Top 3 Cultural Festivals around the World

top-3-cultural-festivals-around-the-world1Top 3 Cultural Festivals around the World

Cultural festivals are way of life in many countries where multiracial populations live, despite the fact that race and culture are not necessarily related. Some cultural festivals are so exciting they spread to every corner of the globe on their own, while some others are less popular. There are plenty of popular ones that we could talk about. The top three are:
    St. Patrick’s DayThe Sydney Mardi Gras festivalThe Chinese New Year festival
St. Patrick’s Day originated inIreland, but in the past century or so, this “green” Irish culture festival has traveled to all corners of the world from San Francisco in the US to Borneo Island in Malaysia. It’s a day of celebration in many states in the US in fact. The Sydney Mardi Gras festival is uniquely Australian on the other hand. It’s held every February and is also the largest gay and lesbian Mardi Gras in the world. It attracts thousands of people from around the world and in recent years has become popular among the gay and lesbian group. The Chinese New Year is a stereotypical cultural festival that is celebrated by both the Chinese and non-Chinese all around the world around January-February.