals that are celebrated in different religions of the world in September.

Hindu festivals

In the month of September, the Hindus commemorate the birth of Lord Ganesh. A huge colorful festival is organized to pay homage to Lord Ganesh. The people gather together to dip the big statue made up of clay representing Lord Ganesh. It is done to ensure that the sins of the mankind are ended as the statue is drowned in water.

Sikh and Christian festivals

The Sikhs celebrate the reading ceremony of Aadh Granth. It is a stone with sculpture that is installed in a temple in India. The festival involves reading the sculptured stone by Sikhs. The Christians commemorate the festivals of Michael and All Angels and Nativity of Virgin Mary during this month.

Jewish festivals

The Jews celebrate their religious festival by the name of Rosh Hashanah. This festival is of special importance because of the fact that the Jews repent for their sins at this time. The people flock together to sincerely ask for forgiveness for all of their bad deeds in the previous year. Another Jewish ceremony that is commemorated in September is Day of Atonement. This day is considered the most holy among Jews. This day also is an event for repentance from sins for all Jews. The people also fast during this day.

Food Festivals of September

september food festivals

The food lovers from all parts of the world are welcomed this September to tickle their taste buds. Here lots of food festivals are going to be held which have been briefly described below.

Liverpool Food and Drink Festival and Cheshire Food Festival

The Liverpool festival is famous for the high-quality food and excellent drinks. The food festival is particularly important due to the modern food it has in it. Another great thing about Liverpool food festival is that lots of Celebrity Chefs visit the venue. There is a good place for getting meals of diverse sorts. Also, there is theatre which appeals to food-lovers for the interesting demonstrations about food. In addition to Liverpool Food Festival, there is Cheshire Food Festival for those obsessed with eating good food. All kind of exotic food dishes are taken together at this one occasion. Excellent cooking demonstrations are also here for people interested in learning.

Sheffield Food Festival and Fishstock Brixham

Sheffield food festival is one of the best food festivals with excellent food productions. Along with food, there are various fun activities for people as well. For fish-lovers, there is Fishstock Brixham festival. This festival has everything that a fish lover can ask for. All kinds of fish are available here as well as various sea animals. There is a place for offering drinks of various sorts also. There are crab boats and few other exciting things for people’s enjoyment too.

Film Festivals of September

september film festivals

Toronto International Film Festival

In the month of September, get set for a couple of classic film festivals. Among the best movie festivals, here is Toronto International Film Festival. The festival is considered the most reputed one and second to Cannes film festival. Hosts of famous Hollywood celebrities make their way in Toronto International Film Festival. The timings are convenient for many people to attend the festival. Also, the audiences are highly enthusiastic about visiting this film festival.

New York Film Festival

New York Film Festival is another film festival of its kind featuring great movies. It is a good platform for representing world-class movies. It is competitive in nature because around 28 feature and 12 short movies are given a chance to include in New York Film Festival. Only best movies are included in this festival with no categorical division. The festival is really a good event to have fun with your loved ones.

Jackson Hole Wild Life Film Festival

This festival, recognized as the best film festival of wild life and nature, is going to be held this September. The movies and documentaries made on animal life and nature are selected for display. Over 500 movies are added in the film festival. Among these movies, the best ones are chosen and given rewards. There is another film competition involved with it known as Forests for People. You can submit your short films concerning nature in this festival. So get ready to see your work submitted in the movie festival if movie-making is your passion.

Date Wise Calendar of Festivals for September

september festivals

The famous and worth-mentioning festivals going to occur in the month of September are briefly mentioned below:

Festivals from 1st to 15th September

  • On the 1st of September, National Wattle Day is celebrated in Australia. Libya and Uzbekistan have their National Days on the same day too. With Slovakia’s Constitution Day, Sikhs also celebrate their religious festival- Aadh Granth Sahib on 1st September.
  • On 2nd of September, Torres Strait Cultural Fest is commemorated. Fairfield Sydney is also organized on the same day.
  • Brisbane Festival, a multi-purpose festival, is rejoiced on the 3rd of September.
  • On 5th, Battle for Australia Day is commemorated for paying a tribute to defendants of Australia.
  • On 11th, Coptic New Year is celebrated by Coptic Orthodox Church.
  • Turning Wave Festival is on 12th of September rejoicing Australian and Irish art.
  • On 14th, OzAsia Festival is commemorated to rejoice the Asian and Australian culture.

Festivals from 16th to 31st September

  • On 17th of September, Australian Citizenship Day is celebrated. On the same day, the Jews celebrate Rosh Hashanah festival, a religious festival that signifies the world’s creation.
  • On 19th, Hindus rejoice Ganesh Chaturthi festival, a festival believed to purge themselves of sins.
  • On 22nd September, the Germans commemorate Oktoberfest among music, dance and food.
  • On 23rd, Children’s Festival is rejoiced in Sydney for giving a great fun-time to children.
  • On 26th, Jews celebrate Day of Atonement with repentance and fasting.
  • On 30th September, Mid-Autumn Festival is organized.